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While walking through the pitlane at Jamboree, I spotted a couple of cars that fitted our Street Cars & Sleepers theme to a tee. One of them was this Chevrolet Camaro SS: a perfect blend of street and drag car.  

The first thing that caught my eye was the pristine condition of this 50+ year old car.

The whole car from tip to toe was in perfect condition, the interior especially.

The ECU is tucked away in the glove compartment, and with the lid closed, the only tell tale signs of this Camaro's true intentions are the shifter and gauges.

275/60 rubber are mounted on 15s for drag racing duties.

It was quite obvious that presentation was just as important to the owner as its quarter mile performance. All of the trim had been rechromed and polished.

Here is what you've been waiting for, the engine bay. Here you'll find a heavily worked V8…

…Equipped with a large turbocharger hiding just behind the right headlight.


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come on Casey, more on the engine and specs, whats up with that homes? after I was reading and slowing moving through to get the to the good stuff, you end with....................nothing


Article name: Turbo Camaro

Pictures of said turbo setup: one of the turbine housing blanket. come on.


SPECS!!!! We're car enthusiasts, I don't want a picture book.


First gen Camaros aren't 50+ years old.


Psh, the builder ruined it by putting some junk fuel injected engine in it. Why even bother with asking more questions about the engine. If computerized fuel injected cars were worth the time and effort, why does it take a carburetor to make anything above 1000 horse power without very much effort? Also fuel injected "hot rod" cars idle at like 1500 rpm. While old engines idle between 300 and 700 no matter how much horsepower they have.


that camaro is beautiful, but I wanna see a picture with the hood down. also maybe a shot of the underneath with the exhaust and diff... anyways what i wanna say is... Y U NO MORE PICTURES?



yeah, because carburetors hold up to the constantly changing demands of a forced induction motor, so well? This is why all modern race cars, run carburetors, which are known for their flexibility and drop dead reliability.

Come on, man. I love old cars but FI produces much better results, more consistently, than carburetors.


Also, idle at 300 with 1000+ hp? Maybe a marine diesel..


My camaro has 520 bhp and it idles at 500 easily. I can drop it lower if I felt like waiting for it to warm up more before I leave. A 520 bhp fuel injected engine idles at like 1200 rpm and just sounds like it's not running right because of it. And carburetors are perfectly reliable and they easily change with the demands of forced induction, if. you. know. what. you're. doing. Which most people don't. Fuel/Air/Spark science behind turning in a engine is far more complex than you think. You just have a computer tell you, on a real engine you don't have a damn computer to tell you what it needs or what's not right at what rpm. With the right carb, the right needles and springs, feed lines and secondary settings, they run perfectly fine. You can argue price all you want, but a carb with all the extra needles and springs and everything you need could run you 1000 bucks. Computer tuning modules and the computers in the cars themselves run you well over 5000


You Guy's should know by now Casey is more a photography blogger than a writer. He thinks a feature is have 11 photo's with a sentence explaining why he likes it.

@ spark, lol. Your stupid.


it's only a spotlight, not a feature


thats not 50+ years old yet man try 40+


A Camaro SS with bigass drag tires is a sleeper!?


Sufficient pics or no, that camaro is butter...


no specs....weak



This is a 67 Camaro, unless the side markers have been shaved, in which case it would be a 68 Camaro. So really you mean a "40+ year old car." But I guess if you knew what you were looking at you would have mentioned the molded in header panel and lower valence and relocated fuel filler cap.

Google is you friend.


Im not a camaro guy so Im not sure if its a 67 or a 68 (one year had vent windows and the other didnt) best the car is 44 years old...appreciate the photos...clean car


50+ year-old car? Casey, the first Camaro was a 1967 model (the one above appears to be a '68). I was born in 1967 and I'm only 44. So how is this car older than I am?


lol @ "50+ year old car"



LS series OVER any carb'ed V8, end of story.


I don't know about the car being sleeper, but its beautiful for sure. The big rear tires and exhaust note would give it away ; )


@ spark

soo youre more worried about idle speed than consistent fuel curves for a drag car? i suppose electronic compensation for atmospheric conditions isnt a big concern when youre trying to run as lean as possible down the track, then drive your car home (assuming nothing blows up).....

and really? 520 Bhp?? and youre writing this car off because it's fuel injected.. I'd find it hard to believe this car is making anywhere near that number. why hate on a beautifully built car because of some backwards vendetta against modern technologies? lol!

well you continue to dismiss this camaro, and i'll agree to disagree :)


50+ years old? That camaro would be a 66 or 67 so i think you meant 40+ years my friend.

Also Casey, car spotlights are great, but you need to include more information, some specs about the engine/driveline, 1/4mile times. Get some info from the owner!



you're an idiot. stop being stuck in your old skool ways, deriding anything new.

some of us preefer having spot on air fuel ratio's at all times, not just guessing based on our gut.

carbs are for losers who can't afford fuel injection


^there are no '66 camaros

Its a '68, it hasn't been 50 years since then lol


Floodo, you're an idiot. Your air-fuel ratios might be spot on but the synchronizing of the fuel delivery is fucked. Guessing carb setups based on our gut? I think you're a tad out of touch mate. Properly good fuel injection is ridiculously expensive and fixed-discharge injectors are not and will never be all that good for any engine that needs to change its speed and load which is basically anything except for some stationary stuff. Correctly set-up mechanical injection or a carbie will outperform it no worries, and scientifically that makes sense too, but shit gets complex when you introduce a turbo with inconsistent boost etc, which is arguably where fuel injection becomes a bit more appealing. And yeah I develop engines for a living, but I'm not here to argue about this stuff - just hate seeing some people bullshitting after reading some poxy glossy magazines.

I'd prefer it with a big block too but hey even with the new generation stuff the car is still tough as nails, and that's what matters.


....not everyone can write a spec sheet.



You are dum you have never felt the throttle response on a decently tuned FI engine much better than any carb and where you and your carb struggle to make 1hp more than your target with the computer it is easy change the map here change the map there and wow 20 more hp. I myself am involved in racing and carburettors are not as reliable as you make them out to be dude you are stuck in 1940 it is almost 2012 get with the times you stupid ignorant idiot hater. And what is this nonsense about a car that makes 1000hp carb fed idles at 300 rpm no normal road going standard car idles properly there let alone a race tuned engine........ As for the blog like it very much and that car must sound absolutely insane.



How are all modern race cars still using carbs? The big-end race car series that still uses carbs is the American NASCAR series. Other than that, the German DTM series, BTCC, V8 Supercars, Super GT; they all use fuel injection. Also, what about high end drag cars (funny/rail cars). They all run in excess of 4000hp and guess what? They run fuel injection. In saying that, nothing beats a built carbed 350Chev making a good 400rwhp like the one in my cousins HT Monaro.


@ Jace

I think Brombat was being sarcastic.


Carbs have their pros and cons and FI has its pros and cons. No need to hate on this Camaro because you think its wrong to put some modern technology under the hood. To each their own.

@everyone whining about this was a spotlight, not a full on feature. That's like bitching about a random snap that's on my one pic. And 50+ OR 40+, its that thing called human error. Sure you all do it on a daily basis too. ; )


big back tires on a camaro = never a sleeper


love these muscle cars.. needed a bit more info on it tho; - hate to say iot but it seems like this post was rushed! which is totally out of character for this site.. - Thanks tho'