Event>>jcca New Year Meeting 2012: On The Street

By the time I'd finished walking Sunday's JCCA New Year Meeting and the surrounding parking lots it was pretty late. The sun was beginning to go down and the event was wrapping up. That of course means there was a seemingly endless stream of vintage cars heading home. Naturally, I decided to pull out the camera do some more shooting.

This was the perfect opportunity to see the cars without the New Year Meeting's crowds – and to hear their sweet sounds as well.

By the end of the day I had the sound of sidedraft induction and the Nissan L-series etched in my head.

A lot of the cars take on entirely different personality when you see them rolling down the street, like this Honda S600.

Wide and beautiful was this 911.

From a Porsche to a Honda Life Step Van dropped on SSR Mk.1s. All is good in the world.

There are so many ways you can go about building a car like a Yonmeri Skyline. This no-nonsense version has cut fender lines with flares and grippy rubber.

And a stock body version of the same car for comparison's sake. Each is cool in it's own way.

A Nissan Cedric Wagon does a great impersonation of an American cruiser with polished Torq Thrust style rims. I love these cars!

No grill, no bumper, no problems.

Toyota GX71, one of the quintessential shakotan machines scraping along on its Mk.IIIs.

With all of the amazing S30s around, I came away very inspired to get to work on my own.

Standard nose with no overfenders and it still looks great.

Another one of the many Europas from the "Happy" crew.

One of the cleanest SA22Cs I've ever seen.

A B310 Nissan Sunny sedan done in a perfect mild street style.

R31 Skyline wagon on a big set of staggered Volks. Interesting.

Another S30 Fairlady that makes my mind come alive with ideas…

To me this Toyota Publica Van has a VW feel to it. Maybe it's the wheels?

This widebody Fiat X1/9 on Hayashi Streets was representing the all X1/9 club known as Runabout.

Unless my eyes are fooling me, we are looking at an 81-chassis Mark II with a USDM Cressida front end and rear bumper. The grass is always greener.

There's not much to say about this little Mazda Carol other than that it's completely awesome.

Rear spoiler, bent number plate and a touch of negative camber. Right on!

When it comes to classic lines the C130 Laurel is up there with the best. This one looks to be painted up in homage to the DR30 Skyline.

The legendary rally-inspired Nissan 240RS dips into the throttle, just a bit.

510 fellows from Ibaraki-ken. Love the way this car sits….so simple.

The tail side of a nicely restored Celica LB.

A Sunny Truck doing what it was built to do – hauling stuff.

A Soarer wearing original two-tone paint and a choice set of SSRs. Can't go wrong with stock body lines.

Street-driven race cars are the best. The BILS KP61 is equipped with 16-valve 4AGE power.

B10 – the original Nissan Sunny.

I'll wrap up with this S30 speeding off into the Tokyo sunset.

Back soon with a little more from the 2012 New Year Meeting.

-Mike Garrett

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Amazing !!!


sunny truck hauling with style!!!!!!!


That S600 photo is amazing, as well are the other cars. The 240RS is probably one of the best 240s ever.


Awesome fotos !!!!

Thanks !!! :D



Thank you for calling the RX7 an SA22C, they should have never been given the prefix FB for the series 2 and 3


madness....i want a hako sooo badly!!


Nice collection of Japanese iron on the move!


Easily one of the best post ever. Thanks Mike :)


The USDM Cressida chassis was sold as the MarkII sedan SX80 in Japan. Everything was the same except for the right hand drive.


These S30's are inspiring me on my build too man...Inspiring me to buy one and get busy on it!! Nice shots, always fun to watch 'em roll out.


Awesome post. I really dig the Celica LB and the Laurel, they both have a lot classic muscle influence in their lines. Like a compact mustang. (as compact mustang I'm not talking about the "mustang II", mind you!)


Mike, I guess we're all gonna have to chip in and buy you a video camera. ;-D This thread has me yearning to hear those engines!


OMG so many cool cars in one place.... iam amazed..


the things i would do for a 240RS


I've sold my s30z a few days ago and seeing them now is heartbreaking. :(

Old Zs are beautiful cars.




Everytime I see Fuch wheels I hate them even more.


Top picture takes it for me… R35, Eunos and the Z.. love it :)


some nice cars flying around.. some real classics too..


Anyone else noticed the GT-R in the back at the first photo? :))

Nice event though! :)


feature another s30?? or even on more vintage jdm..


Guy, That's actually a Cresta with a Cressida's front and rear end. The Mark II has a much lower roof line and comes with pillar-less doors.

The skylines look fantastic as always and was there ever a LHD Sunny truck?


Back on top!!! Excellent editing skills there... cheers!


Once again, fantastic post!


the sunny truck is gorgeous!


Thanks , wish I was there, the X1/9 is amazing


I will say it again: this is heaven!

Mandatory desktop of the black and white shot of that dark S30 Fairlady Z!


God I love that Celica

unintentional R35 in the first picture


please post more of the technical shop happy cars! i beg you!


@Jason, why not just refer to them as an RX7?

I don't get this current trand of naming everything by it's chassis prefix, S30, B310, SA22C etc etc, why not just call them what they are.....240Z, Sunny, RX7?


Wallpapers from this magnificent post, please!!


The Fiat is perfect.


Now if all these cars was slammed to the ground it would be even sicker but i love it nice


@Spaghetti: It's much easier to refer to cars with chassis codes instead of names and years. For example, if I say "B110" you can instantly picture an old Nissan Sunny with a body style manufactured between 1970 and 1976. Or also the popular "AE86", which could be a Toyota Sprinter Trueno/Corolla Levin, and even by saying the complete name, you still don't know what year it exactly is, or what engine it has. "AE86" gives you the bsic image of what car you're talking about.

I could keep going with these examples, such as FC3S, RPS13, GC8, etc.


@Spaghetti, I'd rather call them as their chassis prefix rather than the model due to the fact that an SA22C and an FD3S are two totally different cars. I owned an SA22C and whenever it came up in conversation it was much easier to say that than RX7 because I would always have to follow it with "the first generation, not the turbo one from need for speed"


fourth picture from the bottom, the soarer on bbs rims......can the driver see over the steering wheel?


sorry ssr rims


As matt says. It's a Cressida or mark ii sedan in Japan. Not a cresta for sure. X8 for life!


Anybody know the wheels on the publica wagon? I'm looking everywhere but haven't had any luck.