Speedhunters Awards 2011>> The Winners Pt.1

Over the past couple of weeks, the votes from our readers have numbered in the hundreds of thousands, making this our biggest Speedhunters Awards yet. While some of the category winners were obvious shoo-ins, others were literally decided by a couple of votes. Some of the winners may even raise eyebrows. So without further ado, let's start revealing our 2011 winners!

3rd – Concept Car of the Year: Toyota FT-86 II Concept

2nd – Concept Car of the Year: Subaru BRZ STI Concept

Winner – Concept Car of the Year: Jaguar C-X16

The first Speedhunters Award that you voted on was Concept Car of the Year. This award was comfortably won by Jaguar's beautiful C-X16. It was also interesting to see which of the 86 concepts were most popular. In terms of votes, the BRZ Concept STI (2nd) edged out the FT-86 II Concept (3rd) and the Scion FR-S Concept (6th). The BMW i8 squeezed into 5th ahead of the FR-S having secured just seven more votes. Audi's 500hp A1 Clubsport quattro – which was unveiled at this year's Worthersee event – finished in 4th.

3rd – New Car of the Year: Lamborghini Aventador

2nd – New Car of the Year: BMW 1M Coupe

Winner – New Car of the Year: Toyota 86 / Scion FR-S

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Speedhunters audience decided that their New Car of the Year was the Toyota 86 / Scion FR-S / GT 86. Fighting for second position were the BMW 1M Coupe and Lamborghini Aventador, which were eventually separated by only half a percent.

3rd – Time Attack Car of the Year: Scorch Racing S15 Silvia

2nd – Time Attack Car of the Year: Cyber Evo

Winner – Time Attack Car of the Year: KRB Audi

Finishing 5th in Time Attack Car of the Year was the Garage Revolution RX-7. The FXMD NSX, which recently smashed the Buttonwillow time attack record, racked up enough votes to finish 4th. Literally pipping them to 3rd was the Scorch Racing carbon Silvia, which accumulated just four more votes. As soon as voting opened, two cars stood apart in popularity: the KRB Audi and the newly retired Cyber Evo.

3rd – Street Car of the Year: Joshua Garcia's V8 AE86

2nd – Street Car of the Year: Justin Fox's R32 GT-R

Winner – Street Car of the Year: Touge Factory's Four Six Customs S13 Silvia

Street Car of the Year proved to be hotly contested, with 2nd to 5th separated by just 1.5%. Rounding out the Top 5 were AP's carbon Lotus and Phil Morisson's V10 E46 M3. Joshua Garcia's AE86 and Justin Fox's R32 GT-R almost finished in a dead heat, with the latter scoring a quarter of a percent more votes.

3rd - Pro Drift Car of the Year: Matt Powers S14 Silvia

2nd – Pro Drift Car of the Year: Darren McNamara's Dmac86 

Winner – Pro Drift Car of the Year: Mad Mike's MADBUL RX-7

In this year's Speedhunters Awards, landslide victories were few and far between. However Pro Drift Car of the Year proved to be a one horse race with Mad Mike's 5th generation MADBUL RX-7 claiming 41% of the votes. Mike's win rounded out a clean sweep for Team Need for Speed, which claimed the top three positions!

3rd – Grassroots Drift Car of the Year: Hugo Maclean's AE86

2nd – Grassroots Drift Car of the Year: Mark Arcenal's S14

Winner – Grassroots Drift Car of the Year: Taavi Toomara's BMW 2002

Demonstrating the global popularity of drifting, the Top 5 finishers in Grassroots Drift Car of Year all came from different countries. In fifth was Jesse Streeter's S13 Silvia (Japan), fourth the Drift Union Legacy (Canada), with third to first from New Zealand, the U.S. and Estonia respectively.


3rd – Muscle Machine of the Year: Jon Sibal's Challenger

2nd – Muscle Machine of the Year: Spectre IMSA Camaro 

Winner – Muscle Machine of the Year: Team Need for Speed RTR-X

The RTR-X came alive in 2011, and Vaughn Gittin Jr didn't waste any time breaking it in gently. Judging by this category's votes, you've enjoyed seeing it in action as much as he did!

