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Wekfest was unlike any car show I have ever been to and was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget. This definitely goes down as one of those events you speedhunters out there need to check out at least once in your lifetime. It was great to see such a unique blend of beautiful cars all at one location.

I really liked that most of these cars were street driven, and the owners have no problem driving them to the show. There must have been at least 15 top end show cars that passed me, during my 400 mile drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco the night before the event. Linhbergh and I kept our hankies in our shirt pockets as we would drool non-stop for the next few hours.

The event was held at the Fort Mason Center, which was just a few miles away from the famous pier 39.

It was also very close to Alcatraz Island. If I was in shape I could swim there, it was just that close.

Here is the main hall. It was a giant warehouse on a tiny pier. This location looked like it was meant to house millions of pounds of fresh fish.

The acoustics on the inside were great. While the cars rolled in they supplied a symphony of different revving motors. One second you’d find the burly note of a Z06, and the next you hear the “braping” of an FD RX-7.

There was no parking to be found for 2 square miles and were tuned imports and domestic super cars as far as the eye can see. I parked a gruelling 30 minutes walking distance away, because of the sheer amount of people attending the show.

All the colors of the rainbow and then some! This was sort of a staging area for cars waiting to get on the show floor.

We arrived 4 hours before the gates would open to the public. It was bumper to bumper traffic on the way in.

We saw some friends in line hitching a ride in this awesome old school Toyota pickup. They offered us a ride but we declined, as it would have been much faster if we were carried in by a family of tortoises

I am totally loving those fender mounted mirrors.

There were a fair share of AE86s, including this very clean one with a levin front end.

It seems like no California car show is complete without a Datsun 240z.

You guys may not know this but, both Mike Garrett and I have 240Zs. I will be posting about mine in the coming months.

I have the tendency to stop whatever I am doing and stare at any Acura NSX that comes across my way. This was a great example why.

The organizers knew exactly what Wekfest fans need when it comes to food trucks.

A sneak peak inside revealed organizers frantically helping to park cars just inches apart from each other.

The show cars were parked so closely that you could not fit a Honda Ruckus between them.

As the show came closer to opening, the import models got ready for hours of hover-hand action…

…while photographers from all over the world got as many shots in as possible. There was barely any room to breath once the place reached full capacity.

The crowd was getting restless as 1pm neared. I heard some fans stayed overnight just to get a good spot in line.

I met a few guys that arrived late who stood in line for more than 5 hours, just to get a glimpse of their favorite ground-scraping cars.

Stay tuned for part 2 where Linhbergh and I show you some of our favorites from the show.


(Photos by Larry and Linhbergh)

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Wow.. Epic 911!


Wekfest indeed, got in line for show a little bit before 11am, by 1pm we didn't make really any progress in line. Finally started letting people at about 2pm, an hour late at this point, we figured, "Cool, just a little bit longer!" Didn't move more then 15-20 feet after another 45min so we bounced, nothing is worth wait that long for, especially just to pay $20 to look at cars. We went and got dim sum instead:) A friend of mine got in line about an hour before us and didn't get in till after 4pm!!! And to top it off said it was NOT worth that wait...


that show is way too hyped up. i went last year. not worth it at all. this year about 40 of us cruised up the coast and had a meet at the beach instead of wasting time in line. it was much, much more fun. screw wekfest.


sweet coverage!!..Too bad down here in miami theres no shows of thic calibur...only crap shows of lambo door civics and 22' wheels on camaro garbage1.... love that old toyota truck its killer and looks a joy to ride in the back of that bed!!




looks wicked.. even make up being done too.. very funny! - Thanks


Nice! Want more pictures of the blue Toyota MR2 SW20!


You guys should cover the Z show in April


Wow, an R33 GTR in the States. Must be very rare to see them over in the USA.....


Great cars but be damn if I would stand in line for 5 hours to see them.........saw them here in 2 min.


I can totally understand a lot of peoples frustrations with the show. Having it in San Francisco is definitely great for scenery, but not for spectators, or the people showing their cars. Bad roads in conjunction with a lack of parking, or should I saw no parking, is a logistical nightmare.

With that said, this show is the number one show to go to in North America! The best of the best show their cars here, and it shows from the pictures.


We were told that the Itasha cars Team Love Hate was going to be there. We drove from Los Angeles because we missed them at HIN. We are anime 2d/3d artists from Ahakibara and love the chunning scene and itasha is our favorite. We did not find them. To be showcase beautiful cars of Japanese culture is very dissapointing without itasha at event with and waiting in line.


5 hours? Must be epic!


That line sucked. 4 hours of waiting, and it was a little bit of a letdown. I guess I'm more into time attack builds, exotics, and full on race cars. I did like the red Levin with a turbo F20C, the old school yellow Corolla with the ITB F20C and straight exhaust (sounded AMAZING), the RWB Porsche, and Diez's old S2000 that no one was looking at... R33 Skyline GT-R was also beautiful. The best part of the whole show was before the cars got in, the black Gallardo, grey Silvia, and black Supra had a bit too much gas so they had a little rev off before going in. I don't know why, but somehow, I expected more


Me and my local Honda group ended up standing in line for just over 4 hours to get in! Amazing cars inside, tons of vendors and models but man... next year we plan to just go for a drive and cruise to a beach lol


No Jason K. Lee no care


No Jason K. Lee, no care


More details on that 911 plzkthx. That silhouette on those classic BBS wheels is pure bliss for me.


That Toyota pickup is so awesome. I want it.


looks like a good show, wish I could of gone. Then again I probably wouldn't wait 4+ hrs in a line. Maybe they need to organize it better next year.


Everyone in the Datsun community decided that it's not worth parking 4 miles away, and then trekking it to the 4 hour line.

Aren't there some big open parking lots in the Bay Area ... .. . just getting old Japanese cars together fills a HUGE parking lot

and there's no line


That 240z is so effin dope. Everytime I see it my heart skips a beat. It's bloody GANGSTER! Tons of beautiful cars but I would hate being parked next to the 240z. LOL


Will so be there next year!


love the red acura nsx


Please descktop the alcatras photo.! Also nice cars and a great coverage!


LOL, i'm glad I was a passenger for one of the cars that was entered in the show. Definitely not worth waiting in line for this show. Good show if you didn't wait in line. it was fukin ridiculous.


Moar pics of 964 plz.


dude i've been drooling over that porsche for the last 48 hours, the whitewall/bbs combo is pure bourgeois decadence


I was there well sort of. it took me over an hour to find the place and then when i got there the line was so long i never would have gotten in, so i ended up just looking at whatever was in the parking lots.

I was fucking pissed cause i'd been really psyched about this for awhile and i didn't get to enjoy it

overall not a good day


not to mention how long it took for me to walk over there from my parking space


More of the 964 please. And a desktop would be nice!


More of the 964 please. And a desktop would be nice!


Sounds like it should be called wek-sauce instead considering the issues I'm hearing lol