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Five Axis has made quite a name for themselves customizing Toyota, Lexus, and Scion vehicles, and at SEMA the team debuted their latest project. This is the Five Axis take on the brand new 2013 Lexus GS F Sport.

The Five Axis crew worked their magic on the new GS with a very aggressive, yet OEM-inspired look.

Here’s a view of the widened front end. It also helps that the car has been dropped with an Air Runner TC-5 kit.

Not surprsingly, Five Axis outfitted the car with a set of their AD S5:F wheels, 20×9.5 front and 20×10.5 rear. The Stop Tech brakes can also be seen here.

In the rear shot you can see the one-off exhaust system that was fabbed up for this build.

Everything is set off by a Glacier White paint job with Slate Gray accents. The body looked fantastic under the lighting in the Lexus booth.

Now imagine for a moment, this car with the V10 from the LFA…

Build it, Lexus!

-Mike Garrett

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Not diggin the front bumper


this car is sweet, the front end is fresh and different from the competitionm, thus setting itself apart like Lexus always does. yall just wait until the VIP movement gets their hands on this lil badboy right there.


also wished there was more info on the engine and interior unless they didnt touch those parts. Also waiting on the spotlight on the FR-S


nothing about that thing is "oem look". no major manufacturer would ever release this.

cool wheels, weak kit


The rear end is lacking. It's more of a whiteboard than anything else.


looks so evil ! love the car


If they sold this car with LFA's V10, nobody would care about RS audis, M5's, or AMG's... It would be the ultimate saloon!


Must have as a wallpaper!!!


For a large luxury/sport saloon it is ridiculously sexy. If only they came standard with the body sculpting like this one.


Congrats to Five Axis and FIVE:AD on the car. They always do well with the SEMA vehicles going back years with the first gen Scion xB and countless others...


OMG, this car has a lot of potential ...

Love it !


Love this! Except for the side skirts. Of course that's just my opinion.


The rear end is lacking. It's more of a whiteboard than anything else.


The rear end is lacking. It's more of a whiteboard than anything else.


The rear end is lacking. It's more of a whiteboard than anything else.


@flooda1, guess you havent seen the pics of the OEM version going around then


wow! love how meanacing that front looks!!

and i would love to have one with a LFA V10!! :drool:


Not digging the front end. Reminds me of some HSV. Not hatin Holdens but this does not look original, or OEM,


MARK X for the U.S market much.....


Nice...hopefully it gets released...xP


Wow! Just wow! I'm not usually a fan of Lexus products, but what Five Axis did here looks amazing. Very clean and aggressive, definitely not overdone. Looks great. If Lexus has any desire to become a "desired" brand, this car would be a great addition to the LFA.


better yet stick the v8 from the tundra in it! and youv got a real world seller.


Amazing they could make the vanilla GS look so appealing.


If you think this car is ugly go smack yourself cuzz your dumb and dont have a life this car is banging off the hook clean sick dope whatever you wanna say this is the shit


Ok the car is supa bad, some people saying the back is lacking & its whiteboard. Thats a good thing so you can do your own creation.


wallpaper!!!!!!!!!!! get some high res!!!!!


Welcome to the new Lexus GS. It's taken over a million miles of rigorous testing around the world