3rd – Rat of the Year: The Jackal Model A


2nd – Rat of the Year: Super Sleeper Nova

Winner – Rat of the Year: Rob Daehn's cheetah BMW 

Three, distinctly unique cars finished at the top of Rat of the Year. 'The Jackal', built by Slaughterhouse, battled Rat La Kadett for 3rd, while the Super Sleeper Chevy Nova and Rob Daehn's 3.2l BMW had a colossal fight for 1st. A mere two votes separated them.

3rd – Rod & Custom of the Year: Van Go

2nd – Rod & Custom of the Year: Justin Carrillo's "Cruella DeVille" Cadillac

Winner – Rod & Custom of the Year: Beauman Jones' Fat57 Customs 1956 Chevy truck

Rod & Custom is a new category for this year, and our first winner is Beauman Jones' Fat57 Customs truck, which locked down a quarter of the total votes.

3rd – Demo Car of the Year: VAD x RWB 'Number One'

2nd – Demo Car of the Year: AMS Alpha 12 R35 GT-R

Winner – Demo Car of the Year: Fatlace Skyline

2011 saw RAUH-Welt's popularity hit fever pitch, and two of their collaborations scored plenty of votes in Demo Car of the Year. The results were close, with the VAD 'Number One' in third and the RWB USA 'Pandora One' in fourth. Mark Arcenal's other car, the Fatlace Hakosuka, claimed the win ahead of the AMS Alpha 12 GT-R – the world's first 8 second R35. 

3rd – Retro Machine of the Year: Ray Chau's BMW 2002

2nd – Retro Machine of the Year: Star Road S30 Fairlady

Winner – Retro Machine of the Year: Fatlace Skyline

The Fatlace Skyline also took out Retro Machine of the Year after narrowly seeing off the Star Road S30. Less than one percent of the votes separated the two, with Ray Chau's BMW 2002 finishing in third.

3rd – Race Car of the Year: P4/5 Competizione

2nd – Race Car of the Year: Audi R18 TDI

Winner – Race Car of the Year: Red Bull Racing RB7

Out of 19 races, Red Bull's RB7 achieved 12 wins, 10 fastest laps and 18 pole positions. It deservingly won Race Car of the Year. The Speedhunters readers also recognised the Le Mans-winning Audi R18 TDI (2nd) and the experimental P4/5 Competizione (3rd).

3rd – Reader Car of the Year: Raymond's S15 Silvia

2nd – Reader Car of the Year: Jeremy's BMW E28 

Winner – Reader Car of the Year: Sunny's 240Z 

The Reader Car of the Year award gives us a neat insight into what our readers drive, and I must say that we continue to be impressed. This year's award saw a flood of amazing entries, and these three – as voted by their peers – are worthy of being at the top.

At the end of this week we will be announcing the remainder of the Speedhunters Awards winners. In the mean time, there is still one category for you to vote on. The Speedhunters Car of the Year is the culmination of our awards, with each category winner becoming a nominee. In just a few hours the voting will commence!

- Charles Kha

The 2011 Speedhunters Awards



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the winner of the grassroots drift car was not a true grassroots drift car... retards


Well done. Gr8 photos, nice concept, little talking.


Chill out Steve O buddy, Hugos 13B hachi was a grassroots racer not too long ago.


At least half of the cars on this list should not be here.


You know that new "ae86" thing is ..... just horrible That thing doesn deserve any award


2002's for the win


3rd place for Hugo's car in grassroots, seeing that it does no grassroots drifting and is a poor excuse for a pro car, crap driver an crapper mechanicals, always breaking and failing!


Aww, I wanted the AMS Alpha 12 R35 to come in as 1st, since it's a record breaker and neck breaker.

The Fatlace car is still cool to look at though.

Nice car choices Speedhunters : )


Thanks for everything speedhunters. You guys are by far and away the best in what you do.


Gutted the Cruella DeVille didn't take it!!! But all in all, the best cars definitely won!


Great read and glad to see the results..... can't wait to see what next year will bring

- A.A.F


Its not often that this happens, but balls to every 1st place so far. Not impressed with what people have voted for, might be growing out of the American scene.


