Random Snap>>2013 Nascar Ford Fusion

Also among the motorsport news this week was the unveiling of Ford's 2013 Fusion NASCAR machine. Beneath the skin the car doesn't share much with the production Fusion, but Ford made a strong effort to make the car look more like its street version. With bulging fenders and distinct front and rear fascias, it certainly looks more production-like than any of the current NASCAR vehicles. The new Fusion will undergo testing throughout 2012 before debuting at the 2013 Daytona 500.

It may not be as "stock" as the stock cars of the '60s and '70s, but it's surely a step in the right direction.

What do you think?

-Mike Garrett

(Photo from Charlotte Motor Speedway)



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The front end looks like it was inspired by Aston Martin.


I'm really hoping Chevy, Dodge, and Toyota will be able to create the same effect. It will be great to finally have cars that actually look different on the track again.


+1 for ford


I couldn't agree more @ sprint45. I'm stoked to see what the other 3 will look like. (Chevy mostly, I'm thinking its going to be the Malibu) Can't wait for the 2012 season to start. But now hella excited for '13


I'm gonna be real here. It bothers me that they name these NASCAR cars after production cars that have absolutely nothing in common with the race cars. Like seriously; who are they trying to fool?

Anyway, it is a pretty good-looking race car. I won't deny that.


WOW, they actually look like cars instead of a sheet metal kitcar gone wrong.


Almost makes me want to watch nascar


What do you mean they have nothing in common with production cars? You mean I can't get a v8 powered RWD camry?


i could give two sh.t's about nascar and anything that has to do with that abomination of a motor sport.


I love the fact that they are making cars look like the real deal (at least on the outside).

@hollywood : If didn't like it that much you should have spiked the post. I never watch it, but i understand that its and very hi-endurance sport. And for that i respect the ppl that do a good job at it. The problem may lie in the ppl lack knowledge about the actual sport (I'm not talking about the stereotypes or any business side). And specially on the ppl that watch it just to see a big crash.

Car looks great and it makes me want to buy one.


I like it! Looks great!


This is the first time ever I think the cars look interesting.


I'm more interested in what 'Eco Boost' is...


absolutely a step in the right direction! well done Ford


Looks like an BMW M3 mixed with an Aston Martin. Love it.


i think it looks HENCH!!!!!! would like to see a picture from the back though!


What happened to the Car of Tomorrow rear "wing". They went back to the NASCAR duckbill thing? And no front splitter anymore?


@Anthony http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_EcoBoost_engine

It's just an ad I'm going to assume. I'm not entirely familiar with NASCAR spec, but, I'm going out on a limb and saying they aren't allowed to use boosted I4s/V6s.


I thought the same about Aston Martin look

like When did the Euro Series go Stock car



I thought the same about Aston Martin look

like When did the Euro Series go Stock car



i feel as if speedhunters should leave nascar coverage to the 18 tv shows and 8 million other websites that cover it. but it is a pretty serious slow time of year so i'll let this slide once Kha.... once.


nascar is so shit. it has nothing to do with a road car at all. all the cars are the same shape and it just a roll cage under that shell. how about getting with the rest of the "stock" cars in the world and have a chassis of a road car... and what with ONLY TURNING LEFT...FARRRRRRRK


No, sex appeal at all...


This looks like Aston Martins 'secret' invasion of NASCAR :P


The front grill looks like an Aston... nice looking car....


EcoBoost? Massive LOLs!!!


Sure is a step in the right direction. It look good too.


Not bad looking at all. Still looks heaps better than the "Car of Tomorrow."


Wow, the front remind me of a DB9


I've seen them in person, and they look awesome! Best part is, when there is no paint, decals or anything on them, they LOOK like race cars. The current series vehicles do not.


im about to go on google and look at the new 2013 ford fusion to see what in look it look dope so far


Rather watch rally... although Pastrana will liven up the old boys!

Why are stock cars not stock? I'll start calling my wife's commuter a race car... makes sense.


Change NASCAR back to stock bodies and make 'em take right turns and I might give a crap. Until then, Hoooooo doggie! Dale Earnhardt Jr. Badanga-dang Miller Light kick the tires light the fires Mayonnaise sandwiches!


Definitely the right direction. About time they got away all looking exactly same. Good on ya Ford. Thanks Speedhunters for throwing the odd bit of Nascar in.


+1 on the Aston Martin looks but the car wears it well. Even if it is only a skin over some steel tubing it's a step in the right direction and a good looking race car regardless of your personal feelings about NASCAR. I absolutely hate the sport and will not watch a single race but I have to pat Ford on the back for this one. Lookin good. Now if only the 2013 fusion retains the agressive front end, sexy lines, and some of this swagger they will sell one hell of alot of them.


