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For my next Essen Motor Show feature, I'm going to concentrate on showcasing race and drift cars, starting with this Ferrari 458.  We quite like the simplicity of the livery as it allows you to appreciate the lines of the car. Perhaps more race cars should go this route.

Here's more proof, showing that race cars often look better without liveries.

My heart skipped a beat when I came across this DTM BMW E30 M3. It was parked up next to the 2012 DTM M3 that Rod featured earlier, linking BMW's previous DTM campaign to the new. 

This particular model is Roberto Ravaglia's 1989 DTM Championship winner. While researching the car, I found this cool video showing it in action. If you watch the video, you'll get a good view on how hectic and intense the racing was back in the day.

I think I need to visit the BMW museum in München ASAP!

Another classic is this Renault 5 Turbo sitting nestled away in one of the lesser visited, top floors. I think this must be a replica as it looks just so clean.

Walter Röhrl is famous for many things, including winning the 1982 Monte Carlo rally with this Opel Ascona 400. Believe it or not, he actually won the World Rally Championship that year. As far as I know, this was the last time a 2WD car won a WRC Championship.

One of the most recognizable Porsches race cars on the planet is of course the Manthey Racing 911, winner of this year's Nürburgring 24H.

We thought of fellow Speedhunter and Ford fanatic Paddy McGrath when we came across this ex Niedzwiedz-Ludwig Ford Sierra. This example competed in the 1987 World Touring Car Championship, helping the pair to finish a joint second behind Roberto Ravaglia in his BMW M3.

See anything familiar?

Here we have an AMG built, Mercedes Benz 450 SLC Touring Car displayed by Mechatronik

In January of this year Mechatronik tore down the car for a full restoration. Oddly, this ETCC machine runs a three speed automatic transmission and not a five speed. Apparently the five speed wasn't homologated at the time to compete in 1978 European Touring Car Championship.

And now a Mercedes from a entirely different era: this is the MGP W02 as driven by a certain Michael Schumacher.

It's always cool to get real close to these ‘cars' instead of seeing them fly by on your TV screen!

This little NSU was tucked away in a booth promoting Bosch products.

This Open drift car certainly caught our interest. Judging by its window visor, It runs in a series called "Drift Gymkhana" which we haven't heard of previously. Can anyone shine a light on that?

Here's car you don't normally see built up for drifting: a Z32. It even has Speedhunters and Keep Drifting Fun stickers on the front bumpers. I would imagine that fellow Speedhunter, Alok Paleri had something to do with handing those out.

One of the halls was done up as a live action arena featuring a tight layout suitable for low speed drifting and demonstration runs.

As we were shooting on Essen's press only day, the live action arena was still relatively quiet. I'm sure come the opening of the show to the public, it would have been heaving with activity.

I remember seeing this Opel Commodore estate drifting at the Nurburgring 24H demo event this past summer. It's powered by a M5 V8 engine giving the car more than enough power to light up those rear tires.

Rod had a special interest in this Volkswagen Corrado and walked right past several drift cars to shoot it. It's used in the Hillclimb series in Germany.

According to the spec sheet, it's powered by a four cylinder 1.3 liter engine that revs to 10,500rpm. The VW has been completely gutted and tips the scale at a lightweight 724kg.

One thing that Rod found interesting about visiting Essen was all the unusual drift chassis on offer. S-Chassis are not nearly as common as in other parts of the world, which gives rise to some interesting combinations.

Some Dutch drifters also made the trip to Essen, including Lars Verbreaken and his 1JZ powered E30.

This is the Audi TT RS that competed in the 2011 24hrs Nürburgring race. Paddy caught a beautiful shot of its sister car when it blew a tire.

We liked this detail on the car's front louvres.

Hankook showcased some of the ‘older' DTM racecars. Did you read Rod's piece on the new 2012 DTM cars?

