Guest Blog: Ken Harrison>> Enjuku Racing Ls1 Powered Hyundai Genesis

Enjuku Racing has been well known in the Nissan S-Chassis world for over 12 years. From providing great parts and service, to our past professional Formula Drift programs, we know how to get things done! We decided it was time to branch out into some newer chassis and make a big impression. So for SEMA this year, we’ve joined forces with BC Racing Suspension to build a Hyundai Genesis that would turn a few heads.

We removed the stock turbocharged 2.0L Hyundai engine to make room for something a bit bigger –the ever popular LS1 V8.

To make sure the LS would fit, we quickly mocked it up in the Genesis’ engine bay. It fit great as the it has a huge engine Bay!

We then custom made engine mounts for the LS1.

There are no off the shelf headers here. We had to also custom make headers to clear the Genesis’ subframe and steering column.

To put down all the power that the LS1 will be producing, we went for a Quaife LSD. A driveshaft and adapter were also custom built for the swap.

More custom fabrication. This time the mid pipe was constructed to connect the headers up with the new ISIS Race Exhaust for the Genesis.

The T56 shifter location needed to be moved to come up in the factory shifter location.

To keep a more sleeper look and to keep the install looking clean, the factory Genesis shift knob was retained in the stock location. Also, a custom throttle pedal and cable had to replace the factory throttle by wire setup.

Here is the motor finally mounted up, with the supercharger, and all the under body work has been completed.

Perfect fitment of the newly polished headers.

Enjuku Racing utilized an ISIS Performance Radiator and fan shroud combo for their cooling solution.

Installation of the factory core support and cooling setup including the air to water cooler for the supercharger.

Wilwood jumped on board to help with the project and get Enjuku some new front brakes. Enjuku had to fabricate the caliper brackets for the brakes as Wilwood did not have a bolt on kit for the Genesis.

ChaseBays helped out a ton with the harness and wiring setup for the LS swap. These harnesses are really nice. They clean up the visual aesthetics of the engine bay rather nicely.

Here is the mostly completed engine. We’re happy how the engine bay has turned out, as it is really clean.

After we buttoned up the engine, it was time to trim the carbon fiber hood to clear that huge supercharger.

Perfect cut!

Once the hood was cut, the blue tape was removed and front end was reinstalled and cleaned up.

ISIS Performance was nice enough to provide their new prototype race-style exhaust for the Genesis Coupe. This piece looks and sounds amazing.

The Genesis suspension was rounded off with BC Racing 2011+ Genesis coilovers and prototype ISIS Performance suspension arms.

VIS Racing also jumped at the idea of being part of the project and shipped us their carbon roof skin.

The car just needs afew more sponsor decals cut and also to install the carbon side skirt lips. Interior is currently being rounded off with some nice Sparco seats and a BR engineering Harness bar. Look for this car in Las Vegas at this years’ SEMA convention!


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i cant click the video button


link isnt working!!!!! :/


I am confused please help me understand. Why not use a LS2 flyby wire throttle setup since it is factory on the car? Also not hooking up the heater core and AC? I would have a figured a big shop would step it up if this car is going to SEMA. Also with all that work why not figure something out something with the throttle body? Sticking out of the hood is [s]alittle[/s] I mean alot lame. It could have been so cool, tripped at the finish line...


Blah... another V8 conversion... is there ANY inspiration left in the US???


big hole in the hood aint exactly sleeper status. isnt the ls1 the iron block? shoulda went with all aluminum block for better weight distribution. tight concept/swap nonetheless



If you think you can do a better job, then by all means...

Really irks me how people can nit-pick on such an amazing build.


This cracks me up.... talking about keeping the factory shift knob to keep it more sleeper. But there's a big ass blower peeking out the hood. Not even a retro blower setup with the butterfly valve intake. I think it would have been cooler to go n/a, flip the intake mani backwards and fab up an intake to pull air from the cowl. Atleast then should have a lot more clearence. As is the car looks.....meh. just imo though. Still a lot of work and have to respect the effort.


Troll much?


the headers and motor mounts look great. for anyone building headers , this is quite a feat , let alone hour and hours of fabrication . great work , and top notch shit from Enjuku once again.. thank you for always being there for all my projects.. thank you


Come on! What is it with V8s that is so good? I mean they drop a V8 in everything these days. What car is next? AZ1? The American "Domestic" scene never got influenced by our gorgeus inline sixes and mind blowing NA four cylinders.


