Event>> Essen Motor Show: Street Cars

After our
look at the Tuners and the Race & Drift cars at the Essen Motor Show, let’s turn our attention to the street cars. The show always has a
great mix of cars, from the good, to the bad. There
really is something for everyone!

OZ Razing
had some cool wheels on display including this Leggenda Racing model. It comes in 17″ and you can order it in this matte black finish with
white lettering or with a matte white finish with red lettering.

Besides the
replica Renault 5 Turbo race car we saw earlier,
I also spotted this clean road going version.

It had a friend too.

the Essen Motor Show can feel like a maze. There are so many halls, some of which you need to access through stairwells and hallways. I found this Audi 100 LS in the basement.

dropped using an airride system made by Algrundo, a Polish company that is making
some serious waves inside the VW community.

Here’s a detail on the setup.

This Corrado
has graced the pages of Speedhunters before and I still love it.

Proof that
a Golf MKI can look good with its bumper still attached.

Here’s a retro-styled rendition of a VW bus. Some cool styling elements here.

We’re not sure what style of car this modded Trabant is, but it’s worth a photo.

Here’s an interesting take on how to decorate your Euro-Rat car… Chalk.

And to top it off: a rusted out rat-Lowrider bicycle.

This trend
of positive offset doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. It’s still dividing opinions and
I’d say that’s a good thing. If everybody would love your car it wouldn’t be
any fun right?

Here’s a close up of the engine.

This wasn’t
the cleanest of cars I have seen but it still looked good with its original paintjob.

Some companies
need something extra to sell their products although I have no idea what this
girl was promoting!

Rod and I really loved this new Mattig SSF wheel. You can order it in all types
of finishes and offsets

Mattig also
had this cool Opel with the same wheels but with different offsets.

This is called
the Galleria in which you will find some anomalies. Every year it features a
different theme and houses a selection oddball cars.

The first
car we saw was this outrageous looking 1974 Rolls Royce dragster sporting a 9.6 Liter Chevy V8.

It’s called “The Outlaw” and is based out of the UK.

The Rolls was looking positively sedate compared to this 1981 Rover.

Look at the photo and you’ll see that the engine is looking… well, rather large. It’s actually a 27 liter, twelve cylinder Rolls Royce aircraft engine. How’s that for pure madness?

I just
recently watched all the old Mad Max movies so it was cool to see The
Interceptor in real life.

tires had this supercharged Corvette on display.

One of the
most interesting modifications were these Porsche brakes. I guess the owner needed some
extra stopping power over the standard Corvette brakes.

This model
got a lot of attention from the assembled media and I don’t blame them.

Besides BBS, Schmidt is one of the preferred choice for the VW community. They always have some
cool and simple designs on display.

I’ll end my
coverage with this orange MKI I spotlighted before. This was one of the first
cars I ever saw with positive offset and at the time it was already the subject
of much debate.

I’ll be back soon with more Essen coverage, so stay tuned.

-Jeroen Willemsen

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looks wicked out there.. love those VW MK1's.. nice to see those Renaults looking so well turned out! as for the the first model i think she's promoting 'smouldering'. Thanks!


This the SPEDSHOS ?



Cause RICE got some PIANOS with COMIA.

And everything getting shot like hell.





holy crap i actually had to do a double-take when i was reading the description about the Rover.

CANNOT believe they managed to stuff a 27 litre into it O_O. i thought it said 2.7 litre at first..LOL


Not Top Gear... it was on a Fifth Gear episode... check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1BnhZsS8a0


When I saw the photo of the Rolls Royce Dragster I literally said out loud: "Noooooooo" (with respect, not animosity)


Euro street-culture cars are completely blowing 'U.S.' out of the water


I wonder how much the Rover weighs now! That engine must weigh a tonne - literally!!

It reminded me of Carol Hadfields 55 Chevy Bel Air "Final Objective". A 3000hp Twin-Supercharged V12 Merlin plane engine fitted to a road-registered car! Build in Australia! Built by Castlemaine Rod Shop


feature on the corvette please :)


That rover is awesome.


All the cars are great apart from that chalkboard abomination lol


OMG do you have any more pics of that Corvette?? It looks insane. Those wheels remind me of the original Dymag wheels that were optional on the C4 via Callaway.


not to mention the rover sd1 has a 3 speed gearbox from a lorry/truck


Eh I could do without the skimpy models in the posts. I care about the cars. And since many of them seem not to know anything about the cars they're standing next to save for the tech specs they've been taught to spit out, I find them sort of unnecessary. They only exist for male entertainment, but what about us ladies?


Did anybody else notice the 60's VW Beetle steering wheel on the first MkI Golf?


I don't know what the first model is promoting, but I suspect it's anti-gravity products. ;)


Cheers to Hankook, and I'm not talking about their Corvette. ;)




Ya that rover is positively insane! im pretty sure Richard Hammond tested it in a Top Gear episode.... off to youtube.


Very nice! That rover has a Rolls Royce Merlin engine shoe-horned into it! The same engine used to power to Super-Marine Spitfire during World War 2.


Why would somebody take the brakes off of a ZR1 corvette and then put tiny (compared to the ZR1's brakes) on it? Downgrade much?


Love the 100LS, any chance of a feature?


that Rover is so badass.




I think the Falcon (Mad Max) Interceptor might be a replica. The bonnet is def not original, & I thought the original was destroyed...


Lovin' the positive offset !!!


Amazing cars, amazing coverage!!!!!! I need some spotlights about those Trabants if it's possible.


the rover has a Merlin engine. Rolls Royce made it before the second world war primarily for the Supermarine Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane fighter planes although it was also used on the Avro lancaster which had 4 of the things. it was supercharged and liquid cooled.


The rovers engine is a rover meteor tank engine. Charlie is a contributor to practical performance car magazine


I thought the PPC SD1 had a Meteor (which was based on the Merlin) tank engine? I also believe the Meteor was made for a brief period by Rover making the engine swap kind of 'in house' :)


The last Golf MK1 looks like a 'few friends'. hahaha


Thank you Hankook:)


me gusta el 147 drifteando en la pista y esas llantas wow!!