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If you look around you'll see that every little section of the automotive world has a key event that defines the subculture. For example if you fancy JDM tuning then Tokyo Auto Salon is the place to be. If you are a Hot Rodder then a pilgrimage to Bonneville is high on your to-do list. After my weekend at Laguna Seca it's clear that the Rennsport Reunion holds the same status among Porsche enthusiasts in North America.

The first Rennsport Reunion happened back in 2001 at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut, and quickly became a gathering of legend. Two more Rennsport Reunions were held at Daytona in 2003 and again in 2007, with each bigger than the last.

This year marks the fourth Rennsport Reunion, and its first visit to the West Coast. Porsche owners and racers from near and far came to Laguna Seca to take part in the event.

Porsche Cars North America is heavily involved with the planning of the Rennsport Reunion. In fact, they chose to hold the North American debut of the new 2012 911 at the event.

Among the attractions at the Rennsport Reunion was an incredible lineup of historic Porsche race cars, some of which were brought over from the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

The real show though, happened on the hills and corners of the historic Laguna Seca course. The sounds of Porsche race cars echoed off the sandy hillsides all weekend long.

Every era of Porsche history could bee see in the race groups. Whether it was the glorious 911s of the '60s and '70s…

…or track-tuned beasts from more modern times. I can't be the only one who sees just a bit of RWB in this 993.

One of the many GT3 Cup cars competing in the Rennsport Reunion Cup.

Another race class included a fine selection of Porsche prototype cars from the 1980s like this 962.

I think I speak for many when I say that the most exciting race group was the Weissach Cup, which was made up of prototypes from the '60s and early '70s. Here we see Brian Redman in his '71 908/3.

If that wasn't enough, every parking area around the track was filled with Porsches as far as the eye could see.

I came across plenty of cool machines during my strolls through the parking lots. This tidy 997 for example.

Meanwhile the vintage Porsche fans should dig this low 356.

Elsewhere in my travels around the event I found a very cool display of scale Porsche race cars.

Tell me these 917 door replicas aren't some of the coolest pieces of wall art ever.

A little JDM touch with the Trust livery on this 962.

Another sight from the paddock, a 935/78 in famous Brumos Porsche colors.

The timeless lines of the Porsche 356. Lines of course that can still be seen in the latest 911 models.

Let's not leave out the front-engine Porsches now. This Rothmans-colored 944 was holding it down for the FR crowd.

For Porsche fans and fans of vintage racing in general there are few sights better than a 917 at speed. The opportunity to see that alone was worth the trip for many.

I've got lots more to come from Rennsport so stay tuned for more Porsche loving throughout the week.

-Mike Garrett



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Drove up from SLO this past monday morning on north 101 and saw a bunch of Porsche including 2 Carrera GT!!!! Now i know why..........


Porsches are so beautiful.


Amazing shots. The guy in the 917 isn't wearing any type of safety gear... I'm guessing he wasn't racing full speed at the time?


More please!


Fantastic post. Just had to mention though about the RWB comment.... Porsche were doing it long, long before RWB were. I'd say a more accurate comment would be that you can see a lot of GT2 in RWB :)


Fantastic post indeed. Tons of racing legends.


i wanna see RWB rattle some cages in germany


*oops lol. i was merely looking at the pictures and failed to notice that this even was here in nor*cal and not germany. still tho... i'd like to see some rwb action at an event like this!


Did you take any shots of the parade laps or any of the 944's in the parking lots?


*oops lol. i was merely looking at the pictures and failed to notice that this even was here in nor*cal and not germany. still tho... i'd like to see some rwb action at an event like this!


Love to the water cooled porsche's...no 928?


desktop of the RWB look a like!!!


Really great photos. More please!


Wallpaper of picture number 7! That 993 is BEAUTIFUL!


Are these really 917 door replicas? THey look just like the 906's ones to me (one of my clients has one and we use it for vintage racing throughout Europe).


Do you have any info on the door wall art? I was there and didn't see them, but would love to have one for my garage.


Mike - Beautiful pics! I was there but missed the 917 doors. Is that really art? Do you remember the vendor?


After my weekend at the Rennsport Reunion I've found that Porsche owners are some of the most dedicated I've ever seen. I can't recall another single brand event as large as this one. In fact, it seemed there were more people at Rennsport


Speedhunters could cover nothing but Porsche events and I'd be in heaven. Best cars on earth for the last 60 years!


i heart porshce! the Trust livery on Porsche look insanely cool!!! XD


Even if you don't consider yourself a Porsche fan, the Rennsport Reunion was something to be inspired


http://www.facebook.com/NoBraking is where the photos are from the event.


not trying to be nit-picky here, but the gulf colored 917 in the 2nd last photo is actually a replica. I saw the car at road america a few years back, where it didnt even turn a lap on track!


Excuse my ignorance, but can anyone tell me what model the green/silver car on the bottom right of the second image is?


RWB is based of the 993 Cup Cars, hence the resemblance