Since we are taking a look at sleepers this month, I thought I'd go ahead and post this clip of a 500hp Porsche 993-powered Volkswagen Bus running laps at Spa Francorchamps.

When it comes to sleepers, I don't think it gets better than passing Porsche GT3s and Aston Martins in a 1962 VW Bus.

-Mike Garrett



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The work that went into this car is phenomenal, from splitting it in half to the Carbon Fibre roof, its just a phenomenal piece of Machinery.

The build photo's don't do this car justice at all!


love it. about to build one of my own out of a '60 double cab


The center of gravity can't be good, but at least it had a higher polar moment of inertia than a regular 911 since the driver is sitting on the front axle.


WTFFF This is awesome! Laidback hippy van and a Porsche engine.

I'm guessing he did some really good work with the suspension too, because it handles really well.

The only thing I'm not too sure about is how did it manage to handle Eau Rouge so well while looking like a brick.


I :heart: this VW bus!

Amazing attention to detail!


whole lot of perspective came when we went on board d Porsche.


Very smooth driving as well!


The center of gravity is higher than that of a normal 911 but the amount of work that went into it still makes it a hell of a lot lower than what it was.

The whole roof is Carbon fibre, and the whole body was widened to fit the Porsche drive line... The amount of metal fabrication that went into the body is phenomenal... It is a full metal original body too... Just with some carbon fibre added!


WOW. bus from hell, thumbs up for that guy