Car Builder>> A Visit To S&n Automobilzentrum Aachen Pt2

Hi all. Well it’s time to showcase PT2 of our visit to the S&N Automobilzentrum facility (it’s too large to use the word “Shop”!) in Aachen, Germany.

In part one of our shop tour, we showed you the work rooms and the front of house, and now we’re going to head over to the back of the warehouse.

I always enjoy looking through the storage areas of big race car shops.

You never know what gems you will uncover -like this complete, ready to run flat 12, Porsche 917 engine.

Speaking of the 917 engine, its horizontally mounted cooling fan was the first engineering project that motorsports legend Norbert Singer undertook at Porsche. It was cool to inspect his handiwork up close.

Here’s something that stopped us dead in our tracks: this wall of vintage Porsche chassis.

In all of my years of Speedhunting I’ve never, ever seen anything like this!

One can only imagine what marvels these shells will be transformed into in the coming years. Perhaps more K3s will be created!

914 shell anyone?

Mind you the entire space was jam packed with vintage Porsches, so there was no need to linger too long at the wall of chassis.

From this mint Porsche 944 Cup car…

… to this rally spec 930, there were many retro marvels to shoot.

The cars formed a line stretching from one side of the warehouse, all the way across the space.

By this stage smoke was coming out of our ears. Minds blown!

I think some of this had to do with the ambience of the building itself.

The entire space was littered with graffiti, pointing back to the building’s years as a derelict shell.

The owner, Uwe mentioned that a full restoration of the rear half of the building is planned for the coming years. Plans are to preserve the graffiti and incorporate into the new designs. I like!

That’s one happy Speedhunter!

Our tour ended with a visit to this large hanger space. I’d like to return here one day with Paddy McGrath to shoot proper features with the company’s two Kremer K3 projects. It would make a great feature shoot!

The hanger is used to store extra cars and is large enough to easily contain S&N Automobilzentrum’s race transporter.

One machine which caught my eye was this rather dusty Z32. It looked like it had been sitting for quite some time.

It was an interesting Japanese relic in a rather Porsche focused collection.

Ok that’s it on this tour of what is quite a jaw dropping facility. Thanks to Uwe from S&N Automobilzentrum for hosting us and Patrick Gassman for setting up the appointment.

:Rod Chong

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I was thinking about RWB instead of K3 when I saw the Porsche chassis.


Porsche enthusiasts with a Z32? Shows which japanese chassis is supreme, yea?


Amazing, Porsche heaven there.


I'm sold! Always wanted a TVR now either a RWB or K3? must work harder


You guys should do a feature on the Rigs that haul the race cars around. From the RTR Trailer, to full F1 trailers. It would be interesting to see an inside look at that.


In many ways, this facility reminds me of my garage. Apart from the size of it, and the cars, and the spares, and the graftiti.


Please PLEASE PLEASE stop referring to every impact-bumper you see as a 930.


wicked.. a lot of money & metal sat in there just awaiting new life tio be blown into them. - love the 300ZX.. wouldn't mind those BBS rims its sitting on too. Yeah man go back with Paddy and sort it! - Thanks


Absolutely stunning! Excellent post. This man is truly living the dream.


"t_s said:

Please PLEASE PLEASE stop referring to every impact-bumper you see as a 930"



Nice work both Larry and Rod, my favorite stories in a long time!


The greatest race engine ever designed just laying around, truly epic. great post


sweet rolls royce any more picture of that roller?