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My hometown is a strange little place. With a population of around 45,000 people it's relatively small, but the amount of car culture that is hiding just beneath the surface here is something else. It's home to a host of beautiful custom machinery that you probably never know existed. Thankfully, my friend Neil Shen, owner and creator of the fantastic Juicebox blog, has an amazing sixth sense for seeking these cars out. 

Take this two door zenki Toyota Levin for example.  

Being rebuilt from the ground up, the chassis was spot welded before the rest of the car was fully restored using brand new Toyota parts including an upper boot floor, lower back panel and two front wings.   

Under the hood lies an AE101 sourced 4A-GZE block with a Trust TD05 18G turbocharger. 

The turbo is mounted to a Trust manifold which has been treated with a zirotec ceramic coating. 

Some of the other highlights of the engine build are JE pistons, ported head, HKS 272 cams, pulleys and valve springs along with a Trust intercooler, a Koyo twin core radiator and RC500cc fuel injectors with a Sard fuel pressure regulator. 

Behind the Work Equips sit some six piston Greddy brakes mounted on brand new hubs. 

Speaking of the Equips, they measure 9J ET-13 at the front and ET-15 at the rear with 25mm spacers. 

The exterior of the car has received some subtle touches of carbon fibre including carbon wind deflectors on the carbon doors.

Inside the car is a homage to Bride with a genuine interior sourced from an ex-Bride sponsored D1GP car. Inside the Bride trimmed glovebox sits an Apex'i ACVR boost controller, rev speed meter and an Omori exhaust temperature gauge in a carbon fibre surround.

The seats are Bride Brix recliners. The car has also been fitted with new safety belts from Toyota along with a Cusco seven point rollcage.

Gerry went through a lot of effort to ensure everything was just right on this build – including sourcing a new ashtray from Toyota. 

A Nardi suede wheel was the only real choice with an interior like this. 

The car has been kitted with a full Origin bodykit, a vertex carbon spoiler, CBY arches (which have been modified to ensure a flush fit), Seibon carbon fibre doors along with new Kouki lights and a full respray in BMW Oil Slick black with a House of Kolor 24-carat flake laid over.

There is so much to this car that I could sit here for a week telling you about, not least the TRD details or the Ueo Style fender braces or the Nagisa Auto Panhard Tower Brace or the Greddy coilovers or … 


Words by Paddy McGrath / Photos by Neil Shen

The AE86 on Speedhunters

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what is your hometown?


fkn awesome,


This thing must consume oil like crazy. Not only does it have a catch can but TWO oil filler caps.


Wish I still had my coupe... If I did, this is what I would have envisioned for it!


I'm pretty sure it has 2 of the same cam covers to increase oil capacity up there... the only reason for a car to use more oil would be running rich, because there's something wrong - or its a rotary...


that is one sick 86


i love this body style and the Levin front end


That thing is sumting else... super clean... super orignal.... SUPER HAICHI


This car is jawdroppingly awsome


This is great, just great.

Not keen on the red interior but from the outside and the engine bay alone its just so well done.

I want one.


Badass! Glad to see some car coverage and not more toys.


I don't know a damn thing about this car but, this one here is something special.


This is how your supose to build a car.




thank god a real car for a change at first i thought (oh shit another rc)


Yes, because this being a car site, we readers would rather not read the details, right...?

Besides the shoddy writing, this car came out perfectly. I never understood the AE86 obsession, but this one is making me see the light. Awesome execution!


Rad. I'm feelin this


this car is amazing and done just right, the interior and exterior is only outdone by the engine bay, impressive does not even begin to explain it. that tower/strut brace is the boss


Damn super sweet build live it


wallpaper for the first photo plZ!!!


thing is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick


Nice attention to detail.


This is not a hachi. Hachis are hatchbacks.


I spy rust on brake discs... This car doesn't go out much :(


Im in love..


Bride floor mats sounds like a lousy investment, but it looks great! maybe the owner makes his buddys take off their shoes?


JP - Not that's not right. Hachi's are not only Hatchbacks. The Hachi part comes from the 86 in the chassis name AE86. 8 = Hachi, 6 = Roku.

The AE86 chassis comes as both sedan and coupé.


I would have so much fun with that car (some not even legal).


ONly thing I disliked was how the doors were lighter than the body, Otherwise, DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!


I bet if toyota and subaru start to build AE86 again, ll sell more than those ugly, nonsense designed FT86 or BRZ.


So much right and nothing looks wrong to me, this is lovely.


@ZeDestructor. Ha it wouldnt even take an hour for rust to come

on the brake disks if they were wet


never used to like the booted version of these AE86's - this one i do like, the seats are great choice as well as the rims. - ticks just about all the box's for me! - Thanks


sick car, loved the engine bay.


It looks like my dream Hachiroku! Very nice work Neil,RESPECT!!!


Ported rotas run on premix "Harry". the don't have two oil filler caps if they're modified...they're barestripped/simplified with a fat port, and a 48/55 IDA / DellOrto carb stuck to them...injection perfection IDA systems with Microtech ECU's in some in NZ anyway..