@JB HIFI Stop being a keyboard fagg, dont see you building a car and getting out there? Hugos RE86 is better then anything you could build or own!

Just Saying,,,,


why is that nova not #1, that bmw is just a bmw 2002 with cheetah rust print fml this site is going to shit


Rob Daehn's cheetah BMW for rat of the year is Amazing!


People really hyped on most Hellflush cars.


WOW a lot of cars i voted for took first place! COOL!


This result is not surprising for me. I am waiting for the other winners too!


Mark Arcenal+"Grassroots Drift Car"=Hyperlulz. the only footage I can find of him behind the wheel is super shaky in car and it's not impressive... Shouldn't he have been nominated for "Best Hard Parker" or "Best Drift Build That Will Never Be Driven to its Potential?"


So much win at one place, sick! :D


I think that the Huayra deserves a pole position. I'm disagree with the Toyota 86. For me it's a mid-range car like an Evo IX, or a Impresa STI. It can´t get the 1st place when you have a Lamborghini or a BMW 1M to choose...


How did the Toyota 86 even make the list for new car? It is not a new car 'yet' as it is not being sold until next year. I know people like the car and expect great things from it, but honestly it should not be on the list.


I love 2002's and glad to see three in list... But Jesus Christ that grassroots drift one is prob the ugliest thing I ever seen. If It didn't have the body kit, it would have been ok... Who the hell would vote for that thing?


The amount of useless and shitty 'stanced' cars makes me lose faith in this site.


I can accept most of the results...


That drift bmw was the worst in the entire post, everyone must be blind


!!!! HOLY SNAP!!! Icing on my birthday cake! Literally


good to see the ones i voted for did well


to jb hifi : do you drift ? have you built a car worthy of being on any sort of stage global or domestic ? if you having why dont you shut the fuck up and focus on something other than hating on people going after their own dreams !


Seeing these winners reminds me this boards community is filled with retarded drifter wannabe euro trash. Its great seeing a fully sponsored out ugly e30 win a grassroots award while competing on a pro circuit. Its also sad when there's a grassroots drift category and no grassroots actual race car. Actually the lack of any SCCA, ISA, or any grassroots motorsport on this site is pretty pathetic. Less drifting, more actual racing plx.


@ John... +1


half of these cars dont really deserve the "awards" they received.

Is the Fatlace hako a more unique and better a demonstration of amazing engineering than the alpha 12?

Is the 2002 really more of a rat than the Model A?

the Model A looks like it came straight out of hell and the 2002 looks like it came out of the Lion King.

The results are making me lose hope in this site, and leading me to believe most of the voters are those who are stuck on the "fatlace" and "hellflush" hype.


Chucky not even in the top three of pro drift cars.. What's wrong with people.. Fredric Aasbø's Supra is cooler then those three.


Am amazed to see so many 02's. I have a 2002tii but wouldn't expect to see more than 5 a year. Great to see some more! On the other cars? Fantastic.


HOLY SHIT 3 2002's won awards.... woooot get em


SMFH.. this "awards" are WHACK. OMFG. rigged. what a joke.


The KGC10 Skyline is an amazing car, but any car that Mark Arcenal gets his hands on trasforms into a poof mobile.


I'm with Steve O on this one

Although cool cars.. Not grass roots.. Can't be grass roots if there are competing at national level and fully caged out. Needs to be cheap drift hacks with character rather than high power show ponies.

2c /rant


Desktop of Sunny's 240z please!


Jb Hifi has got it spot on really...... Hugo's junk pile hardly ever runs a full day.

It's got potential but never goes long enough to prove anything.

Then there's blaming other people for his mistakes.... Brake check....., yeah, right!


the car of the year is going to be impossible to vote for!!!!


Those who are raging: bear in mind that these awards are totally based on online votes, so basically whichever board/community can rally the most people to come over here and complete the poll wins.

That being said, I'd be interested in the Speedhunters staff choosing their OWN winners for these categories based on their experiences.


Again.. there should be a proper section for flushest car of the year or illest car of the year or somethin..

