Random Snap>> Formula D Toyota 86 Rendering

You will have to forgive us if we seem to be going a little 86/BRZ/FR-S crazy lately. But come on, we've been waiting so long, can you blame us? This latest post however is of the computer generated variety, a really impressive rendering made by Italian up and coming car designer Lorenzo Oujeili. Lorenzo has put some thought into what a possible 86-based drift car could look like. Check out the little details like the Volk Racing TE37 SLs, the reversed Speedhunters windscreen banner, Fatlace and illest stickers and of course the Fujiwara Tofu Ten on the side.

What would your 86/BRZ/FR-S look like?

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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AHHH!!! I love the Fujiwara tofu decal! HACHI-ROKUU


I really like the amazing rendering, but the Fujiwara Tofu Ten sticker...kinda ruined the character of THIS car in my opinion, it's like what a Fujwara wannabe will do (I don't know how to put this in proper word...)


funny mix between american and Japanese influence. ziptied lol


That subaru hoopty will not be succesful. There is ongoing economic weakness, and that is not the kind of thing people will buy. the reason the celica, s14, mr-s, mx-6, prelude, and MANY other small sporty 2-door cars disappeared was because they were not selling! The market cant accomodate them all, especially not now. Recently the solistice and even the s2000 were both discontinued, because they arent selling enough to make it worthwhile to make. Toyota is as corporate as it gets. This disaster will be cancelled within 3 years. Nissans 370 gets by because it shares an engine with many nissan models and even the platform is widely used for other nissans. And its still not thriving. How many do you see every month? Then theres the miata, it has its niche, but it also is not thriving. They were much more common to see 10 years ago than they are now. and you are a tool if you call this subaru piece of junk a hachi. A tool who eagerly devours whatever name a corporation exploits to market to your braindead skull.


Can't wait to see this car hit the tracks. Both grip and drift!


Wow looks exactly like the Aston Martin its not even funy. most cars today are just looking more and more alike such as this, the lfa, the new jag, ect


Anyone notice it has no wing mirrors? LOL


As much as I love the 86 I have to unfortunately agree with pstar.

What would really have carried that AE86 spirit along is a very practical modern hatch like a Yaris with an FR drivetrain and decent suspension in it. Something that husbands can sneak past their wives, or lucky kids and sneak past their parents when they are standing in the Toyota showroom.

The VW Golf, Honda Civic, Peugeot 205, Subaru WRX and Lancer Evolution are all fun/practical cars that don't look like sports cars but still sell/sold well.


Missing the panda livery.


Don't like it.

The car should be white on black. Not yellow.

No rear wing.

No hellaflush shit.

No hellastupid sticker either.

And although, those Volk TE37SL look good, they were not found on the original tofu car.

This rendering has no theme.


Love it !

Moar renderings !!

and real ones too !!! (whenever a tuning copany does one !)


haha... i saw the japanese characters and laughed. should have panda painted it.


wow ive been imaginning what te37;s would look like on this car snce i first saw the production car


Hot stuffs!!!!!


That's a good rendition


stock exterior with a wing and some wheels.... couldnt get more formula d than that... and thats boring i might add


My 86 would be clean and purposeful. Lowered, 18x9 RPF1's carbon difusser, titanium exhaust, subtle body kit, and a sexy style hood for my vmount after I do a Borg-Warner turbo conversion for a little more oomph ;) say 275-315 rwhp to allow for as much straight line fun without over doing the power to allow the mostly stock suspension to still be just as fun.


Looking forward to any real drift spec of this car...


I would like to see a panda version


I'd hit it with passion. That ish looks beastly


So ricey...


I do think that if Bunta would be would be doing this, it'll be simpler than this, and probably take a low-profile look. Not saying it'll be white again, but a more grey-ish or black color would be cool.


It's way off.

A Formula D car wouldn't look that cool.


I love this render!

What would mine look like, you ask???

Sounds like a challenge to me, hehehehehe.


what a revolution from the AE86...

but the stickers still suits AE86 only...LOL


@pstar: cool story bro.


pstar has it figured out. The 80's and 90's are dead. I'm thinking most people who actually buy cheap Japanese sports cars don't have the money or desire. Its all or nothing these days, and the 86 falls in the middle....


that is a horrible rendering. The color and ah! the Initial D reference!


There's always atleast one trend-whore who just has to dislike the wing....looks ace!


wow i saw that car am im like the possabilities of modding it for form and function look perfect!!!


Ok thats it, am now sooo building THIS setup!


- I agree with PSTAR, LAURENCE and ITS NOT AN 86 - I hope this car doesn't come to the US as a Subaru, that would kill the brand, This car is not that hot, still looks like a Tiburon to me, good example with the Celica, it looked cool but now, where is it? Not hating on the TC's but have you look the new TC's rear end? No creativity... I'm gonna have to say: C'MON MAN! -


So this is what I would like to see in real life!!! Nice and tough drift machine.


Why is it covered in those fucking gay Hellaflush, Fatlace and Illest stickers?


New Toyota`s drift Legend ???)))


Apparently it'll be £28,000 sterling in the UK, waaaay too much. I think a lot of other manufacturers will be watching to see if it's worth making sports cars again, hope it works out for them but can't see it at that price. Also it's not as good looking as the concept, as usual.


Nice render, but unfortunately I bet any 86's that compete in FD will be LS powered. Ugh.


Can't wait to see one on TE37's!