These outgoing DTM cars featured some crazy aero enhancements. While they are cool to look at, the cars are a bit too fragile and aero sensitive for their own good. I'm curious to see if the new rules result in very different styles of racing.

The exhaust on this Audi A4 was enormous, I could almost fit both my arms in there!

I can see a little Rauh Welt influence here or is the other way around? (just kidding)

I'll end this report with a shot of a 1/18 scale Sumo Power R35 GT-R. This version has been made by Auto-Art and it even features a small Speedhunters sticker right next to the side exit exhaust.

In my next part, I'll have a look at some of the street and privately owned cars. 

-Jeroen Willemsen

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The spin at 0:52 at the video reminds me of something I read about the E30. It went along the lines of the E30 and the 190e being quite evenly matched, except that you needed bigger balls and more skill to squeeze it out of the e30.


Does anyone have any idea who the manufacturer of the wheels on the NSU would happen to be? I'm absolutely in love with those...


if i'm not mistaking the weels might be HTN...and yes they are awesome


Great cover story, but don't forget the Lancia 037 (also campaigned by Rohrl) that won Lancia the manufacturer's championship in 1983 (last 2WD car to beat Quattro)


Spotlight on the hill climb Corrado, pleeeaaase. It's amazing, and sounds epic.



That´s the Drift Gymkhana series.


Hahahaha, that sticker says "FAG"


I need car spotlights about next cars -> Niedzwiedz-Ludwig Ford Sierra, Volkswagen Corrado Hill Climb Car, Mercedes Benz 450 SLC Touring Car, Renault 5 Turbo PLEASE!!! Thank you very much this awesome coverage! ;)


It's all well and good to talk about race cars looking better in plain liveries but they don't really have a choice! Without sponsors paying from them there would be no race cars in the first place!


unfortunately, with all due respect, its the other way around.


in which hall was the 1:18 sumopower GTR?


Only one adjustement. The last 2WD car to win a World Rally Championship is was the Lancia 037 in 1983 when it beat the Quattros for the constructors' title. Rohrl also came close to winning the drivers' title with that car but he was beaten by Hanu Mikkola.


The thing about the "poking" face wheel that caused such a stir is that yes, race cars have done it, but it HAS A PURPOSE. The VW that was featured and caused the commotion had no fucking purpose but to get attention, which real car people find offensive.


@Eric Amderson

Spiss Motorsport was the manufacturer of the wheels on the NSU. http://www.spiess-motorenbau.de


That pic of the positive offset.....i know you are trying to make a point but.....That isn't as reversed as the show cars where the mesh is outside the rim. Thats fugly. This is still negatve offset with the mesh poking, not so bad. See the difference?


"As far as I know, this was the last time a 2WD car won a WRC Championship." - AFAIR the Lancia 037 was the last 2WD car to win the WRC.


the aero on that DTM audi is insane!!!!


The last two-wheel-drive rally car, and indeed the only two-wheel-drive car to conquer the audi quattro, was the Lancia 037.

It's not a coincidence that not many people remember this car.


the lancia 037 was the last RWD car to win the WRC title




I remember seeing this Opel Commodore estate drifting at the Nurburgring 24H demo event this past summer.

This was the only car that impressed me at that event. The motor and the noise it produce was special and defening.


After our look at the Tuners and the Race & Drift cars at the Essen Motor Show, let's turn our


plz post more pictures of that e34 drifting


Nice! Good thing you guys took a lot of pictures of that E30 M3! Keep up the good work! :)


why does falken sponsor the Manthey Racing 911?


Gymkhana Drift Cup is a underground drift league in Germany. But less typical D1GP or FormulaD Style, more like Ken Blocks Videos or his Grid. Its precission drifting on closest space.

The z32 by Michael Scheer is a professional drift car in IDS (International Drift Series) and he has prove the "Tokyo Drift"-Myth (see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzNbdRrfbe0 )

If you need pictures from the BMW Museum or other Renault R5 Turbos, hit on me.