News>> Here It Is! The Scion Fr-s Built To Drift

It was only a matter of time. As the successor to the legendary AE86 – one of the cars that founded the sport of drifting – it was only right that a Scion FR-S would be on the 2012 Formula DRIFT grid.

Drift version of Scion FR-S

Unveiled today at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, this is the car that Ken Gushi will steer in this year’s FD series.

Scion FR-S drift version interior

The turbocharged FR-S is a collaboration with GReddy and will feature parts developed by Cosworth, KW Suspension, Sparco and RAYS. Although few details were released during today’s press conference, it was confirmed that it will produce around 600hp.

Last week it was spotted by MotorTrend as it completed a shakedown (sans livery) at Laguna Seca. How do you think Ken will fare in this year’s FD championship?

– Charles Kha

Photos by Scion and Fred Chang



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Ken Gushi is straight out of Initial D. He's the real life Takumi. I hope he gets top ten at the end of the 2012 season but it's a new drift car so I'm going to assume that his team will encounter problems that may or may not affect his overall standing when the season ends


Woohoo Nice!!! that Blue-White looks awesome...


Holy christ that is awesome.


that is one sick car! it will be a blast to see that in formula d!


this shit looks gay. where da v8s at bro?


I want to be his teamate also driving one


Its about time that ken gushi got an uprgrade, lets see how he does this year. He needs a little light anyways, so good for him.


Huge GUSH fan hope he does well. But whats with the ugs lol? Toyota couldn't afford to buy him a nice pair of dress shoes?


the livery is a bit much, i mean it completely takes away the look of the car... kind of recognize what it is.


LS1 or you are not aloud to play!

just kidding. please dont.


There is a new frunt bumper.

This should have been on the production modle.

Ken! Big UP! on a good looking ride.

"Drift well my friend."


The aero and stance of this car are just great looking, but the livery looks like it's from 2002.


Desktop please!


Hell yeah I am excited to see what a 600hp boxer can do with the new RWD setup! This is what I've been waiting for! The true test to see if this car can compete on this unfair playing field with the V8s this will be cool to watch!


just a beauty


looking for V8's? look at every other car in formula D


So glade this is not a v8 - I can't wait to see this at wrong beach! Formula monster truck needs to stay away from tube chassises and silly skill'less torque monsters v8s. Otherwise we should just watch DTM cars drift.


It has begun.


Awesomeeee can't wait to see it in action!


i'd love to see some engine specs/pics!


Can't wait to see it in action, good for Ken too for getting to pilot it!


Wow that looks awesome!! I hope they didn't swap the engine with a V8, dear god please dont go that direction. FD is pretty much dominated by V8s


he better win!! at least a few events. cant wait to see it at PBIR!


I think we can already confirm the series-standard G-Force GSR being in the car. I wonder if they'll really be using the D-4S or an EJ25 transplant. Among other things, an ASD hydraulic handbrake.


So this is the one that drifted around the circut..


Its about time that ken gets another car, lets see if he can overcome his bad luck from last season.


Wish the livery was simpler but the overall car is sick. Stoked to see this in action!


This is great to hear!


Fr-s or tc it doesn't matter he still isn't winning anything


Finally ken gushi totally deserved this that tc was holding him back go out and destroy just like Irwindale!


Want ... that is all ...


I love that there'll be a huge aftermarket for this car before it even hits dealership floors!


this thing is gonna kick some ass in formula d


That vinyl design IS a bit much. I thought we were past the whole Fast&Furious vinyl fad. If they wanna draw attention to it then just paint it some crazy color, put the sponsor decals on it and call it a day.


MORE LOW!!! haha


Ken is a lucky bastarddd


Looks ok, But lacks presence imo. wheels are a bit tame looking, :( some dishy Work Meister's or similar would look much meaner , who doesn't like a bit of lip eh?!


I would prefer to see a bunch of 86s racing in a one-make series in Fuji Speedway. Not a bad car, though.

