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Regardless of whether you prefer the term Sleeper or Q-car, the meaning is the same: a car that hides its true performance under everyday looks. There are plenty of amazing home built sleepers out there, but every so often a pure Q-car slips off the production line into the general population. Back in the 90s such a car was the Audi RS2.

To the untrained eye the RS2 was just an Audi 80 Avant with a few of the option boxes ticked.

The devil is in the details. Porsche Cup style wheels, 993 wing mirrors and indicators, and a huge air dam were clues to the RS2’s true intentions.

The RS2 was not just a ‘dealer special’. It was the result of an amalgamation of talent between Audi and Porsche – a blend of Audi’s practicality backed with supercar performance. Assembled at Porsche’s Rossle-Bau plant, the RS2 was arguably the first car to launch Audi into the practical high performance market. And high performance it was.

Porsche took the 2.2 litre five cylinder Audi engine and added a larger KKK turbocharger and intercooler. Matched with injectors and camshafts it took the power up to 311bhp. It doesn’t sound all that impressive, but mated with Audi’s Quattro System the results were devastating.

Autocar Magazine tested the car in 1995 and recorded a 0-30 time of just 1.5 seconds. This meant the RS2 was faster off the line than the legendary McLaren F1. With 60mph coming up in just 4.8 seconds very little could touch it back in the 90s.

While shooting the Drift-Moto Volvo, Nev mentioned that his brother owned a mildly tuned RS2 Audi, and I jumped at the chance to shoot it for this month’s Street Cars & Sleepers theme.

The car had just been put back onto the road after a refresh. The handling was improved with a set of H&R coilovers and all of the bushes were swapped with polyurethane replacements. The front and rear subframes are now on solid mounts, while the engine gearbox and diff have been treated to 034 Motorsport mounts.

The car came with the optional 322mm Porsche/Brembo brake set up, so no changes were necessary in that department.

Only light modifications have been carried out under the bonnet. An uprated exhaust cam, BTB exhaust system and a high boost map up the power around 380bhp.

20 valve turbo powered by Porsche. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The RS2 featured some neat touches, such as the blue and black leather/alcantara Recaros…

..With a blue weave in the carbon to match the ‘only available on the RS2‘ body color.

White dial faces tell you you’re not driving your average Audi 80.

The RS2 is a very rare car. It was only in production for a year, with just 2981 examples built. So to find one that is not only tastefully modified – but also in pristine condition – was an absolute pleasure.


Street Cars and Sleepers

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Great car, love old audi's


I had the chance to test drive one some years ago. It was pretty impressive for a car of this age and the sound was amazing. The only downside was the braking power, I don't think that the car I drove had the Porsche brakes option.


Forza 4!!!!! wooooooot, this is one of my favorite drift cars on there. super sweet car.


I love the RS2 . I was reallyhoping to see it here this month. It's just something about these cars that I just can't get enough of.

Also , the Audi stable has been full of sleepers since the quattro first came round, My fave Audi , the facelifted 200 20V quattro was a true sleeper as well ;) And so were the S2's , S4's and first gen S6's that followed it. Also , it would be great to get wallpapers of the wheel/brake shot , the powered by Porsche engine shot and pic #7.


Such a cool car. Didn't know they are that rare. I really want one though, in blue ofcourse.


official there were 4 sedan versions built by audi/ porsche. one belongs to an audi engineer, two were delivered to the emirates but rumorus said that they are diffrent from the one in the audi museum in ingolstadt. audi has currently no informations about the 4th one. beside that some homebrown sedan versions were made by privaters. very detailed rebuild of an rs2, but it's in german, so might be some kinda weird translated in google


In my city (St.-Petersburg, Russia) we have one or two RS2. One is in great condition, other one is not too good. And in Moscow we have about five RS2 cars. They are great! True sleeper!


Was that different to the S2?


Sssshhhuuush! Musn't mention Forza 4 on here or EA games will hear you! :P Stunning example of balancing the original look/feel of a limited production car with tasteful modifications.


always like these 'sleepers'.. the wheels suit it so well - i even like the blue/mix interior - i've got one of those grille badges that i acquired while working in the motor industry somewhere in my collection! most of the examples i've seen haven't really beem molested or butchered.. Thanks for the reminder!


There is one for sale in malaysia, is it worth buying for? The price also cheap..


Sleeper month rocks!


We had one of these as our company car in Germany. We called it the little red rocket because the acceleration was just outstanding. We were cruising the bahn at about 220kph when a big S-class benz came up and started nosing the rear bumper. I mentioned that he might want us to get out of the way, and my boss just floored it. Bye-bye benz. What a fabulous machine. I wonder what happened to it...


The RS2 is one of the very few Audis I love. Really impressive car.


This was my car to own and aspire to once I'd finished Uni and earning a wage! I remember I'd just bought a Audi 80 quattro 16v and had it about a week when a German friend in the Marketing department came back from his home land with a RS2.

He allowed me to drive the car one night, simply stunning and so very quick.... only problem my 80 felt like **** after that and the honeymoon was over. Never could find a clean RS2 for the right price :(

One thing I do remember is how many of these were stolen to order. My mate lost two that way, but today it is the ultimate european sleeper.


lol I started chuckling at the "KKK turbo" part. Didn't know the klan made turbos to be honest.


That is an awesome car. I like how clean it is.

The size isn't in my area, I prefer bigger machines... but still nice...


Love this car, nice work on the story.


Just get a 95 S6 Wagon. Only 300 were imported.... the values are going UP, and they have the same engine with a slightly larger body and slightly better interior.