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The EVO VII is a pretty rare sight on Dutch roads, so when I was given the chance to shoot this example I immediately said yes. The car belongs to Henry who imported the car from the UK. After he bought the car he didn’t change much except for the eye catching orange Gram Lights 57D.

Mitsubishi Evolution VII GSR Front

As the name suggests on the windshield Henry is part of the Streetgasm team. It is one of the more well-known teams in the Dutch tuning scene.

Mitsubishi Evolution VII GSR

The car has a lot of carbon touches. It starts at the front with a chunky carbon front splitter. It also has a set of carbon sideskirts, carbon mirrors and carbon rear lip.

The standard suspension was replaced with BC Racing coilovers that, although being on the stiffer side of things, is still comfortable enough for Amsterdam’s rough streets.

Mitsubishi Evolution VII GSR

The aforementioned Gram Lights come in 18″x9.5j all round and are finished in a fluorescent orange. Henry told me he wasn’t totally convinced that the color combo would work but once the wheels were mounted he was sold.

The original brake pads were replaced for Ferodo DS2500 items. HKS braided lines replace the factory brake hoses.

This Buddyclub system frees up any exhaust restrictions and adds a nice burble.

When you lift up the hood you are greeted by this 4G63 which features CSC camshafts, AEM sprockets, Blitz filter and FMIC with custom piping. Providing the boost is an EVO IX MR turbo, with 780cc injectors serving up the fuel. Last but not least is the aluminum KOYO radiator to keep the water temperatures in check.

After being fine-tuned on a rolling road dyno, the EVO now delivers 405bhp and 495Nm of torque.

This has to be the best angle of the car showing off its spoiler with carbon inserts and blade.

The interior still features all the creature comforts but Henry did place some extra meters to better monitor the engine.

On the dash is a Defi HUD that can display various information.

The HUD display is attached to this Defi link controller, which also controls the oil pressure, turbo pressure and water temperature meters through a daisy-chain system. To monitor the air/fuel ratio Henry opted to go with a AEM meter that is placed in a custom holder in the middle console.

This is definitively not one of the wildest builds but it’s certainly a nicely balanced daily driver that Henry uses on the track every now and then.

I’ll be along shortly with features on the Streetgasm R34 GT-R and Focus RS.

-Jeroen Willemsen

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how can 795Nm achieved with those mods?


That's an insane amount of torque! :O


Awesome shoot Jeroen ! great car hope the readers will like :)


Awesome shoot Jeroen ! great car hope the readers will like :)


There's mistake for sure. It isn't diesel engine :) 595Nm seems to be correct torque for this power.


This Lancr is amaziiiing, need a wallpaper, she is really perfect... <3 <3 <3


Balanced, good looks and some nice power.

Neat car!


wanna see that feature on that r 34 bro you got a nissan fan on your hands


Like the car small exterior upgrades especially the mudflaps, but the underside...


that must be 495NM


Jeroen made à little mistake...

The EVO has 495nm of toque


Car detailing isn't the best , the rear underneath shot ??? Nice car though and would be great to see more like this . Achievable to the normal everyday man


You can't accurately judge torque on a rolling road anyway - power figure seems fun though!


the evo IX MR turbo (along with the engine) is the same as any other evo IX turbo (engine) GSR, GSR SE, RS, MR SE, GSR SSL.


How can he control oil pressure?


A few nice little mods. Not particularly amazed by this car though... There are SO many cars like this in Australia in a good state of tune but not OTT, but are much neater. It'd be nice to see more examples like that. I don't mind some mess but this car has signs of "dodgey import", such as the rocker cover suggesting the motor has been replaced with a CN/CP9A engine (4-6.5 =DOHC 16 VALVE, 7 = EVOLUTION, 8 = Longitudal lines, 9 = MIVEC TURBO), and the exhaust starting to rust.

Great simple exterior though.


What a beautiful Evo that is, just perfect in every way, very nice chap. Really like them Gramlights as well.

Wish we could get some of these pictures in desktop size.


it's a nice daily, nothing wrong with that.


Dang, the Evo7 front bumper looks way better than all the other 3rd gen bumpers imo. This is exactly how i want my car to be: a fusion of form and function. It's lowered but not too low and it's got power but...well I think 400hp is a lot, but compared to other Evo's I've seen on this site that are on the extreme functional side, I guess 400 is alright.


Nice car but the team is spitting out in the Dutch Scene.....


Nice package. Alot of thought about whats needed to complment the overall product.

Love it!


I'm liking the color scheme of this car!


@Comment Agree! The 7's front is the best looking among them CT9As. You can't go wrong with its sharp edges ala Nissan's BNR34, and those extra side vent on the bumper and hood NACA duct. Worst being the 8 with its oh-so-mitsu nasal grill. Japanese also hate them because it does additional air going to the engine.


Uhhh... It's JUST a painted older valve cover dude w/c can be swapped. The older Evo engines have different lay out, check the battery and fuse box location.