I liked Photo :D


I liked photo :D


dont make this month theme fool you, the guy didnt say anything about the car being a sleeper, infact it says Racing Ls1 powered genesis. he did say keeping the stock shift knob for a sleeper look and I think he should have said stock look there. All in all, it looks great and yes the exhaust would sound great with a big V8 blowing out of it. now to figure out how I can get a spin around the block in this.


i guess the hyundai v8 dont cut it huh? the mighty LS comes to save the day.


wish you hadn't gone with a supercharger. plenty of reliable power to be had from an NA LS1 and it would've been cooler if the swap was more subtle.


Whay a TEASER video!!


How could you possibly go for a 'more sleeper look' haha


LS1 x genesis was bound to happen eventually lol. as always, i'd rather see a manufacturer-correct V8 under the hood but very cool nonetheless. (hyundai needs to get moving on at least a limited run of 5.0 Tau V8 genesis coupes)


Another LS swap, BORING ! Sure they are reliable, compact, make good power, the aftermarket is great, yada yada yada.....these days EVERYONE is doing an LS swap, how boring is that?

This industry's future doesn't look too bright, does it?


I saw the picture at the top a few weeks ago and was intrigued, but after seeing these pics of the build, I can't help but wonder if anyone at ER actually measured a Genesis bay before the decision was made to drop an LS block into it. It has to be one of the least ideal platforms for an LS swap I've seen yet. A good 2/3 of the engine extends beyond the strut towers, and even with the block hovering mere inches above the subframe (necessitating that wonky oil pan), it's still too tall for a top-mounted blower to clear the hood. Due to the awful engine placement, an adapter plate had to be created to retain the stock shifter position--which, by the way, is far more important simply for comfortable driving than a "sleeper" look. Not fooling us with that one.

But who am I kidding? This car wasn't meant to be driven comfortably or otherwise. Its sole purpose is to be parked indoors for a few days. It represents everything that sucks about SEMA. Don't get me wrong--the workmanship here looks amazing and the guys at ER did an excellent job in what was probably an unreal crunch for time to meet a deadline for a huge convention. But come on... Enjuku RACING? Next year, why not live up to the company's name? Chop away at the firewall, tuck the V8 in there properly, don't fudge about with shifter adapters or hood cutting, and build a car you wouldn't be embarrassed to put on some corner scales.



Sleeper with carbon roof and smaller details, black hood n trunk, sponsor stickers everywhere and a captain obvious style supercharger sticking out of the hood... You got this!


looks cool enough!.. i agree with driftmonkey though, supercharger doesnt seem necessary but ohwell

and @ReQueSt you might wanna rethink that logic unless im confused on what you mean. low end torque/reliability is why the v8s are so popular and why would you put a smaller displacement na I4 engine in a car with a v8 already? as for I6s they used to be used in domestics however id imagine for space saving they moved to v6s? although im not sure


I dig the china knockoff coilovers.

I've never seen a car that is a sleeper on the inside and not the outside. That's new.


Wow, reading some of the comments on this car makes me wish there were iq tests to use the Internet, this car is featured in street cars & sleepers, the key word there is street cars AND sleepers, doesn't mean that this car is a sleeper. And I'm sure when they said they retained the stock shift knob for a more sleeper look, they mean that the swap kit can use a stock shifter and knob so you can still have the stock shifter look. It's so depressing reading these comments and realizing that car culture has so many un educated and un appreciative people. I can admire any car build with this level of fabrication and time put into it. The supercharger sticking out of the hood isn't personally my taste but this is a SEMA car, it's been set up to draw attention.


i wish people would try to make the best of the engine that came in the car instead of instantly throwing a v8 in everything.


ha with all the carbon and big blower sticking out the hood call it quits on stock looking? strip the interior and make RACECAR!!!


Displacement is a hard thing to compensate for . a stock LS1 engines around making 350 foot pounds of torque.. stock..and with all the after market support and an endless supply here in america. It kinda makes for sense Hey man.. I love my sr20's and Rb motors... but there's something sooooo right and american when you swing a donut in a 68 barracuda in and in-and-out parking lot in high school.


To the whole "sleeper" thing....this car in particular isn't, you know, since there is a magnuson sticking out of the hood. But with a non supercharged motor, the hood will close 100% fine. So at that point, no one will have any clue there is an LSx in your car, until you turn it on haha.

