Photos Of The Year>> Ross Pt.ii

Mercury Cougar, BHP SHOW, Kent, UK.

When we finished up in part one, we were roughly half way though the season. We now pick up with the amazing Awesomefest.

Remo Nieze, Falken E30, Awesomefest, Mallory Park, UK.

This image is from the Saturday Morning just as the track opened. I was wandering around feeling sorry for myself (more on that later) Remo was the first out on track and did a few spectacular grip laps before seamlessly switching to 'drift mode' coming through The Devil's Elbow section.This was the first image of drifting in anger from Awesomefest.

James Deane, Low Brain PS13, Awesomefest, Mallory Park, UK.

Flat in third, smoke, angle and the 'rocker' from RC Drift supremo Tom Walton in the passenger seat. Lucky shot but one of my favorites from Awesomefest.

Al Clark, Nasty Killer Trike Thing, Awesomefest, Mallory Park, UK.

Awesomefest began with a Friday night internal combustion ban on track, leaving it open for all manner of non-powered vehicles. These 'Drift trikes' were the weapon of choice for the masses. Innocent as they might look, don't be fooled! I took the helm of one for a quick blast down the hill and ended up with a lack of skin to my arms and a couple of broken ribs. Al's face just summed up the whole 'drift trike' experience for me.

Jon Bartholomew, James Simpson, Al Clark, Awesomefest Beard-Off, Mallory Park, UK.

Having freshly broken ribs and two days shooting in front of you is not really an appealing proposition. The Awesomefest 'Beard-Off' had me crying with laughter and pain in equal measure. It hurt to laugh but it was impossible not to as the judging criteria delved deeper and deeper into the truly surreal. This image of Jon Bartholomew getting crowned 'Beard of the year' brings back so many memories, I had to include it in my POTY selection.

Terry Davies, YB MKII Escort, Awesomefest, Mallory Park, UK.

Terry was by far the most spectacular driver of the weekend. In this shot, he cut the 100mph Gerrards corner a bit tight. Did he lift? Of course not. Front wheels on the grass, he kept his foot in and passed by me just inches from the armco.

Mark Luney, SATS Supra, BDC Knockhill, UK.

Knockhill is a spectacular place. I thought this shot of Mark Luney exiting the final turn with his smoke trail highlighting his path illustrated the track perfectly.

Jordan Butters, BDC Knockhill, Scotland, UK.

During the drift season you end up spending a lot of time with the infield dwelling media.

Marc Huxley SR20 Corolla, BDC Knockhill, Scotland, UK.

The new kerbing at Knockhill caught a fair few people out. Marc won the big air competition hands down.

Alan Green, Falken S14.5, BDC Knockhill, Scotland.

Alan had run wide on the enrty to the final turn and picked up a little gravel.

Danni Murphy, BDC Knockhill, Scotland, UK.

The voyeuristic element to photography is something that has always interested me. I've always thought a real life shot looks so much better than a posed one. I grabbed this shot of Danni Murphy having a quick pint in the bar after qualifying.

Brad O'Nians, BDC Knockhill, Scotland, UK.

I was just on my way to race control to sign in for the day when Brad and passenger came through the paddock. I dropped to one knee hoping Brad would see me and avoid as I took the shot.

E Class on Air, Meguiars Summer BBQ, Daventry, UK.

2011 was my first introduction to the 'Stance scene', and it opened my eyes to a whole new vein of car culture that I had previously ignored. Form over function immaculately presented. Fantastic!

Stephen Brooks, Meguiars Summer BBQ, Daventry, UK.

Steve filming a scene for his BBQ film.

Buick Skylark, Meguiars Summer BBQ, Daventry, UK.

I took so many shots of the Skylark as it came into the car park, but this shot of it coming to a stop with the fedora clad silhouette in the background was by far my favorite.

MKII Golf, Meguiars Summer BBQ, Daventry, UK.

A MKII with proper offset and rims is a thing of beauty. Would have been rude not to include one in my shots of 2011.

Meguiars Summer BBQ, Daventry, UK.

It's that voyeuristic thing again. I have no idea what was going on but I love the image.

Team Need For Speed Euro Tour, Garage D, Watford UK.

I met up with Fredric at Garage D as he arrived in the UK. This is him prepping the Supra before heading to Silverstone.

Aasbo Supra, Team Need For Speed UK / Ireland Tour, BDC Round 5 Trax, Silverstone, UK

I was traveling light so all I had was my D200 Nikon and my trusty 70-200 F2.8 lens. With no light and no tripod you have to make do with what you have. Lying flat on the tarmac in the paddock, using a pack of cigarettes as a support under the lens hood and the camera set to self timer to avoid camera shake, I took this shot of the Aasbo Supra.

D-Mac 86, Team Need For Speed UK / Ireland Tour, BDC Round 5 Trax, Silverstone, UK

I was struggling all the way through qualifying but I just couldn't get into the groove and was shooting like I had just picked up a camera for the first time. This shot of Darren McNamara was my turning point of the day, the first shot I was happy with.

