Daikoku Pa>> March 2nd And A Few Skyline Gt-rs

I was very skeptical tonight. It was all set to be a great Friday night at Daikoku PA to check out some GT-Rs, but the weather had other ideas. With rain and snow falling for most of the last few days, it wasn't looking particularly good but despite the persistent drizzle and cold temperature I ventured down to the PA anyways.

The idea was to stop by for a little, see if any cars would show up and then make a decision. Luckily the rain kind of faded to an almost unnoticeable mist and slowly a few cars began to arrive. With today being the second of March I was of course on the hunt for R32 GT-Rs, like this rather nice dark purple example on BBS LMs, but I wasn't picky…

…so snapped away at any Skyline that was there!

If it wasn't for a bunch of GT-R enthusiasts from some of the local US military bases, tonight would have been a total failure…

…so in case you are wondering, that's why most of the cars in these pictures have a "Y" on their plates, denoting vehicles registered within a US base.

Obviously these guys, unlike their Japanese counterparts, weren't afraid of a little rain and freezing temperatures, some driving well over an hour to get to Daikoku PA.

Some other Rs did arrive eventually but their owners shyly parked far away from the line up that had been set up on the other side of the parking lot. 

At one point this group of friends stopped by for a look, an R32 GTS-t, an NA S15 Spec-S with a pretty loud exhaust…

…and this clean GDB Impreza.

R33 owners were obviously enthusiastic, with more R33s present than R32s! 

Some of these cars, including this Midnight Purple example on CE28Ns, will be back tomorrow…despite the forecast predicting yet more rain. 

Nice line up!

Most of these guys have modified their cars in some way, all sporting aftermarket wheels and suspension, others more serious upgrades.

This BCNR33 with BNR34 rims, and underbody illumination, stopped by towards the end of the night when most people were just about to leave.

Thankfully we all got chatting and a few more Y-plate cars arrived to extend the line up a little more. 

And then it was time to leave.

I'll try to be optimistic and consider tonight a little taste of what's to come in the next couple of nights. Hopefully the weather will clear up and we will get a nice turn out! Heck maybe all the R32s that didn't show up tonight will be at the parking area tomorrow! We shall see…

Skyline Week '12

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Nice cars sad though that i seen one crash the other day:(


Awsome post despite the bad weather! Quick online too!


Disappointing turn out! I was really looking forward to the 32 day post.


I wish I was stationed in Japan...




thanks for the pix dino! nice meeting you to. hope tonight has a better turn out >_<


It was a light metallic blue...... LOUD exhaust and so low that it took corners like a champ


Want one <3


Dino, I wish I was there with my R. I need to drive it more than once a month


looking good up to press so far..


Anybody know the paint code for the first dark purple r32 on bbs lms?i like that color!


I'll be stationed in Yokosuka in a couple months! Definitely going to get a GTR or S15..


Let's hope the next two days are better, then. But still, Daikoku Futo is an pretty cool place.

And Dino, please, make desktops! I would greatly appreciate the 2nd picture in high resolution. My dreams are made of views like those.


Best ever R33 midnight purple with nismo headlights


Good times last night. Heard it got shut down early tonight though. I might head up there in my Silvia to check the R34's out tomorrow.y offer still stands to give you a sexy pose on a hood 0.o


MAN i would so love to take my GTR to that carpark !!!!


Must build Wangan GT-R.... om nom nom


Nice line up! ;D


The problem is that you guys do your dates MM/DD/YYYY when the rest of the world does DD/MM/YYYY. if you had gone on the 3 of febuary, there might have been more


amazing coverage..as always..


How exotic Japan is....I can not believe how out of this world seems......