Car Spotlight>>a Japanese Hot Rod In Socal

For the my next Car Spotlight from the Long Beach Motorama, I want to share a very cool Hot Rod that was crafted not here in California but across the Pacific in Japan. If you’ve been following Speedhunters for a while, then you know that Japanese Hot Rod builders are just as talented as any of their counterparts here in the states. This 1930 Model A is proof.

Known as “Rod”riguez”, the Model A was built back in 2003 by Junichi Shimodaira of a shop called Paradise Road in the city of Nagoya – which is quite well known for its Rod and Custom scene.  The car was shown all around Japan before making its way to Southern California in the hands of its new owners.

I spotted this car at last year’s LB Motorama, but this
time I thought you guys might want to see a little more of it. My first exposure to this car came about 7 years ago while reading an issue of Japan’s Custom Car Magazine. I was blown away by the detail on the car, and it helped to enlighten me about a whole new side of Japanese car culture.

Junichi is a huge fan of builders like George Barris and Ed Roth, and their legendary show car influence is clear in this build. Look at the custom-formed grill for example, which uses ’59 Cadillac running lights.

The interior is equally outrageous. That airplane-esque steering wheel is just too cool.

And those seats! Hand-built just like nearly everything else on the car.

“Rod”riguez” gets its power from a ’49 Oldsmobile Rocket V8 with custom made headers.

One of the most unique parts of the car are the hand-formed fenders and skirts, which cover wire wheels and white walls.

This little spotlight doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the work that’s been done on the car, but hopefully it gives you just a little taste of the work of Japan’s top Hot Rod builders.

-Mike Garrett

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love the colour and the front end.. the workmanship & man hours that must have gone into this car is epic.. no doubt. - liking the interior from the seats to the trim. 10/10 from me.. and i'm not really a massive fan of Hot-Rods, but this one is a stand out effort. - Thanks


now thats kick ass wicked. i would have wanted to see a pic with a engine cover on so I could admire the whole front as a whole


Sick car!


For a second I forgot it was built in Japan...


really amazing work gone into this. i just love that interior..!


Absoultely amazing. It has it's own style, copies nothng and those seats are just brilliant!


Amazing craftsmanship!


i'm just jeez in my pant with this artwork of vehicle.. Hootiee!


Forgive me if you dont like what I say here, but to me, Japan style is better than the Hot Rod styling anywhere in the world, its so different to the hot rods that seen else where in the world...

I never like hot rod before but this is the car that makes me think that hot rod is cool for young ones too


Awesome rod, but high mounted alternator? Really takes away from it


Thank you for your information,it is really meant to me.


Beautiful car.

Junichi is a genius if you ask me, his creations and his attitude are way ahead, and each car he builds prove it.

Now, not to sound like mr. knowitall, but this is the 2nd version of the car, which youre probably right and was finished around 2003.

The 1st version i think debuted at the 2000 or 2001 Yokohama Rod e Custom Show, and in a diffrent color, fenderless and w/ diffrent interior. When it came out nobody thought it could get any better, but Junichi proved everybody wrong by making it a totally diffrent and better car.

Hes posting its history on his blog just in these days, so if you care check it out.