D-Mac and Simon Perry, Team Need For Speed UK / Ireland Tour, BDC Round 5 Trax, Silverstone, UK

With a dry track the D-Mac 86 really came into effect. Latching onto Simon Perry's Door from turn one and staying inches away through the whole run. Battle of the day for sure.

Team Need For Speed UK / Ireland Tour, BDC Round 5 Trax, Silverstone, UK

Single low floodlight outlining Edward Sandstrom, Rod and Steffen Moy inspecting the Aasbo Supra before Sunday's competition.

Mark Luney and Phil Morrison, Team Need For Speed UK / Ireland Tour, BDC Round 5 Trax, Silverstone, UK

It was great to see Morrison and Luney going head to head at Silverstone. Brought back memories from the early days of UK drifting.

D-Mac and Fredric Aasbo, Team Need For Speed UK / Ireland Tour, BDC Round 5 Trax, Silverstone, UK

It's amazing how moving position just by twenty feet or so can totally change a shot. The above is exactly the same corner as the Luney/Morrison shot, just ducked down behind the barriers a little further down the track.

Christy Carpenter, Drift Allstars, Birmingham, UK.

The Birmingham city venue is not what you would call the most picturesque location. But that doesn't mean you cant make it look good. What you don't see won't hurt you.

Phil MorrisonDrift Allstars, Birmingham, UK.

I didn't see very much of the Driftworks smoke machine throughout 2011, so I had to include at least one shot of it laying down its trademark trail of Federal smoke.

Walton Smith and Phil Morrison, Drift Allstars, Birmingham, UK.

This was taken during the driver introductions. I just loved the expressions on both of the drivers faces.

Inspired by our own Larry Chen I was itching to have a go at a podium shot taken from behind the podium. The Birmingham circuit has a fifteen foot high sound wall right behind the podium and presented the perfect opportunity to have a go. I didn't check out the position before hand (first mistake) So as I saw the Judges leaving their positions after the final run, I made my move and Spidermaned my way up the wall as the drivers were being assembled for the presentation. Getting to the top of the sound proof fence revealed nothing more than a three inch wide rotting fence top. As the Birmingham track is built on a hill, there was a sixty foot drop over the other side into a council storage depot. I had no choice but to cling on and hope the rotting fence wouldn't give way and take the shot.

Prodrift Final, Mondello Park, Ireland.

Half way though the Saturday the rain came in with vengeance …

Prodrift Final, Mondello Park, Ireland.

… but with it, it brought the most amazing light …

ProDrift Final. Mondello Park Ireland.

… and some of my favorite pictures from the weekend.

Rod, Paddy and Sarah Gallagher, Prodrift Final, Mondello Park, Ireland.

I'm fairly sure this was a serious conversation until I pointed the camera.

Drift Allstars Wembley, London, UK.

I'm not a fan of coloured tyre smoke, but the red smoke added so much to the image.

Christy Carpenter, Drift Allstars Wembley, London, UK.

Smoke, angle and speed. The perfect recipe for a great drift shot.

Alan Sinnott, SR20 Corolla, Drift Allstars Wembley, London, UK.

The final turn at Wembley was long and smooth. Panning heaven.

Bryn Musselwhite, Drift Allstars, Wembley, London, UK.

It takes a special kind of commentator to shout at the heavens and demand that it stops raining. He did and the sun shone.

James Deane, Low Brain Drifters S13, Drift Allstars Wembley, London, UK.

James drove pretty much flawlessly all season and the Wembley event was no exception. Fast and smooth all day he took the event win and the overall championship.

Matt Carter, Falken S14.5, BDC Sunderland, UK.

Matt on his way to taking the BDC 2011 Championship.

Stephen Brooks, BDC Sunderland, UK.

I captured this as Stephen took a quick cigarette break during camera car duties.

Steve Biagioni, Japspeed 1JZ Impreza, BDC Sunderland, UK.

It was great to see the Japspeed 1JZ Subaru finally start to reach the end of its development curve and begin to get some results.

That is pretty much the end of my POTY. I hope you have enjoyed looking back through my favorite images of the year, rest assured there will be plenty more to come throughout 2012.





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Can we have wallpapers for all of them pleaaase? :D


Nice work, both pictures of Carpenter's S15 are particularly good.


Hell ya S&M bikes shirt.


Ross I'Anson, international he-man for hire. Breaking ribs and safety testing rotten fences for the UK drift scene since 2001. Keep it up man!


the picture of the red 86 is sweeet!!!! nice shots ross!


nice picstures but how are this pictures different then any other posts?


terry davies in the escort is one of my favorite pictures of all time.


Red AE-86 wall paper?


The picture of the dude smoking with a helmet on is amazing, haha


Christy Carpenter, Drift Allstars, Birmingham, UK.

That pic is awesome, it look like you were just few inches from the car


Definitely need them in wallpapers, love the wet weather sliding ones!!!