I really like the car, I might even consider buying a Fusion with that body style for the wife. I always buy Nissans but the new Fusion might make me change my loyalty. All racing is important, I don't think it accomplishes anything to raise up against any form of auto racing. I watched GT racing when I lived in Japan, it was run to watch. I love F1, an occasional Nascar event (especially the road courses), American GT racing, and especially historic racing. I also love drag racing. Speed hunting is all about car; all kinds of cars. Keep up the good work and good luck to "No Federal Money needed" Ford in all its racing endeavors. I like that Ford still supports racing; all should fear the day the car companies pullout.


Stay away from nascar am so sick of the over coverage and the over coverage on SPEED tv


Honestly, I thought the current cars are fine. I think the new one looks way better than the street version, it does look too much like an Aston Martin. I hope Chevy doesn't blow it with their new one. Let's get more Nascar coverage here on speedhunters PLEASE!


Other countries laugh at the U.S. for calling Nascar racing. There is no brand identity in the so called sport. It's all badging. All the bodies are the same, engines the same exact displacement, and the only difference is one car has a bow tie emblem and the next a blue oval. It's crap. Grand Am and American Le Mans are our only saving grace now, and people need to give that series more attention and get increase it's popularity. It's just a joke that "real raacing" doesn't get the spot light that Crapcar does. You have a three hour pre-show for a sport that isn't even real racing in my opinion. Each car should be different, no cookie cutter.


MY COMMENT DIDN'T POST? gah, we can't flame the redneck sport from hell? fail.


New NASCAR = Still FAIL!!!


Im not a NASCAR fan, but that looks cool.



Spot on mate!


Yup, that's Ford for you... make a cool RWD coupe' for the television, and sell dimwitted buyers a boring FWD clunker...


shit the foreign cars are invading nascar lol a cheap aston martin,toyota,and fiat lol


theise car look beastly


lol@toyota being in nascar...


Nicely done, Ford.


@bakayaru - As if thats any different from ANY other race car? Like Ken Block's ford? Or Any of the Scions in FD? Truth is it's not.

NASCAR is more technical than drifting, so eat that up. i love drifting and do it, but running a V8 @ 10,000 rpm for two hours, bump drafting and driving at 200mph with 22 other cars within feet takes a shitload of skill and patience, more so than the ADD inspired clutch kick and counter steer of drifting.

Take the blinkers off and see outside JDM/stanceshit/time attack boredom.


they need to change the acronym "NASCAR" to stand for National Association for SPEC Car Auto Racing. it would be cool to see a series based on showroom models to encourage manufacturers to "run what they brung" so to speak. we'd probably get some cool homologation models tricking down to a consumer level if that were the case. RWD sedan-bodied V8 Camry, anyone?


well-stated, however NASCAR has been developed over decades to get to the point it currently sits. from a technical aspect, i tend to agree that there is a certain level of expertise required at this level, even if the end goal is just to go around a big circle in one direction for hours on end.


if pro-drifting is any less technical than NASCAR, i'd think that it was more because the heart of drifting is in a different place. as a "motorsport" - in quotes because it is arguable that competing based on style as determined by judges can compare directly to something as concrete as a race where the winner is determined by number of laps completed or best time etc... - drifting is fundamentally different. if every car were spec'd to a strict formula and not based on any production model i'd think it would actually be EASIER to set up a competitive drift machine than it is now.


its sad to see the people downing the sport of nascar while having no clue as to what theyre saying themselves, throw in a right turn? they do! theres 2 road courses on the nascar schedule and if you actually watch those races youll see that those "stupid rednecks" heel-toe and drive just as good as any grand-am or le mans driver. get your head out of your ass and repect all forms of racing for what they are, not just where they came from and the stereotypes that surround them. i still think its great seeing drivers come over from other motorsports and can barely handle tossing a 3400 pound stock car around, and most dont make it in the sport which does say something to the skill that it takes to race in nascar. i know i could never do it. that being said, i love the direction theyre taking with the new cars and i look forward to the 2012 seasons of every motorsport!


Hey just looking at the new 2013 ford fusion. The gill on the front of the car is the same as the.

DB9 but if they are trying to make it look like DB9. Why don't nascar make the Aston Martin part of the

sport to now that well be awsome.


During the past weekend's NASCAR race in Las Vegas, Dodge officially unveiled the new Charger stock car that will be campaigned for the 2013 season. Like the 2013 Fusion stock car that Ford recently debuted, the new NASCAR Charger is designed to have