Car Spotlight>> Opel Rekord ‘the Yellowcab’

Every now and then I receive a submission that’s worth sharing. An unusual car that popped into my inbox yesterday was this Opel Rekord.

Built in 1980, this Rekord E1 has been painted in the same yellow that’s used by taxis in Germany, hence the Yellowcab nickname.

The old school Zender Turbo wheels are certainly a perfect match. I don’t have many details on this car, so I’m unsure what suspension it’s running.

These cars change hands for next to
nothing these days. But I’m strangely attracted to them especially when they’re in this condition.

I’m sure this car will divide opinions but
that is what’s great about it. It’s always good to think outside the box and try to push
the envelope in every way you can.

-Jeroen Willemsen

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reminds me of my vb commodore


i does look alot like a old commodre,

nice tho


same car isnt it?


You'll find this was an Australian engineered car is actually based on the Holden's VB Commodore...

funny enough this seems the more attractive and classic of the two..


I think someone need to read a few copys of Holden Commadore mag , This look like a lightly modified vc/vh commy . Only difference is the grill and name tags. and by the look ot the tags ,this car still has the lump of crap 2.0l four banger in it. Nice yes , Out of the box NO.


"Finally. What a fresh sight."


looks like a benz except for the tail lights, license plate= +1


Its running air apparently, love it


i definitely wouldn't mind DDing this


just had a browse, it is the same as the commodore..


Wanna see lowered vb/vc commodores, summernats in Canberra Australia this weekend, bloody everywhere lol..those wheels also look similar to HDT wheels that came out on the Peter Brock vk commodore.


reminds me of my vc commodore


Not a Commodore. The Holden was based on this thing, but with a different front end (underneath to carry the old 6 and v8, and a little bit longer. Nice car though.


Even today, Holden, Opel and Pontiac share their car designing and engineering. That's why the silhouettes are so similar between many of their vehicles.


whoever said that this looks like a merc is blind.....there is no excuse it looks nothing like a mercedes


Also sold as Senator. Rekord had only 4 banger, but Senator and Commodore had 6 cyl engines.


what up VB commodore, wonder what motor they got?


what up VB commodore, wonder what motor they got?


Used to have a 2.2E Rekord. That thing was so much fun in the snow!

I realy liked that car. To bad they all have seen the rust death.


I drive an '84 Benz and she looks nothing like this Opel. As much as I like this car for being unique, Ol' Bets is the gem in my eyes.


Wanna see lowered vb/vc commodores, any bogan town in Australia this weekend, bloody everywhere lol..


Nice car. Love the wheels!!!


stance and wheels make it hot. but i remember seeing these new when my dad was stationed in Germany. and even then, as a budding car fanatic i could have cared less about them. at least it's RWD.


Very clean and awesome, nice work and photos !


Nice car.

Still, German taxis aren't yellow but off-white, but then this is an Austrian car, as the big "A" sticker suggests.

Weren'tl the Aussie Commodores based on the basic design of the German Opel Rekord?

(4 bangers were Rekords, straight sixes Commodores on the first 2 gens, the 3rd gen shown above used the Senator and Monza names for the 6 cylinders. Interesting that the Commodore branding lives on until now, in Germany it was abandoned in 1977.)


I keep coming back to this car. I can't get over how good it looks.


love it. and I have one


I hope it has a sweet engine swap, SR20 perhaps? LSx? :)


Looks like what would happen if a Commodore and Gemini got jiggy in the Holden factory!


Ulf, the Australia sticker is an oval with AUS in it.


Bruce, in this case it's A as in Austria, which is "Oesterreich" - this litlle country between Switzerland and Hungary.

Vienna and such.


i know its been said before but the commodore actually was made from this model with alterations, the later first gen models were a gmh thing but since they all came from the vb they are all kinda based loosely on this car.


This is awesome. We need a desktop of this!


Reminds me of the Holdens of the early / mid 80's. Give it some Mobil Stickers a red 5 and Brock on the sides. Has it got a 5.0 V8?


its in great 'nick' for an old 'un.. love the rims.. - Thanks


I reckon there coule be a C20XE 2 litre redtop sitting under that bonnet, just a guess based on the badge at the rear.


Nice to see a 'new' car here


It's just right!


I like this, subtle!

Regarding the Australian Commodore versus the Opels, they're loosely based on a mix of Rekord and Senator, but substantially strengthened and re-engineered, longer and wider, with all GMH mechanicals. The bodyshells were stamped here, with the exception of some wagon panels which were imported.


To all the Aussies, this was what the VH was based off.

They even had a coupe version that Brocky wanted GMH to bring into Aus as the new Monaro.

There's one floating around Aus at the moment.