Car Spotlight>>the Pouncin’ Poncho

I am absolutely in love with gassers. I can’t get enough of them.

Last weekend at Famoso I caught this very neat ’64 Pontiac LeMans A/FX car and couldn’t resist shooting a quick Car Spotlight on it.

This isn’t just any straight axle gasser, but a heavily modified altered wheelbase drag special known as the “Pouncin’ Poncho”.

In this shot you can see how close the front ET mags are sitting to the front of the car. This was of course done to help with weight transfer when the car launched off the line.

Along with the giant Mickey Thompson slicks in the rear. Beefy.

Inside, you can see the stripped out interior and the shift lever for the race-built automatic trans.

I didn’t get a look under the hood, but I’d bet these velocity stacks are mounted on a 421 or 455 cubic inch Pontiac motor.

The headlights have been removed in favor of these aluminum covers with Mooneyes decals. Cool.

It does look slightly awkward with its strange wheelbase, high nose, and wheels tucked under the body, but to me that’s what makes this car and so many other 1960s drag cars so awesome.

-Mike Garrett

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Plates are awesome.


I've grown frequently closer to the straight axle gasser look. Wasn't entirely a fan when I was younger but as I've aged, I feel the need to build one of my own.


love those old drag'cars ! Grea pics


Now this is stance.


me too. The mid 60's gasser mentality is so raw. Its makes u think of outlaw bikers and flat track racing. The older i get. there more i realize how badass these guys pushed it


This car is awesome. Next race is at Speedworld Motorplex on November 12th & 13th.


This car is awesome. Next race is at Speedworld Motorplex on November 12th & 13th.