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What’s better than having one Golf MKI GTI? Two of course. Tim Verbeek, who owns the white Golf we saw earlier, also has this black example in his garage. While the white Golf was more of a restoration project, this is meant to be a cool fun toy for the weekend.

The exterior features deep black paint with some chrome accents. The door handles have also been polished.

Instead of the red strip on the original GTI grill, Tim has replaced it with a chrome piece. But maybe even more interesting is the intercooler peaking out from behind the VW badge.

This MKI is powered by a 1.8 16v engine that was taken apart and fully rebuilt. The bottom-end feature JE pistons and H profile connect rods by SCAT. Several parts have been polished like the valve cover and the intake.

The turbo is nestled between the engine and firewall. Tim purchased the turbo off someone who initially intended to install it iinto a Honda Civic. After a dyno tune at JD Engineering, the Golf GTI produced 325bhp and 405Nm. With only 800kg of weight, this car is bound to surprise a few people!

The wastegate expels its gasses through a screamer pipe instead of the exhaust. The custom made exhaust manifold has been mated to a custom 3″ downpipe. Tim didn’t skimp on the suspension and drivability of the car either. He replaced all the original bushings with purple Powerflex items and mounted a Wiechers brace for extra stiffness.

The rear looks pretty simple with the blacked out taillights.

These wheels were a big hit several years ago but you don’t see them often anymore. A shame really because they still look pretty good, especially on this car. They are 16-inch Brock B1 wheels.

This car sits much lower than the white Golf and that is all thanks to the adjustable FK suspension.

When you enter the car you are welcomed by this typical 80s interior. Tim did add some personal touches.

The interior now features leather seats, leather rear bench and matching door cards.

I thought these Wolfsburg Edition locking pins were a nice touch.

As with most Volkswagen builds it is all about the details. So I wasn’t surprised seeing this chrome latches.

To me this is the perfect car and is definitively on my list of ‘must have’ cars. It’s a neat package package with killer looks and a engine that really packs a punch.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Carservice Verbeek

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Seeing MKI's like this (and the white one) make me feel nostalgic for the '77 MKI I had back in the 80's... until I remember what a pain it was to keep running. Great lookers, though.


Now THAT's a Volkswagen, a classy one too.


Love the brocks with the polished lip


Now this is closer to what I think of when I hear sleeper. Good right up too :)


Im not much of a fan of VW's but this is a nice clean look for this older model.


This is beautiful tbh im not a big fan of mk1 golf but this is amazing


Great car and love the tasteful approach to the styling. One thing though, I'm not sure if it's just the angle of the photo from the rear or if the wheels are actually that spaced out, but it makes the car nearly look like a monster truck or the like....not a good thing! Otherwise a serious two thumbs up for this car


Black Beauty


A good example.

Conservative drop, clean body work, and extra care on the details such as those door latches add to its tasty style. It helps that its a true sleeper in a sense.


Absolutly bonkers.

Very nice and clean tuning.

Focus on Power instead of style.

Function > Form


Not mind kind of car, but somewhat cool nevertheless. I'm a bit tired of MK1 Golfs for 1 month. There have been some pretty crazy *E7* Corollas lying around recently...


Let me know when you want to sell it. I'll give you a good offer. Want it right now!!


Look it classical! how much is it!!


Yuuuuuuh! great example of this car.


now this one looks (i say looks) better than his White example, which is not without its charms! i wonder what it sounds like? as for Brocks.. "they still out there", a welcome change from the VW+BBS normal mate up. nice to see that its alive and kicking, kind of hard to find a unmolested VW Golf MK1 these days - nice work throughout - Thanks


i like the tail lights more that those on his white car, nice rims too - wicked example!

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Clean mk1, like the 16v scirroco intake. Early 2000's styling though


?????? ????? !!!!!


absolutely awesome! brings back memories of my mk1s. Great work!


Great looking car. Where did those seats come from?