What up Speedhunters! Just before SEMA, the Hot Rod Magazine team came out to shoot the Mustang RTR-X and I had to break editor Mike Finnegan into drifting properly. Mike is damn cool, obviously a car nut, and he also races insane jet boats. Like many, he was one of those guys that has seen drifting and likes watching it, but didn’t really “get it”. It was my job to represent and let him see why we love the sport so much. Back to back 100mph+ entries in the Team Need for Speed RTR-X and my Monster Energy Falken Tire Ford Mustang was just what he needed to fall in love, mission accomplished! Check out this video the Hot Rod team made and see how much fun we had out at El Toro!

– Vaughn Gittin Jr.



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not a fan of ford what so ever, but i can never get enough of the rtr-x drifting. way too rad. vaughn should compete in it ;)


Vaughn, You're the Man.