Car Spotlight>> A Wolf In Rabbit’s Clothing

I thought I would get our Street Cars and Sleepers theme kicked off with a quick trip into the memory banks to find a car which was my own first introduction to the “Sleeper” concept, many decades ago.

Built in the late 70s by the Hanover based tuning company, Nordstadt, the Golf 928 took a fully functioning, shortened Porsche chassis and clothed it with a bespoke Golf body. Details are a little sketchy on how many of these cars were produced -I’ve read that anywhere from 2 to 20 were built and were sold by the VW dealer Gunter Artz.

The complete stock 240hp 928 V8 power plant was retained. It was good enough to push the car up to a 240 kph terminal velocity.

The complete stock 928 cockpit was also retained.

I’m sure these V8 powered RWD Golfs confused many a BMW and Mercedes on the Autobahn back in the day!

Think you can top this sleeper? Let’s see your links!


The Ultimate Sleeper

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Awesome Car. Note: Almost every single body panel on this car is custom built, as the measurements golf/928 didn`t "fit" - hence the strangely un-"rabbitish" proportions.

Nordstadt built many awesome cars - talk mid-engined Beetle on 914 chassis with 911S engine, opel kadett e (vauxhall astra) on a corvette chassis etc etc....had a report about them in a magazine somewhere, maybe i can find it.


Lancia Thema 8.32

A Lancia Thema with a Ferrari V8 engine (stock)...


i almost bought one of those Ferrari engined Themas a few years back.


Wow, that is something I would definitely want for my birthday! Yummy!


bmw's project goldfish, e32 v16? i thought i saw a feature on here before, but i can't find it no more.


Try the mustang V8 powered RWD Ford Focus or even the AWD Ford Laser turbo!


I've got the road and track that featured this car.



I thought You'd may be interested in my ex-car which also is a sleeper like this:) It is a BMW E30 with stock bodywork, and a complete V12 conversion (from BMW E32 750i) 300hp+1150kg :)

here is a link with lots of infos a pics, hope you'll find it interesting :)


RWD Golph :D nice


I gotta go with any of the inuperable combinations of VW Vanogan + Porsche 911 motor. I have seen plenty of examples on the web from the late 80's early 90's that use 3.2L NA motors but there are a few more recent examples in germany that put tuned 3.6L Turbo motors and AWD systems into more recent T4 Vanogans... video related


Admire the work gone into it... but I don't know if the reward of surprising a few expensive car drivers is enough ROI to justify it.

Some sleepers that stuck in my memory...

Wagoneer with Ferrari engine

Chevy Nova

Old spec tiny 360cc kei-car with turbo-Weber-rotary (by RE Amemiya)

Tercel 4WD->FR drift car

(it's somewhere on youtube)

EG6 with S2000 running gear FR Civic

FR SR20DET Nissan Pao


BMW E30 M3 with a E60 M5 V10. This is the ultimate sleeper. Nuff said.


Renault espace-F1

nuff said


let me think of the renault clio v6! =)


lolol thats brilliant


here's another kswap... honda insight with a k series vs a vette and gto


what a great idea/concept.. never heard of this one before!


Best Sleeper I ever saw was the Tiburon featured in Sports Compact Car's Ultimate Street Car Challenge. That car was a BEAST. TWO turbocharged engines each pumping a little over 300 hp. I remember reading that the owner would even show off the engine bay before racing so that his competitors could se one of the engines. Little did they know that there was ANOTHER engine in the back. hahahah!!


Aside from the E30 M3 with a E60 M5 V10 engine, another is the Ford Transit that was used to test run the components of the Jaguar XJ220


the Paul Newman Beetle is awesome

Kudos for Braydon to think of the Renault Espace F1


I have a stock 1969 beetle running a tuned scooby sti lump on nitro pushing about 400bhp dose quarter mile in low 9's if I can get the power down


One thing I absolutely love about Speedhunters is the chance to collaborate with you guys, the Speedhunters