Event>>sema 2011 – Classics & Muscle Machines

If you are a fan of heavily modified Muscle Cars and other classics, the SEMA Show can be simply overwhelming.

This year we've seen some truly incredible builds on the show floor. Here are some of them.

There's no rule that says a car must be complete to be shown at SEMA. This '72 Camaro project by Pure Vision looks to be coming along nicely.

Power will come from this twin turbocharged 427 small block. What a mean looking motor!

Outside in the Optima Ultimate Street Car area we found this very functional 240Z.

It's not too often you see an S30 with a five-lug conversion and Enkei NT03s.

It also has single turbo 2JZ swap for good measure.

Each year it seems the pro-touring builds get more and more extreme. Check out this big-body fastback Mustang.

But that's not to say there isn't a place for factory correct restos, like this Chevelle convertible.

Unlike a lot of the pickups on display at SEMA, this Chevy is smooth and simple.

We should have counted how many first generation Camaros were at the show. There were certainly a lot of them.

It's not hard to explain the popularity though. Classic looks and immense aftermarket support for starters.

Fesler Built was showing this matte white '69 with a massive wheel and tire setup.

The second gen Camaro was also popular. The 72 example packed over 500hp and was built out as a Cancer Tribute car with Pink Accents. This car has been owned by the same family since 1977!

The Ring Brothers always produce high end one off vehicles and this 1970 Camaro 'Diversion', styled by Sean Smith Designs, is one of their best. A perfect balance of classic and modern.

Winged Mopar monster. Another member of the Ultimate Street Car gang.

Needs more dirt roads and jumps.

It might have the looks of a small Muscle Car, but this Mazda RX-4 doesn't come from Detroit.

The 2JZ swap does give it a little Muscle Car character though.

An extreme, road racer's take on the original Muscle Car – the '64 Pontiac GTO.

Some of the wheel and tire combos being fit on these cars are insane. Check the back rollers on this Challenger convertible.

or, maybe you would prefer your Challenger restored back to stock. Every option is on show at SEMA.

This Duster is a fine example of Mopar's lighter and cheaper Muscle Car.

Most of the serious Pro-Touring Mustangs you see are built out of the fastback style. Here's a pretty buff rag top version.

Finally, we have a very radical '59 Corvette…

…with a modernized cockpit…

…and the supercharged heart of the ZR1.

Pretty crazy stuff eh? Back soon with more SEMA coverage.

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I believe the Old 'Vette is actually a reskinned C6.

Awesome photo's and given me plenty of idea's to try to work into my own car..


LOVE those 2nd gen camaros! thanks for posting


Wow...that's gotta be the sickest Vette I've seen in my life...dopest classic/modern build by far


They completely ruined that 59 vette!!!! What a waste!


hey it inspired me to do something with this amt model vette I have sitting on the back burner. I like it plus im a scale modeler ive had this kit for 6 years and done a lot modifiying but lost vision si its been sitting waitng for me to get inspired and ibelieve this vette will be my muse. some folks don't like customs I like both stock and custom but hey you like what you like


the matte super bird/daytona.....WOW....WIN!!!

the 59 vette.....looks better o.g.


Y U NOT wankel :(


Lovin the back of that fastback so clean


I'm actually liking the restos better than anything else here. Not sure if I will ever get on board with the low profile tires on the older cars, just doesn't quite jibe to me. SEMA is beginning to look like HIN, with muscle and old guys.


2JZ swap is a little muscle character? Old V8 is muscle.


STOP puttin big ugly wheels on classics!!!!!! But still,u guys did a great job takin these photos...Is that Duster having same wheels as Troys Buick?


Lovin the Chevy truck. perfect color, wheels and stance. More info please?


love the GTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


o they really dont do it like they used to...=(


that 59 vet is insane


That Vette is clean no doubt, but it looks like something from a Hot Wheels package.


That Vette is awsome! Please do a feature on that with some wallpapers!


I like the GTO but the Vette is awefully fedup american


thats a nelson engine in that 72 Camaro!


the ipad in the dash of that vette is interesting...


Super impressed by the goat


Yeah that "59 vette" looks like it came out of a happy meal. It looks cheaper and more plastic than a saturn. And yeah these pro-touring idiots have TERRIBLE taste in wheels. Most of these cars' wheels looks like crap. Like they just dropped off their car with xzibit. Yo dawg we heard you like huge heavy cheapass fugly no-name brand wheels....


weird thinking the RTR mustang was a part of this thread last year. The car still seems so new to me.


nice photos. thanks


The blue chevy pickup is perfect.


Heavy mods on classics and muscles are sort of sticky subject in my opinion, it seems to be extremely hit or miss for each individual build. The ones featured here are pretty well done, but most I see I'm not a fan of. For me, I think classics and muscles should be rebuilt in respect to what they were like back in the day.

In that sense I guess that makes me a bit of purist haha.


Eeeeerrrrrmmmmm....how does a "japanese" piston motor in a "japanese" car make it more of a Muscle car......all it makes it is an abortion, rotor or GTFO!!!!


dont know about you but ill drive it proudly I believe muscle just isnt regulated to America japans fours and sixes were and are hella stout and most of their cars do pay homage to American cars a gt celica was basically their version of a mustang the Nissan laurels back end was mopar influenced and when they tune these cars they get up off of it so don't knock em ..but hey to each their own I like all cars foreign or domestic stock or custom . in my opinion that mazda is muscle even if it aint a V8 it just drinks sake instead of whiskey or moonshine