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Subaru has released a couple images of the production-spec BRZ just ahead of the car's debut at this week's Tokyo Motor Show. This should hold us over while we wait for Dino's coverage from the show floor.

Overall the car looks very similar to the 86, with a few changes to the front fascia separating it from the Toyota model.

Curious to know your thoughts on the 86 vs BRZ choice now that you've seen this. Does this work for you? Will you wait for the STI version?

-Mike Garrett

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Toyota made a huge mistake trying to work with Subaru on the FT-86 concept. The 86 has Subaru's branding all over the place. May as well just buy the Subaru BRZ to keep it consistent.


BRZ STI - it'll be like a modded 86, but still under warranty.

Leave it up to Toyota to make a good looking Suby... too funny!


I think that this vehicle will do great as a Toyota.. and that Subaru should stay within their branding and vehicle segments to keep their customer loyality and retention. I think that this might be a little risky for Subaru. Stick with what your customers choose you for. On the upside.. I hope that this will push Nissan to build a new S-chassis vehicle to compete with the FT-86 much like in the 80's and 90's


Please, Subaru... for the love of all that is good... turbo this thing like the STI was born to be...


Wait for the STI version of BRZ because this one looks so plain.


I was definitely surprised to see just how similar they are, even down to the wheels, but I prefer this front bumper design to the least in the photos anyway.


Ah they got rid of that silly spoiler. Very nice.


awesome! thanks mike


i know that is the same car as the 86 but i though it would look a little bit different atleast....... im sure some of the tuners would take car of that though!!!


Well if toyota actually sells it as a TOYOTA then yes thats the way I would buy it. Problem is they said in the states it will be sold as a scion. Sorry, but scion to me is Toyota's drawn out suicide letter. So if thats the case, then subaru or buy it in Japan where it will not be a scion.


I'd like it more if it was as aggressive looking as the concept. Seems like they took out a lot of the aggressive lines that I loved in it. I guess the sister 86 is the more aggressive angry girl, and the BRZ the more happy go lucky?


The concept was beautiful but to be completely honest, the FT and the BRZ look like crap. I'm so sad. These could have been great.


Whats the difference! 86 had somewhere written SUBARU somewhere near engine!


Maybe this collaboration with Toyota is an attempt by Subaru to diversify their appeal to new segments as part of a new global growth strategy develop by senior management. Will it work ? Only time will tell. Persoally i think both of these model looks great and hope it will do well.


Dont they just look far too similar? Don't you choose a particular car to differentiate yourself from other buyers or consolidate yourself with a group or brand. I find the whole process very interesting and Im sure many marketing and brand managers will be keenly interested in how it pans out for both companies. Sure many buyers will see both cars as blank canvases to work their magic on but most cars will be kept very close to stock at least in the first 5 years after sale, during the time the cars are for sale. So we will end up with a bunch of clones driving around with little to tell them apart other than colour and maybe a small wing or front diffuser.

We have to pay extra for individuality? We have to modify to show who we are? And we dont even get proper names for our cars?

Its like going home one night with twin blonds, its great fun for the first night but you choose one to marry which is still ok, then you bump into the other one, who is now your sister in law, at family functions and, well its just awkward for everybody.

You can keep them both, Ill have a ginger!


Same "made in china" wheels plus peugeot 307 bumper ... great car! :/


Why do they need those HUGE wheel arches? u need 19-21" rims just to fill them up :I


I can see a lot of tuners dropping in version 10 sti engines.... In my opinion, I think its a great idea!


lol im so confused? why did they make a brz and a ft86?? their the same exact car ?


Looks good. Again the Toyota/Scion will be for a younger crowd while the Subaru seems to be aimed at a older and more mature crowd if you will. Should be interesting when these both hit the sales floors.


I don't see them competing with each other. The Subaru and Toyota versions will spawn a cross-brand kinship similar to the group that surrounds DSMs. There are Plymouths, Eagles and Mitsubishi - but in the end they're all more or less the same car, and it has a greater market appeal for that reason.

I love the tails on the Subaru way more than I like the Toyota ones though. Same with the headlights. I wonder if they can be interchanged?


you should see the super gt version! im still conflicted on which one i like better...


The only difference is the front bumper and side vents, I hoped they would at least have different tails and diffuser too, they even have the same wheels, come on.


definitely the Toyota :3 <3


brz looks more mellow. brz ftw!


Awh yeah! that thing is smokin!

I would drive one, should be fast to, we all know thats what really counts ;D


LOL. It's the same... Why Toyota and Subaru make the same car? Ridiculous... But the car is beautiful :)


Weird, the the production versions actually look too similar to me. I liked how the concepts looked pretty different. At least with the Trueno/Levin you could differentiate them easily by the pop-up/fixed headlights.


Some things work better in the Subaru version (like the fender vents) and some worse (like the grille). It seems that the FT86 design came first and the BRZ tries it's best to rebrand an already beautiful design.


I dunno. I'm waiting for an STI spec version or at least engine specs. If everything but bodywork is the same as the toyota version then I'd get the toyota. This is too blah.


Any idea if it will be a tweaked motor to accompany a possible AWD version?


Sorry but the old school look of the STi 1999 2 door coupe is hard to beat, this new look so much reminds me of the RX8 with a few flashie bits.....bring back the old Rally beater look, thats what the STi was designed for


hmm, really wish there was more visual differences - take the solstice/sky siblings for example. I suspect a refresh in a year or so to do that.


