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Thus far we've shown you AP's carbon-bodied turbo Lotus along with his 650hp Golf sleeper. Judging by those two rather extreme street cars, it's not surprising that his family runaround has an equally twisted personality. Gone is its 1.4 litre motor and front-wheel drive transmission; in its place is a turbo six-cylinder and AWD.

AP's Golf wagon started life as a front-wheel drive 1.4L TSI, the type of car that's perfect for ferrying the family around. All of the original badging creates a nice subterfuge to hide its true intentions. 

To keep things on the subtle side, AP opted for the Votex body-kit which enhances – rather than dominates – the factory lines. 

Like AP's Lotus and 3.6 litre R32, this wagon was built by City Performance Centre. The light bulb moment to convert the wagon came after the HPA FT640 motor was installed into the R32. Before long, AP's wagon was up on the hoist to have the left-over R32 motor fitted.

While they were at it, they added an HPA FT495 turbo kit, twin HPA intercoolers and a carbon clutch setup. After encountering a variety of headaches – particularly in regards to wiring – the CPC team were also able to fit the R32's all-wheel drive system.

KW Clubsport coilovers, a pair of H&R swaybars and a Whiteline polyurethane overhaul of all the bushes have improved this wagon's handling capabilities.

The Golf wagon rolls on a beautiful set of 19-inch Wedsport wheels that are wrapped in 235/35 Advans. 

Large diameter wheels were necessary to clear the monster 8-piston Audi brakes.

Inside you'll find the flawless interior has been enhanced with a steering wheel and instrument cluster from a Golf R. 

Gone are the factory seats. In their place are the R32 Recaros. 

There is still plenty of room in the back! 

What AP has created is a car with the convenience of a wagon but the performance and handling of a sports car.

One thing that gives the game away is the distinct VR6 burble that emanates from the CPC stainless exhaust.

The understated swagger of this sleeper was intoxicating and seeing it casually cruising Sydney streets made me quite envious of AP. While this Golf wagon may be the most restrained of his three cars, by most people's standards it's still an incredible conversion: turbocharged R32 motor, AWD, 8-piston brakes, the list goes on.

Who knew trips to soccer practice could be so damned fun?

- Matt Malcolm

Photos by Casey Dhnaram and Matt Malcolm

AP's turbo Lotus

AP's 650hp VW R32

City Performance Centre



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I've always wanted to do a 4WD conversion on a FWD wagon...

Kudos to you good sir...Kudos!!!


I've always wanted to do a 4WD conversion to FWD wagons/hatchbacks ... some cars are just in desperate need of it!

Kudos to you good sir! Kudos!


Badge aside, this is a modern day RS2 estate


AP you are my hero, just a shame you live in the wrong country!


First read the title and thought VL Commodore Wagon + GTR running gear, cool, then saw the other type of 'R32'...


Nice car but for the money that was put into this thing id rather have an S4 Avant with a V8.


This is has got to be what I think is a perfect daily driver. Of course, I wouldn't need the turbo's and I would use a normal sized set of wheels. But still, I'd love to have an AWD, V6 VW wagon.


what the f!ck does this guy do for a job


This makes me forget that my dream car is an M3 touring. Some email this link to the product planners at VW.


CAN I HAVE IT PLEASE! MY HERO! amazing piece of work,,, i'm from canada and can't seem to find people who like wagons... I own a 2000 Subaru Legacy GT :P WAGON!


The epitome of a proper wagon! Very tasteful selection of modifications, plenty of performance, but without an unnecessary accomplished...I love it!


Three amazing cars....that man is living a dream.


AP you rock !


i want this man's job


You guys really need to start posting high res pictures with the articles, this is too beautiful not to be a desktop!


WOW! This thing is beyond Sick! I love it! I'm so motivated by this wagon that I just listed my 2011 Subaru WRX STI, with tons of mods. YES! I'm doing it except I will invest in a Porsche Flat Six, simply because my subie is a flat 4 (I know, derived fron the old school vw's) so I would like to stick with a "flat" motor. With the proper mods it should perform equally or above the golf sleeper. For those interested in the Subie it only has 7,344 miles with too much to list. I would like to get somewhere in the neighborhood of $33,000 or best offer. I was going for the Golf-R but this project really sealed the deal for me. I want to create something that not too many people have, and has that "undercover" look but the exhaust let's you know to beware. lol!        Eric Kimoto