The jag deserves the trophy..the 86 dosnt(aventador does ) i think KRB audi is a great winner for all the crazyness it has, all good in SCY, Same goes for PDCY, now it goes wrong ... all those car arnt deserving...MMY Is by far 2 biased by Vaugns popularity... I mean.. how can u pass a specter OH wait 2 specters... Camaro hands down. For RY i would've liked the 1000hp nova to win if u need argument just go back 11 words in my sentence and the model A is a good runner up (2002 is dope 2 ! just not craaaz enough) rod of the year is fine for me ! Really ? FatLace HakuSoka first ? The grandson over it shouldve won 8 seconds. Now RMY is fine ! race car of the year couldnt be finer


Cmon i appreciate a greatly stanced and clean bmw. But not supposed to be a winner .


S13 rocketbunny - such a nice, mad car!


Clearly the results were tallied based on pimply faced 12 year olds who can only dream to own these cars one day....

Hard parking obviously rules the road these days as half of these cars wouldnt get driven regularly and unless it has more poke and low it wouldnt have stood a chance.

Street car of the year.... in whos world? Whats so special about that S13

Given the categories its no surprise to see the cars that won. ONe thing i will say though is that with the trend of winning cars hooning will become less of a problem and loitering will be the next in thing for Cops to pick on


Not everyone wants to go focken fast. Not everyone races their cars. These days its more show and no go. Its the trends and lots of people love them. Just give credit where it is due people. Hating all day ain't going to get u shitz. If u love cars as much as u claim u do stfu and build some shitz to back up trash talk ppl. Everyone BS mofos go online to bash ppls shitz. What for? Or say how a car should be built or what parts it should have or should not? Or what motor it should have? Or what size offset of wheels the cars should have? Build what u want n what u can afford. If u got no passion for toying with cars walk or take the focking bus. Ignorant ppl.


if the contest was based on cars driven and performence alot of cars shouldnt be on this list....fatlace skyline is a political joke....the car in person is weak..ask him to open the hood...so many better cars you have on this site you guys pick garbage......more show and go thats what we need fat lace is a joke ...maybe we should jus draw cars then...


I find it hard to believe that the top 3 drift cars were all NFS sponsored. Just saying, it seems odd.


Street Car of the Year..... pretty much a case of my forum buddies voted hard as last time i checked Justin's GTR had a lot of the mods removed to make it more of a street car and it spends more time in his garage doing nothing, hardly a street car if you ask me.

As for Kevin Truong..... you have no idea what people here own so how could you get on here and bash someone for their comments.... haters you reckon, i call it a difference of opinion and if you dont like that opinion who are you to apparently 'hate' on them..... pot calling the kettle black isnt it.....

How the hell does an M1 BMW beat the Aventador..... are the men of this world turning soft or something lol


Matts car is not a Silvia. It came with 240SX badges on it when it was new.

Rest in peace Cyber EVO.


I'd like to see the speedhunters staff pics in a categories instead of the online readers....


Love the 2002's! Wish my 75 was S14 or M20 powered like Ray's or Rob's. I'm still running an M10. Great picks on all the cars. Love this site.


@ Kevin Truong, Ignorant people? Read the name of the damn website. "Speedhunters" , not "Hard-Parking Hunters". STFU and go drive around in your stock Civic with an illest sticker.


Wow.. so many fan boys on the site.. the ft86 is a crap car, definitely not the best car of the year.


It's absurd that the Audi R18 TDi beat the Peugeot 908. The Peugeot won 5 races, the Audi 1. And Peugeot won both the manufacturers and teams titles of the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup. According to the ILMC rules, the 24 counts double points. The Peugeot was way superior to the Audi.


oh my god ray's s15 is the sickest thing on this page


I'm disgusted to see the FT86 win so many awards, its a boring underpowered car that has no future plans for extra power.

The final production concepts even looked different to the actual production model which is pathetic. The car was essentially made for drifitng, a showboating "sport" that has no solid way of judging it, its smokes and flares all over it, its not a sport, let it die.

If this keeps up, may as well rename this site to HerraFatDriftHunters, as the readers aren't even interested in actual RACE vehicles.


I saw the FT86 and BRZ in the little thumbnails for this article, got me thinking, it would be interesting to see an article on the whole progression on the 86 and BRZ from sketch to reality