Event>>buttonwillow Super Lap 2011 Pt.2

Let’s go ahead now and take a second look at Wednesday’s action from the Super Lap Battle event at Buttonwillow. As I said in the first post, there’s nothing quite like a Time Attack event to cleanse oneself after a week at SEMA.

Here we see the UMS Tuning Evo getting a little work done prior to its afternoon track session.

The Berk Technology 135i looks quite different from the last time I saw it. Under the control of Carl Rydquist, the little BMW finished atop the Limited RWD class with a 1:53.221.

The dramatic wide-body Eclipse was out at Buttonwillow again, but unfortunately it was sidelined due to some technical issues. Still one of the most unique cars at the track.

While there may not be as many big budget teams competing these days, it seems there’s been an influx of grassroots Honda circuit machines in the Time Attack world.

A lot of people like hate on Hondas for one reason or another, but these guys live and breathe for tracking their cars. Much respect.

The DC2 Integra is just about perfect if you ask me. Gotta make that Type R nameplate ring true.

Then again, some of the Honda track heads prefer their VTEC power to go through the rear wheels.

Snail Performance brought out this Impreza hatchback, which finished third overall in the Limited AWD group.

The DC Sports STI uses its four wheels of grip to exit the Off Ramp corner.

Tim Kuo heads out for some laps in the Sportcar Motion Integra. In case you aren’t familiar with Sportcar Motion, make sure to check out our past features on them.

Cool little Fit that was parked alongside the garages.

The Kontrabrands Street Class Evo. Tasty.

More Civic love. The functional track look will never go out of style.

Tarzan works his magic behind the wheel of the Platteforme Ag M3. Always fun to watch the man do his thing.

One more look at the beastly Evasive Evo.

Platteforme Ag was also running this Z4 M Coupe in the event.

The rubber, wheels, and brakes of the Gates 311 Evo.

Ryan Gates also had his newest project out there, the 311 RS.

That will wrap it up for now. Back soon with a few high res wallpapers for you guys!

-Mike Garrett

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no coverage of the momofoolio Racing S2000 that placed 2nd in street rwd/ 12th overall?


Hell Yeah! Fast cars here, Spotlight on the Spec Clutch S14 please : )


The silver S2k belongs to Tim Kuo?.


Yes! Spec s14 spotlight, please!


That's it? We want more!


Sweet coverage mate, it's always great to see the time attack guys going at it. And as always much love for the Honda's getting out there and showing everyone how time attack is done right (on the cheap).


the silver Civic hatch, is that Modified Mag's project car?


I actually dig that Fit.

That S2k was dope too. Im a fan of hardtop S2ks and Miatas


That was nice. I didn't realize that many Honda/Acura owners in America actually take their cars to the track. The majority of us just see the extremely riced out versions of them on the streets, especially the ones that live in the Los Angeles area.


That's it? We want more!


this evasive evo looks really scary!


" lot of people like hate on Hondas" - is this English?


Why is this "functional" word being thrown around on SpeedHunters so often? Is it because we have to make a contrast between that hella-flush crap and cars that can actually go fast?

Please, just refer to them as track cars or something like that.


the time attack Eclipse had transmission problems at SLB and GTA. kinda sucks that we couldnt make it to both races. although the engine runs really good as well as everything else, besides the drivetrain. definitely going to be back next year!


Go Go Toan and Platteform AG!!!


@ Question>>> Yes because now that Hondas have finally admitted they arent the best maching for drag racing, the "flush" and "functional" houses need something to fight over to feel cooler than the others.

...Only reason people hated on Hondas was because not long ago they were mostly draggin their cars and falsely bragging supremacy...which was truly asinine, not tracking them like our Japanese counterparts.


Thanks for the great shots of the FXMD NSX and Eclipse. We appreciate you guys, thank you! Eclipse MUST be back in action soon... just sorting things out on the path to reliability.


Nice coverage! Spotlight on that BEASTLY looking Eclipse please!! I'm not a fan of them either, but that thing looks so sinister from behind!