@Tu Fei, LS1 is an aluminum block.

@Erik, this is our race motor. We didn't have the accessories to install AC and such. It will happen eventually. And we only had about a month to get this thing done anyhow.

@Everyone else, thanks for the kind words!


Great work on the build, seen this car in person a few times but before the swap. Enjuku is king.


Everyone bitches about about V8s but have you guys drivin cars with both V8s and Jap 4s and 6s? I have an sr20 in my 240 and love it, but LSXs are on another level of power on tap. Not to mention you dont see people bitching about sr20 swaps in america. Yeah they came in the JDm version but that doesnt mean shit. Were driving 240s, not silvias. GET OVER IT.

Why dont people put V twins in cars, think about how unique that would be... because if you can have something better, more practical why wouldnt you


sooo, sr20 swaps in 240's isnt boring??? namsayin?


"To keep a more sleeper look and to keep the install looking clean, the factory Genesis shift knob was retained in the stock location."

Because the throttle body sticking out of the bonnet, carbon bonnet and the decals make it look like a sleeper right?


One more ls powered car featured here and I'm done with checking this site. Just because its omg trendy-cool and practical doesn't mean we need to see it over and over again.


@ fc3 - cool story bro.


We appreciate all the comments. I think the term everyone is getting stuck on is "sleeper" that was not the term that was meant to be used. I think we were going for "to remain as stock as possible without hacking up a brand new car" The idea of the car was to build a kit that could retain all the stock components and "bolt in". ie, nothing on the car was cut or welded. 99% of people that would buy this swap kit don't want to cut their brand new fire wall. We are in the market of selling parts. The engine looks a lot farther forward that it really is, because of the location of the supercharger. The engine is as low and far back as possible without doing a custom subframe or cutting the firewall. Neither of which did we want to do. One for marketability and two for Formula D Rules. Without it looks much better. However, for a SEMA Car, no one would ever stop to look at the car if the supercharger wasn't staring you right in the face.





Troll? Sorry, don't know that term. Maybe because i don't spend my life on my computer.

I'm just speaking my opinion. I love it when people come across as if they can do a better job of a build. I wish i had the funds to do something like this. I love it overall, may have gone another color but thats just me.




Hmmm....lack of style. LS1 is original?? this car overall is kinda blah... Cheap parts. At least the wheels are real Works.


oh my God!!!!!!! amazing engine work!!!! nice swap!!!!


Great build and probably a monster on the road. That blower intake looks like it could suck a small bunny right into the manifold. Needs one of those "Mad Max" blower vents.


why would the builder want to go with a factory shifter and a 'sleeper look' if theres a supercharger sticking out.


You Americans have no imagination. "Let's put a LS1! HURR DURR"

It's just like JDMized said.


Even though it seems that there are a lot of LS swaps nowadays, this car is still unique and nice looking!


LSfail more like it, fuel injection sucks.



LOL Dumbass


?????? ?????


?????? ?????


Clean swap but COME ON! What doesn't have a LS1! Take a page from Millen and do at least something creative! LSX needs to be put to bed, if you swap to a LS its because your lazy.


I don't really have a problem with swapping V8s in everything but I felt a bit disappointed to see it in this car. It's like they swapped the stock engine out without even seeing what it could do. And why an LS? Why not something else? Why does it even have to be an V8? Why not an RB, 1J or 2J? Still a nice looking car regardless.


Has anyone tuned decently the stock turbocharged engine? I would rather have seen a straight six conversion,maybe an rb engine or a jzx, but still a great build



I can agree with that. I feel that the 2.0T has potential as well......maybe not 350ft lbs of torque @2000rpm potential hah! but a decent potential to make a reasonably fast car kind.

Considering Enjuku's old projects (SR20 240's) it does come at a surprise that the company chose to ditch the 2.0T in favor of an LS.


whats with all these tuners with corvette motors. I would of been impressed if they built up the 2.0T and tested the limits to see how much Hp they can get out of it.The economy is getting worse, why the F**** would you wanna own a V8 powered car right now


Men this looks real sweat when I get tired of the V6 in my genesis im going the LS route.


For the love of God, keep wiritng these articles.


The SC isnt need it would of made it a more defined sleeper and why didnt they lower the engine more for lcg ?


Freakin awesome!


What did you do with the original engine?


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