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Now that we've seen some of the tuner cars and VIP machines from Osaka Auto Messe, I thought I'd take a few moments to showcase some of the European cars that were shown this year.

Japan's Euro scene is one that continues grow, and whether you're talking about big body luxury sedans or the smaller compacts from VW and MINI, there was lots for Euro fans to see at Auto Messe.

Here's the rear view of the Voomeran Golf6 GTI, equipped with their full R-style aero kit and dropped to the deck via an Air Runner kit.

Sitting alongside the new GTI was this smooth and classic Mk.2. Don't worry, I grabbed a few extra photos for a little Car Spotlight.

Voomeran also brought out this unique looking Audi A4, aired down over a set of 20"x10J Weds Kranze wheels.

All around Japan, Osaka's women (especially the middle-aged ones) are known for their love of cheetah, leopard, and tiger print clothing. Being an Osaka-based company, it was only fitting that Voomeran decorated their Audi in this manner.

Given its small size and chic looks, the MINI line has proven extremely popular in Japan. These days there are many Japanese shops that specialize in producing high end MINI tuning parts.

Being one of the newer additions to the MINI lineup, there were a few examples of the MINI Crossover (Countryman) on the floor at Auto Messe. GIOMIC is a company that specializes in outfitting MINIs for circuit use. This is their take on the Crossover.

Looking for something slightly more "exotic" than a VW or MINI? This might do the trick.

Work Wheels brought out a handsome F10 BMW 5-series…

…to model a set of their 21" GNOSIS HS203 wheels.

Once again, as I hail from the USA I had the chance to check out many tuned European cars I'm not often exposed to. Here's a Peugeot RCZ built by Ventorosso.

Another car that I won't see in my homeland – an Audi A1 in the Hamana booth.

If the factory Audi R8 Spyder doesn't have enough personality for you, well here you go.

The newest version of the Volkswagen Beetle was another popular car on the show floor.

Alpil was displaying this airbagged '12 Beetle sourced from the US market.

The interior was something to see, completely redone in white and blue with lighted accents.

BMW Z4 equipped with full Rowen aero and a set of 19" Prodrive wheels. Tasty.

Vinyl wraps are still quite popular it seems. Whether it was the bronze look on this BMW…

…or the plaid pattern on FOB Schrank's GTI.

What do you get when you take traditional Japanese tuning car style and apply it to a VW? The Emu's Enginering GTI.

Osaka's own Pole Position Tuning had a large booth featuring several imported and luxury style cars.

It was really cool to see them giving some love to the older Benz SL Roadster.

Slammed TT looking mean in the Mode Parfume booth.

The Panamera has been a smash hit for Porsche back in the US, so it was interesting to see that it's picked up a large following in Japan as well.

I'll finish up with this Touran built the aptly-named "Rabbit" company. It's the perfect vehicle when you want the style and feel of a Golf with some extra space.

Next time I'll head back outside for one more look at the cars of Auto Messe's parking lots.

-Mike Garrett

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im realy starting the like the Euro's alot! these ones are badd ass


like the small bumpered MK2 Golf.. theres actually some nice looking and well turned out cars from the WV/Audi family (for once). - the BMW Z4 and the New BMW 5 Series look well too, i'd like to drive both of them! - Thanks


From a European perspective, it's really interesting to see how the Japanese do Euro cars, and to a point even more interesting to read an American view point on them. It can add a dimension that perhaps I'm not used to. It works well.


It's interesting to think of how wide in variety the lowered car theme has grown... To a lot of people these might not seem that far off from their home-grown German counter parts, but they're actually quite different, IMO.. Count on the Japan's tuners to put their own spin on everything. Thanks, Mike.


Love the bronze wrap on the M3


Pagani owns all.


love that MK6 golf in the opening shots....not too keen on the roof and bonnet though....!


jp,eu,na ..... we are all just gearheads, personally i am loving that media like Speedhunters is showing us all the different styles and views on the car tuning industry.


Tell the guys at Voomeran to lay off the cocaine. That A4 looks terrible!


I used to be into japanese cars years ago and into euro more recently in the past 5 years....a lot of these are well done


It's nice to see some love for the old R129.


I was at this event on the Saturday and saw all those cars. Were they in hall number 4? I forgot. Anyway, that white Mk2 Golf really stood out for me. I'd already seen the plaid Golf in an issue of aF Magazine so it was nice to see it in the flesh. My main focus was on the wheel booths, namely Work (Gnosis) and Rays. They have some awesome products.


I was at that event on the Saturday and this was my favourite hall. Was it hall number 4? I forgot. That retro Mk2 Golf was sweet. I also really enjoyed checking out all the wheels. My favourites were the Rays and the Work (Gnosis) booths.


Just had to have a van there... yay!

Anyway nice post!


anymore coverage of the MINIs?


That Voomeran Golf6 GTI is alright apart from it being a more door.


Those beetles are looking sexy as ever!