@herp mcderpington: I laughed at your name.


i guess we will have to wait for a version that has style and looks cool


Good news, one less pro driver in a FF to FR converted car. FD is lame, only a matter of time before a V8 gets stuffed in there...... and the car looks like garbage. Looks like a HotWheels with less than 10min spent planning the graphics.


Would love to know how they will get that power. And, PLEASE do not run that awful livery in FD.

BTW, what will Aasbo drive - will he get one too?


Oh man thats amazing! Dear god please dont put a V8 in there. There are way too many V8's in FD that people forget how to drift with technique. Look at Japan, hardly any V8's and they drift like gods


That looks the business!


Yea please give this front bumper for production, way betterz!


That car looks bad ass, and to have Ken Kushi pilot the car, even more awsome, i like to see that drifting around. Also, it be cool if there was a wallpaper to have.


No cup holders! D:


Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Yes its a new car so there will be issues with it....but I have a feeling with how simple the FR-S is this might not be a huge issue.



The livery does seem outdated, but the car itself is amazing! Loving 2012 already.


Yes because driving 600 plus horsepower requires less skill than driving 200. Take your idiocy elsewhere, This car is a great build, and FD could use more vehicles like it!


I always see him and his family drifting at the track near me. hopefully i'll see this there too.


if the "new car" problems aren't awful, gushi will KILL IT this year


the car looks great and with 600HP on a 2L, thats awesome!! with what is suppose to be near perfect balance and the skill of the driver, this should be good.

as it relates to those persons hating on the graphics, I like it. you say it looks like something from 2002 etc etc. isnt camauflage as old as it gets and thats what Matt has on his FD and no one is hating on his livery. shut up!!


not impressed at all with cosmetics of this car. As someone said before livery from 2002. Wheels look like shit. It is just not very impressive looking for all this hype about it looking so mouthwatering good. But lets see how it runs maybe that will make up for its bad looks.


Now we see the true reason for making it a Scion and not a Toyota. I wonder if they used the D4S engine or just swapped.


Looks like poor Eddie k didnt get his drift car...


A drift car with SR written on the hood, and it's a Toyota with a Subaru motor. Meth not even once.

Does Aasbo get one, please say he gets one, the TC ff/fr thing is so pathetic. He did better in his built with a machete and duct tape Supra, enough said.


since this car came out this is all i wanted to see, finally a new car id want


I think I will wait to see how japanesse take the 86 to the final angle.


look like a stock bumper with a lip, cant wait to see this in action @ LB, i wonder if the tire rules will hurt this car


thank god there wont be a v8 in this!


Very cool!


To kick off Part 2 of our NAIAS coverage we'll begin with Hyundai's new Genesis Coupe. Although


That car just inspired me to buy one as soon as financially feasible. Jeez that looks good.

First, the Goosh (I know he loves that) gets to drive the legendary Orido RSR Supra in Dubai....then he gets to be the test drifter for the FT86 in he gets the first FT86 drift car. If he can climb near the top it would be the story of the year.

Conrats Gushi. You needed a new ride and this is one fine piece right there. Enjoy it!


He's not going to do well! what car does well in its first season? He is going to bash a panel and it'll take three days to replace it because of the lack of aftermarket support. I don't have high hopes but otherwise love Ken. Love the car and look though.


@Herp mcderpingotn

Its not all V8's... I'd rather have a Non-V8 Drift car than just a Japanese take on a Muscle Car




so now 4 cyl turbos are competive again?...


Swapped Cosworth long block EJ25det with 600hp and 500lb-ft torque and the car sheds 300lbs from stock. If the stock weight is mid 2,700lbs this car will be in the 255mm tire or maybe add weight for the 265mm tire class for Formula D.

Makes me wonder what Papadakis is up to ;)


@ken nomuken, Aasbo drove a 4 cyl and got a podium in his second year in FD. They are still competitive.


More pics please. How about a pic of the engine bay???