Car Spotlight>> Tonto’s Ek9 Civic Type R

I love the EK9 Civic Type R. It’s one of my absolute and all-time favourite hatchbacks. There was a time here in Ireland not so long ago when the country was filled with the sound of B16B. Unfortunately, with the recession and rising insurance premiums, the first generation Civic Type R appears to be slowly vanishing from our roads.

Imagine my delight when arriving at a drift practice day earlier this year to find Neil Thompson and his CTR in attendance as a spectator. Here’s a quick breakdown of the spec of this facelifted 2000 EK9 CTR in Championship White.

The B16 motor sits in a wire tucked and semi flushed engine bay with a Mugen exhaust manifold and twin loop exhaust from the decat back and an AEM V2 intake. The car has also had its air conditioning unit removed to save weight.

Inside the original driver’s Recaro has been replaced with a Bride Zeta II sitting on Bride low rails. The rear seats have been removed with the battery relocated to the boot. On the dashboard you’ll find an Apex’i RSM.

The exterior has been kept relatively simple with a Mugen carbon fibre lip, Spoon mirrors and a Bomex rear spoiler.

Sat on D2 coilovers, the wheels measure 15×7 ET20 front and ET17 rear wrapped in Hankook 175/50/15 rubber.

I love the subtle and simple execution on this car which retains the pieces that make the Civic Type R special.

Oh, its got a Speedhunters sticker too which is good for 15BHP I hear …

Paddy McGrath

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Speedhunters sticker = 15 hp? Ill take a thousand please.


"It's one of my absolute and all-time favourite hatchbacks"

Mine too, I hope to own one of these some day! I would leave it as stock as possible, but I would drive it everytime I had the chance.


Nice car... This is the kind of Stance that I like


Clean and Simple [looking], the way most tastefully modded Civics should be. Is there a law in Ireland against swapping in motors? It would have been easy to swap in a B18C or even a Kswap but this one is still quite nice


Nice clean CTR. Love it


Awesome CTR, lovin the bay, wheels and that Bomex spoiler.


Excellent chassis but poor execution. SpeedHunters needs better eye for Honda, SMH....


. ..Absolutly Gorgeous. Now that's how an egg should look.


Would kill for a DD like this.

you need a disclaimer on the sticker spec. (HP gain are seat of the pants only and are one per car.)


175? i think my mountain bike tire is wider than that.


I love EK9s but this is shit, its trying to be both a hellastance scene kid car and a track car?

Do one or the other and been that its a Type-R not the first option ;)


Are they Lenzo's!?


Very nice... I don't have any long comments...


tonto = dumb in spanish


Nice looking car but an EK9 was meant to be road-raced. With D2 Coilovers, 175 wide tires, and tight laced mesh wheels (poor brake cooling) this thing was obviously aimed more at form (hard parking) than function (track days). Look at the SportCar Motion/Morgan Jade's EK9 that graced the cover of the last Super Street that was entered in the FF Battle (and won), and that is how an EK9 is supposed to be used. Again, I have to give props for a nice looking car but this style of tuning should have been set aside for a Civic DX hatchback, not a Type-R.


Very clean, not so sure about the interior though. Looks very fussy to me I especially don't like the gear stick, might sound weird to call it fussy as there's not that much going on, can't explain it. If I had one I'd keep the interior as stock/stock looking as possible. just got a thing about Jap interiors, I love look of them completely standard.


long time now paddy since you first shot my ek9... nearly six years i think haha


take awat the spoiler, the stickers, the front emblem, paint the car black and its basically my car already.