So this version is almost identical to the Toyota... awkward...


i'll wait for the STI before i decide. Hopefully they decide to turbo it


subaru should just use a 4wd version of this for their next wrc entry and do a wrx of it for us


guys...look past at how bland the manufacturing offerings are. this was done on purpose so that tuners could have their way with such an awesome base product. dream big on em guys! this is what we wanted, they finally listened and built it.

surely am saving my hard earned for the 86 when it goes on sale.


Very nice. It makes me very curious as to what's under the hood though...


I can't believe how similar they are in design. Even the wheels are going to be the same... really!!?? Surely that could have been an easy way to do 'something'. Maybe change the design in the tail lights a bit... clip on a reshaped diffuser section...? They are way to similar (and both a little underwhelming in the photos).

Be interesting to see what the two interiors are like side by side... although they'll probably be exactly the same too with a different badge in the centre of the steering wheel.


they shud have changed the fenders too this is way too similar otherwise


I have to say the BRZ and GT86 probably look waaaaay too familiar. Side by side, it's very difficult to find variations (considering other collab cars such as the Aston Cygnet and Toyota iQ).

However, these are the two cars that will save the japanese affordable sports car, so it's easily ignorable.

As long as either models have those wheels, they'll be ugly to the max... god those are aweful


Whats going to be weird is TRD part can go onto a BRZ and STI parts onto the 86 interchangeably. Company's that normally tune Subaru's can tune the Toyota too, and vise versa. Aftermarket support will be crazy! Imagine Subaru/Toyota car meets? New class of racing? This was the smartest collaboration EVER.


Its a bit bland looking if Im honest, but I susupect in 6 months a WRX version will be out with the trademark air scoops and outreagous boby kit :)


looks plain... i`d choose TRD


race prepped interior, huge fenders, and a 20v...


Must. Buy. Now.


The SuperGT version looks great


I can already picture the BRZ STI on my driveway


The BRZ doesn't do anything for me. Although the STI version is sexy. If the STI version stays true to the concept then I'll take that, if not then the Toyota will be #1


@Frallam, if you have seen a 2000GT, then you will see where the styling comes from. Subaru had next to no input on the actuall look of the car, even the BRZ screams Toyota sport car details


Exact same UGLY ass car.

STI this thing then I'll have a different judgement.


anyone else notice that the BRZ concept linked in the article looks WAYYYY lower than this production version pictured? interesting.


Needs an STi spoiler in the back


A lot of people are missing the point of this partnership. Without both parties this car would not exist. Subaru needed to expand beyond its 4wd 4 door sedan image and Toyota needed a way back into the entry level sportts coupe market i.e. past celicas, ae86 corollas, even the supra. As far as the looks I admit being dissappointed at first but upon further study, the concept BRZ and FT 86 are just base models fitted with large weels and wider bodies something the aftermarket can recreate. For factory proof the Super GT BRZ pics have been released already. I can wait for the Tokyo auto show and after when we should see 500 hp AWD BRZ s and 2jz swapped FT 86. The future doesn't look so bad. Now all we need is a new RX 7, N\A 3 rotor I hope.


Toybaru BRZft86 STI - TRD version?????


looks like a 370z


that's one huge disappointment! besides the front bumper, both car look exactly the same, even the interieur. both cars have these shitty looking taillights, why couldn't they adopt the taillights of the STi concept? This would have made a positive difference in the appearance of the two cars.

which one would i choose? easy question: it's the same car so i will pick up the one i get cheaper!


Looks same thab toyota > both exact lookalikes from hyundai coupe. Cant you do anything personal thse days?


subie should have kept its awd, but this looks a lot better than the 86, they got rid of the celica looking grill


Just like the FT, this car looks like it was built from the ground up to be a Scion. Don't kid yourself by saying this actually carries 2000gt styling cues. That's about as useful as mentioning that the Hyundai Tiburon shared. You can throw all the sti emblems you want on it, but it will still look like ass.


Morbias.. Get some glasses...

I take the suby over the toy


maybe 86 and the brz are aiming in different race (like one for gt and the other rally) in that case, ths pair will present different "personality". just my 2cents


Haha so many commentors here just dont even understand the basics of the car being built as a collaboration and that we need to be thankful there is even any new RWD sportscar on the market for us to buy! I'd go for the Scion/Toyota because it might be less $$$ out the door leaving me with more $$ to modifiy it for HPDE use.


This really better inspire Nissan to get the S-Chassis a shot.


ok so toyota owns a good chunk of subaru... still, like others are asking..

whats the point of releasing the same car under two different brands?..

reminds me of the old mitsubishi 3000gt / dodge stealth models


still looks like it has a retainer


To be fair, id have to sway toward TOYOTA on this descision, mostly because of its homage to the real 86. the BRZ does look very sexy though and the STI version might be a winner. tough descision... got till march to make it i guess???? so excited to drive this thing


If you think you can just swap a different engine in there, you're mistaken. I'm predicting a dud until they pop up on the used car market for less than $12k.


I like the Toyota version better, but if the STi got a turbo I'd get over it.


Like I said on the FT86 article, I'll take the BRZ over the 86 any day. Plus, the front is a lot better looking!

These comments saying this joint venture was a bad idea, those let me down... This was a great idea. Now we have two awesome cars that share parts among eachother. That's a big plus for me. And I like the idea of the Boxer engine. Have this from an AE86 and Celica fan, this car IS promising!

Too bad the Toyota version looks awful from the front!