Car Spotlight>> Gmg World Challenge Porsche Gt3 Rs

There are, of course, many ways to modify a Porsche but not all improve on the original package. GMG Motorsports are no strangers when it comes to tuning Porsches and now they have a complete package to turn your Porsche into a real track animal. The kit is called the GMG World Challenge track package and consists of predominantly suspension components.

Their latest project is this 2011 Porsche GT3 RS that belongs to a customer in AZ. This is the 19th car to receive the complete GMG treatment.

The car is fitted with a new exhaust center section, cat and new headers. 

Here is a better look at the headers. I'm sure this exhaust would be music to the ears of innocent bystanders.

Looks nice in battleship grey don't you think?

These are the single lug 19" forged monoblock GMG Motorsports 130R wheels.

GMG has years of experience with Stoptech and also run these exact same brakes on their World Challenge GT3 Cup Car. The kit consists of these enormous 6 pot calipers with Endless pads and RF650 fluid.

GMG spent numerous hours on the track to figure out the best handling package and have developed a bump and toe steer kit. The package also includes adjustable sway bars, RSR style thrust arm and dog bone kit.

-Jeroen Willemsen

GMG Motorsports

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what was the point of this?

barely a spotlight on the car and not much detail


AWESOME JEROEN!!!!!! Keep up the good work!


so how much does this "kit" cost with labor? I will guess enough to buy a few dozen miatas lol


That is what i like... A LOT.... can you please add the firts two pictures and the one from the wheel as a desktop.... Thanks.


What a dream car. I like the low key look, if that's even possible on a Porsche.


That "Battleship Grey" color is a standard color for the GT3 RS....

The car hasn't been repainted. Its a factory color called Gray Black.


@Porschefan. Why complain about something you dont pay for?


i agree with porshefan. so was this a paid advertisement or something? there was no passion at all in this written article. first time being disappointed on this website.


im honestly not a fan of GMG Racing, Ive taken my 997.2 GT2 there and had horrible service and they also messed up my alignment.

-1 i would not take my car here


Nice wheels on the car


Wow, they must've forgotten to wash it before the shoot! It's covered in brake dust!



A 'track package' which removes most of the silencing from an exhaust system which is already too loud for most tracks? Lets be honest and call it the 'poser package' please.


hmmm, not the smoothest exhaust path i've ever seen

i assume it performs and sounds better than stock, but hmmmm......


Love the look and I bet it is a rocket on the racetrack !


Looks pretty unprofessional... That exhaust looks pretty much like a hack job. The brakes look nicely done, and the suspension looks to have been amped up a little bit. However, I would hardly call this an ultimate track package. If you want your Porsche 911 to be tuned more for the track, the only real option is to go RSR. Porsche spends countless time and money tuning and perfectinmg the stock set up. Such is why it is more rewarding to buy a moderately tuned stock sports car and build it into a track monster than to buy something that was meant for the track, but homoligated for the street.


I'd just go with RUF or gemballa if your going to mess with something that's fine as is for the track


im with everyone else, that exhaust does not appear to be the best... :/ not for what I'm sure customers are paying. The car itself is nice. I'm wondering if that is a vatn turbo set up because of the reduction at the bend in the exhaust.


Amemiya, what it heaven's name are you talking about? The RSR is a GT2 level track car. This is a weekend warrior track car that is still street legal. Your analogy would be like saying, "Why buy a Lengenfelter Vette when you can buy a C6R?" Seriously, what you said is just absurd.


I have a feeling that this kit is REALLY REALLY expensive. I am not to keen on Porsche but I think the kit looks pretty nice.