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As we begin to wind down our main SEMA event coverage, I wanted to go through and do one more post with some extra photos and observations for my three days of walking the show.

Even though this was my fourth year at SEMA, I still haven't gotten used to its strange mishmash of vehicles. It's the place where you'll see a very traditional custom Mercury one moment…

…and a slammed SUV with ridiculously large wheels the next moment.

I was quite impressed with the ID Agency's take on the new Focus in the Ford booth.

Recaro seats set off the interior nicely.

While 19" HRE C90s help give the car a mean stance. Nice job guys!

Creations 'n Chrome brought out this supercharged 2012 Mustang GT. Not sure if everyone will dig the chrome red finish, but the car certainly sits good.

Nothing sums up the extravagance of SEMA quite like the Spectre Performance "Double Dually"…

…and its wild twin-turbo Caddy motor.

Mixed in with the new cars in Mazda's booth was their fully restored '67 Cosmo Sport. I wonder how many people knew what this was?

Just in time for our collectables theme, a cool SEMA edition transporter in the M2 booth.

RK Sport's modified version of the new Dodge Charger. I was actually expecting to see more of these cars at the show.

For a moment I thought this was a fixed up Pontiac G8 in the Mantic Clutch booth, but as our Australian readers will know, it's in fact a Holden Commodore.

The little kid inside of me really liked this Matchbox-themed truck in the Ford booth.

The same goes for this Monster Truck. C'mon, how can you NOT like Monster Trucks?

This third generation Camaro track car was sitting outside. Factory Z06 Corvette wheels are a nice fit.

It's one of those '80s and '90s era cars that rarely pops up at SEMA. 

Steve McQueen's Highland Green Mustang might have been the star of Bullitt, but let's not forget about the '68 Charger that the bad guys drove.

This Kowalski Edition Challenger is a modern tribute to the '70 Challenger from Vanishing Point.

Here's another view of the Star Wars Passat.

All of the artwork was hand drawn with Sharpie markers at this year's Comic Con before the car was sold as part of a charity auction.

I'll finish up this bagged Mustang GT convertible. Just makes you want to go cruising, doesn't it?

Now to get working on some Car Spotlights!

-Mike Garrett

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Is that a GTE-spec C6.R in front of the grey Charger?


can we have a desktop of Lord Vader and the SW Passat please?


while I'll never ever be able to understand monster trucks, there's something just so sublimely ridiculous about a 2000hp+ dragster motor being launched 15ft into the air that makes me giggle and love it so much.

that said, almost everything in this post is fairly spew worthy


That Cosmo L10B was absolutely beautiful!


good to see some aussie muscle in the sema show


awesome mustang gt convertible i love it :X:X:X:X


Why is that australian muscle wears 2 calipers for the front brake? they dont have much money to buy a bigger one or what?


more pics of the dually! what an over the top peice of machinery!


Everyone knows it's the Cosmos. The license plate states it.


Thanxx to all the Gran Turismo games, i knew what that Mazda Cosmo was... :)


So what makes the Kowalski Edition challenger so special? Looks like a plain jane SRT to me....


what's that thing on the front of the matchbox truck? camera? snorkel?


More ID Agency's Focus!!!


Thx for the full view of the Star Wars Passat! That slammed SUV reminds me of Hot Wheels' Blings. "Double Dually" looks awesome as well as the Monster Truck. Creations 'n Chrome Mustang VS Hot Wheels Camaro? Overall awesomeness!


That's not just any monster truck. That's freakin Bigfoot.




these are the coolest cars i have ever seen in my life.


That "Dpuble-Dually" Is an awesome truck, but would prefer a Duramax or Cummins twin-turbo diesel under the hood. Jusayin.


sharpie passat for the WIN


I'm not into domestics at all, but that Focus is tastefully done. Reminds me of my A3 except I'm stock as wall street. Those Recaro Sportsters and HRE's and I'd be a happy camper.


I'm sorry, but that 5.0 was a terrible way to end the post. I hate airbags on nearly any car, especially sports cars! I will never understand why people would choose to desicrate and mutilate a car like that. Escalades, C-class Mercs and similar cars, not so bad, but 2012 Mustang 5.0? That's a car that's meant to meant to be driven; powered down straights, thrown around corners, not cruising around on the ground like a neudered bloodhound.

I would take the motor out of it and blow the rest of it up to put the poor pony out of its misery.


@Alif; Think before you post, ask or google your question.


double dually needs more pics, I cant make out the body clearly from teh far away pics you have up there. Love the green focus!


Bullitt Charger is sweet, but should be missing at least one hubcap...


Those Mustangs were awesome, I really liked the chrome paint. Why don't we see more of that? That slammed SUV was just retarded though.


where are all the minitrucks??? there was a great bunch o'them at the show.

@Aaron, if we all built cars for you it would be such a lame scene.


If you played Sega GT 2002, you know the Cosmo Sport. Haven't seen it in any other games yet that i know. It's uber rare !


more photos of the Double Dually that truck looked sick. Possibly a spotlight on it in the near future?


FYI if you didnt know the Kowalski edition has build codes no other challenger has .They are special to the car also I believe thats the number one car built of 10 and its outfitted with a vortech Supercharger..Seems pretty special to me .The dash plaque 1-10 says it all.

Lucky owner forsure.