Gallery>> Tas 2012 – The Parking Lot – Pt.2

Let's finish up the TAS parking lot tour before we head back into the exhibition area for the Day 2 coverage. I thought it would be a pity not to devote another post to the coolest rides that I came across. There was just so much to see, the selection growing by the minute as a continuous stream of cars kept flowing in.

Lets start with this pair of JZX100s, sitting side by side as the sun began to rise a little higher in the sky.

You can't go wrong with a Toyota Aristo. It can be a capable family car, comfortable when needed but also have a wild side depending on how much money you want to pour into it. It's at home either drifting around a track, blasting down the Wangan at 300 km/h or looking good at a VIP gathering; it's all down to what you would want to do with it.

I had to do a double take when I walked past this Y34 Nissan Gloria. It looked very familiar, as it's not every day you see these big sedans slammed on Work Meister S1s!

It was of course the Super Made SR20-powered drift beast that I recently shot down in Osaka. Now the car has been sold off to a customer in Yokohama who is obviously very proud of his new purchase, exhibiting a Doriten mag feature and show spec-sheet on the windscreen. Anyone want to see a feature of this car?

More VIP goodness parked in a very un-Japanese way!

I spotted this little group of CB-radio otakus who seemed to have set up an external antenna. Don't ask me what they were up to, I just thought it looked too bizarre not to grab at least one shot.

You can never have too many air intakes.

Not too far away from where I was parked I saw this little compact Civic Euro-R, the last Civic to wear the "R" badge in Japan.

Wait, a Scion tC in Japan?

Anything to stand out.

I really have a soft spot for the Fit RS. It's a tremendously fun car to drive, and it's practical and spacious enough to be a great compact family car. 

I didn't see that many GT-Rs, but a few of each generation at least.

Another Evo VI Tommi Makinen Edition, this time without all the stickers. I'd so have one of these in my dream garage. It's one of those cars you just have to buy and keep for life.

Looks like the Scion tS wasn't the only USDM import.

A rare Japan-only Nismo 380RS. This Z33 was fitted with a stroked version of the VQ35, upped to 3.8L. It was built so celebrate the Fairlady's success in GT500 in 2008.

Pretty wild looking Mazda Axela.

This guy drove his Nagisa Auto tuned R33 all the way up from Osaka.

More Fit goodness, this time with a few Mugen upgrades.

I've always been a fan of the Y32 Gloria. Can't believe how good it still looks!

Now that the FD2 is gone I wonder what the next Honda to wear a Type-R badge will be?

Another Evo VI!

A few battle scars here and there definitely add some character to drift cars.

This JZX100 obviously sees lots of action.

JZS147 in VIP mode.

Of course in Japan it's cool if you want to take your weekend race car to TAS!

I still can't believe how good this generation of the Legacy still looks. Too bad the new one is, well, a big ugly duckling!

Super clean BNR32 on BBS…with wakaba "new driver" mark. LOL

Red R32 GT-Rs are pretty rare!

Quite a wild offset on this S15. 

Another private import, this time a Genesis, which is not sold in Japan. In fact I think I've ever seen one Hyundai dealer in Japan and all it sold was a big Benz-looking luxury sedan.

OK I'm not done with the Lancers quite yet. I also came across this Evo IV, a generation you don't really see that much of.

So much JDMness going on in this picture!

Let's finish up with a nice 997 GT3, a true driver's car that entices for its amazing performance and raw responsiveness. Plus as its owner is demonstrating, it is also comfortable enough to sleep in, provided you didn't tick the "race bucket seat" option.

Next up is a look at the Day 2 TAS coverage. 

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-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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I think your CBers are using a long range Wi-Fi antenna.


That doesn't really look like a GT3..


that scooby next to the fit rs. any more pics?


I would love to see a feature on that Y34. Have always loved those cars and I am surprised about they put a SR20 in it.


quite a lot of R32.....and also not as 'extreme' as previous years....unless they wernt posted!

looking forward to day 2!! Oh and id also like to see a spotlight on the Supermade Gloria!!


U talked about the Fit while the picture is focused on the Impreza haha


That type-997 might be a regular 911 only ... and love all Toyota in this post . XD


What bumper and hood is that on the CT9A? Looks so sick!


black Legacy <3


the dude that bought the supermade car def was very happy to own it! his whole group got EXTREMELY excited i knew the car when i saw him in the lot haha. very, very nice car. it's probably the best cedric i've ever seen


lol nice eX-Driver sticker on the side of that EVO IV, stealth itasha


I wonder what exhaust that tC is sporting.


I've seen two chargespeed equiped Subaru's that i would like to see more of.


The Scion and Hyundai aren't THAT special. I've seen them in the streets before. I've seen Saturns rolling around in Fukuoka, lots of Dodge (chargers, Yamaguchi) Nittro in Tokyo, and, of course, plenty of Mustangs.


The "gt3" looks like a 997 with the aerokit and maybe a gt3 front bumper


@homie... you're right. looks like a carerra with factory aero kit.


What is the little red car in the "So much JDMness going on in this picture!" photo?


feature the Y34 keen as


GO FIT!!!! me haz one


love those eyes from the cars movie in t hat impreza *lol*


If you don't see a lot of Evo IV's, you should come to New Zealand. Every second modified car is one.


Awesome images! I wonder if everyone in Japan is keeping their cars this clean?!


Mmicire that little red car is a Suzuki Cappuccino.

P.S. Please feature that Y34 Gloria.


Only in japan will you see a new driver with a r32


I'm still waiting to see a Mitsubishi Legnum VR-4 on these pages! Not a single one in that carpark?


maybe im wrong but does that Evo IV have an ex0drivers sticker on the side? also the white r32 is sick!


Feature on the Gloria please!


I love almost every car in this post! The Evos, Mark II, R32 Skylines, EG Civic, the Legacy Wagon; all of them are amazing, just to name a few!


I'm going to say that maybe those USDM "Imports" are US Military folks? Maybe Navy?


How come in both Pt1 and Pt2 there are so many people inside the cars(awake and asleep), and these are just the cars you photographed, let alone all the others in the parking lot......seeems strange?!?!


This is not GT3 - this is normal Carrera with GT3 styling kit :)


For me the second show day at the Tokyo Auto Salon started with a freezing walk through the parking lot


Nice post, although I also have to add that its not a GT3, its a 997 Mk1, probably the Carrera S, you can tell by the rims and the stance, I do like the jap machinery, but I am a huge Porsche fan!


more picture of the toyota IST in the 2nd to last picture.


The Honda isn't an US-spec grey-imported Accord. It's a Japan-spec Inspire officially sold in Japan.


That rx7 FD is smokin'


Where would I get that see- through lexan front deflector on the Inspire/ Accord?


big benz looking hyundai?on the genesis post? i believe that car is called a hyundai genesis lol?????????? maybe not in japan, but a hyundai genesis sedan looks just like a benz. ironic


yes please! for the gloria feature


gt3 comes with bucket seats- its not an option. looks like the guy just picked up a gt3 wing/ front bumper


i think those who set up that antenna were watching tv to kill time... pretty cool...


The black Legacy is pure hotness!


Hello , how are you mr. , I'm a big fan of the super made Gloria please do a feature she is a beautiful beast and I own a Infiniti m45 here in Quebec, Canada , you are the best , speed hunters forever thanks again for the picture.