A few days ago we ran a small teaser showing the FR-S drifting and today we have our video of it in action. It’s a fun, back to basics car, and in the hands of Formula DRIFT driver Ken Gushi it looks perfectly content with wagging its tail. Dino and Larry have more FR-S articles coming your way, including a detailed test drive analysis and some behind the scenes insights. I also hear filmmaker Luke Huxham is brewing up another video…

– Charles Kha

Video by Larry Chen

Scion FR-S / Toyota 86 articles on Speedhunters



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Seeder. Stoked on this car


Cool, it takes rain to make it drift. Thought this car was supposed to be fun to drive and whatnot? I'm guessing just another 150hp 4 banger. Or some small excuse for a V6.



You're an idiot. Obviously wasn't raining that much if tires were squealing that bad. And it's hilarious that you would even attempt to troll about a car that you have absolutely no knowledge about even though specs about this car are all over any car website you could possibly think of.





I <3 haters...


:D This car is going to be more popular than stick on fender vents.




@spark and that's different to the original ae86 how?


The philosophy behind this car was great HANDLING ! If you stick a V6 in the FR-S you will screw its awesome balanced-chassis.

Why there are so many folks out there like you that think that hp is the only important thing in a car to have fun.


@JDMized as if they wouldnt balance it if there was a v6 in it??? really?



Sure, they could have tried to throw a v6 in there, but the engine would not sit low to the ground like a boxer, the weight would increase and therefore, the engine would have to be placed further back to compensate. To keep the weight ratio, they may have to increase the weight on the rear of the car.

A v-6 may sound like a good idea to you, but it completely voids the purpose of this car.

Did the AE86 ever come with a v6?


Hey guys, here's a solution: a nice tidy 16g turbo setup is NOT that heavy! yay!


I can't wait for this car to come out!! But, not because I plan on buying it brand new off the lot... I can't wait for the goofy kids with the "Drift-O" fantasies to wreck and put it up on Craigslist for cheap...LOL. :D


Yeah, it's good!!!


Ken looks like he was having fun! I can't wait to see what these things are like once modified!


I am keen on dropping cash on one of these, if and when they make it to Aus. Pro drifter made this stock car look amazing. I AM SOLD


Wish there were more clips of if drifting from the outside, and not just inside/wheel shots.

Also... Epic skill!


this car is going to be a massive fail. half the people who post on this car don't even have a car thats rwd and even if they do its got an open diff..... and for all of those who are "drifters" with your open diffs please go put a set of 225's on your car and then you will realize holy *#$& this car has no grip and i am going to die in the rain yet this scion can't even hold a drift in the rain. look how hard he has to drive it it keep it sideways clutch kick e brack clutch kick ebrake clutch kick ebrake cluctch kick. like seriously you guys really think this is a drift car?


Turbo setup would be awkward on a low slung flat-4, Bring on the supercharger kit!


@slip....not raining that hard??? the rain is about to knock the go pro off lol.



People like Spark do not understand the concept of balance. Also, they seem to have a need to throw in negative comments in an attempt to make it sound like they know what they are talking about.

It seems like half of the people make comments like, "needs more power", "needs a turbo", "needs to be lower", "it shouldn't be a Scion", "boxer engine in a Toyota is lame" and "it is ugly".

Obviously, these are the exact people this car was NOT designed for. These people are the oneswho will rice out these cars and never take advantage of its true purpose.

Personally, as an enthusiast, the car could have been shaped like a potato and been badged as a Pinto. If it is a well-balanced car, I would love it.

I am a die-hard Toyota fan and always will be. I couldn't care less if it has Subura stamps all over the place and a boxer engine. The boxer engine was put in place to improve the balance of the car and therefore, I give Toyota and Subaru a big thumbs up.

Most people just don't understand this car and its purpose.

That is the difference between a driver and a ricer.

That grin on Ken's face says it all.


I think people are just a bit sour about what this car turned out to be. I was a bit skeptical about the look myself, and what placing three diff badges on it might do. But its name still translates to "Hachi-Roku". Maybe people wanted an exact copy of the ae86. Im pretty sure, it was until many people took the old hachi and started doing touges and such, that it became a "must have", The idea of this car, was to bring the joy of driving the hachi, to the 21st century. Its cheap, moderately quick, and RWD for goodness sake. Many of you may have expected something different, but the point is, we still have a great car to play with. And the fact that Toyota has recognized the tuner community and gone back to the grass-roots for this, is a big thing.


spark = douche. also and idiot that knows nothing. probably owns a rusted up civic with a walmart intake and thinks he runs in the 13 sec zone.


turbo kit for an engine that has a 12.5:1 compression ratio? good luck with running that on 91 octane. i'm sure it'll be a blast on race gas though =).


@bill 9

I'm not sure where you're from, but the rest of the world generally moved on from open diffs in RWD cars in the mid-to-late 90's. True, FWD and 4WD configurations are far more common these days, but RWD has made a comeback in recent years, and there are still plenty of RWD enthusiasts who know how to pedal one around a track.

Another couple of important points to remember:

- The best drift cars tend to also be the best handling cars, albeit with a few tweaks to the suspension setup

- It is far, far easier to make a slow, well handling car go fast in a straight line than it is to make poor handling, fast straight line car go around a bend with any pace. another 75-100hp in the FR-S will see sliding along with the big hitters


People asking for more HP on these cars should stick to drag racing. I would gladly shell out 25 large on a RWD car that will retire the S2000 ANY DAY.


Since this was shot in Japan with Japanese models, why not call it by its right name we wouldnt want to americanise everything


bottom line.. its Here get used to it.... An ever growing trend to resurrect a well balanced simple affordable chassis sounds refreshing. Drifting has gone from a subculture in the united states to a full blown recognized automotive sport that has proven to bring in people,sponsors and most of all MONEY something that are economy sure needs.. Its funny to hear peoples mixed reactions on this toyota/subaru hybrid. Hope it works out.


Oh my god... Please stop this MamboJambo from this yota.. sorry Sub, oh no it's Scion...

You are wasting space from you blog by reporting every silly thing from this boring car.


way to much hype surrounding this car. unless its less than 15k us dollars to get your hands on one, it really doesnt seem worth it..... in the end its just another poor car that the fan boys are going to bastardize


It should interesting to see what the tuners can to the Scion FR-S. The 2.0 liter boxer engine D-4S has 2 injectors per cylinder (Direct Injection-and Port-Injection) and this means that this engine has 8 injectors. The Lexus IS-F has the D-4S has the same configuration with 16 injectors!!


We have dedicated a lot of space to the Scion FR-S and its JDM cousin the Toyota 86 over the last few


We have dedicated a lot of space to the Scion FR-S and its JDM cousin the Toyota 86 over the last few


hmmm, i wonder how well this engine would perform in a 240? bet i could make it fit. calling all high school kids, tell your parents you want frs and you want it now. crash it in the rain, and then give me a call. i wantz yo enginez lol. lower compression plus a gt3071r? hell yeah


There are a few things you could do in 30 hours. You could complete a 5000 piece puzzle of "the


There are a few things you could do in 30 hours. You could complete a 5000 piece puzzle of "the


[View:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eK2EwymH9oY:600:375] Chances are you've seen our video of Ken