Car Spotlight>>supra-powered Volvo C70

In light of our look at street cars and sleepers this month, Speedhunters reader Marcus Norberg sent us a tip on a rather unique Volvo C70 he found on

I wasn't able to read all of the spec list (damn language barriers!), but it's clear that this car has a huge amount of work in it.

The primary feature is of course the 2JZ with a giant single turbo conversion. Quite a change from the original five cylinder.

But it's not just an engine swap. Tons of work has been done to make the mild-mannered Volvo into a rear-drive monster. Here you can see the new rear diff.

Custom tubs up front.

AMG brakes thrown in for good measure.

I'd say this car is an absolutley perfect example of a sleeper. Just looking at it from the outside you woudn't even be able to imagine the amount of work in it.

Thanks for the tip Marcus!

For more you can check out the car's profile on

-Mike Garrett



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What wheels are those in the second image? I like like them alot!


the wheels in the 2nd pic... please use those...


Eiker E1 or OEM Volvo Polaris


Love this car.


you know, if you type in nc6 miata into gogle images, a whole bunch of unrelated speedhunters pictures shows up.


See the Orange Volvo in the background of the main pic. 2JZ powered wagon as seen on YouTube. Couldn't pick a better engine.


Why was the photo of the Volvo doing a burnout removed???


Don't like the wheels


I have to agree. That is a sleeper and a half! I can see someone at a drag strip laughing thinking "Ha this Volvo think it can take me on? What is that kid smoking?". Then he see's the rear wheels break loose on the skid pad and he realize's something is up.


Wasted money on that crap car !

but nice job


Ahhhhhh, Sweden ^_^


Dude.. That car is sick!! Rims gotta go..


Wheels in the second pic are Compomotives I think


giant ugly wheels DEFINITELY need to go.....

but the white ones look great


Dude.. That car is sick!! Rims gotta go..


nevermind that, what about that boxilicious orange 240 in the back?


2j powered, i understand that engine was available in a supra, but it came in other cars too


awesome, you would never know it could melt your face off! but the wheels are cheezy.


Volvo's are definately starting to become popular for all sorts of reasons, and I think it's great! I've loved the 5cyl Turbo Volvo's since back when my parents had a C70 10 or so years ago and I used to take it out to the street races when my car was off the road....and now I have a Focus ST daily and am reminded by the awesome sound they make and how well they go. I suppose if you had to replace the 5cyl with anything, then a 2J would be I love what they've done!

Speaking of Volvo's and their turbo 5cyl, I'd love a P1800 wagon with a retro fitted 2.5T out of the current Volvo's and ST's......would be awesome!


the stanced shot is cool but i prefer that money action shot you guys had earlier before updating the post lol. cool find. i wonder if using this chassis was any lighter than a supra. great find!


Those ballerific five spokes are making my eyes bleed... Mike, c'mon man, Google translate.


Awesome. this is why i love creative engineering and mad engine swaps


The cars alright.. The 2JZ swap is illin' and all but fallowing it up with the solid rear-end is canceling a sic idea like that out.. obviousely theres no attention paid towards corners, right?


those wheels ruin it.


I'm sure the outrageousness of the wheels really sells them in person, but im with just about everyone else it seems: test wheel in 2nd pick looks BANGIN, anddd i think it would really carry through the 2j/ supra theme for the car to go with something a little more classy/ jdm racing oriented.

SICK project though!


rims look like those found on the MB CLS to me


The wheels are Volvo Polaris, and the replica's are Eikers E1


But... why place a (hot) oil cooler in front of an intercooler (should be receiving cold air)? Nice build, these C70 have a great shape thanks to Pininfarina, now the looks are backed up with proper straight-line performance.


Oh, my car ended up on a page on SPEED HUNTERS ... it is I who have built this monster:)


Ugh, horrible wheels kind of ruin it, but wow what a job! Some Rota's would be nice enough, or just something a lot more understated and it'd be perfect!


wheels are so lame


Good build, terrible wheels.


Cool ride! Not sure about the solid 8.8 rear axle IRS would be WAY better.

And if all you guys can find wrong are the wheels you are nit-picking! They can be changed real easy.....


You want to see a guy with 2jz and Volvos ! Guy from Thailand ! ! ! !


I think the wheels help to make it more of a sleeper, how many times would you pass that car and think somebody bought a cheap car and through some big rims on it just to feel cool? Then BAM!!! 2jz


Guys, the wheels in the second photo are genuine Volvo Polaris 17" wheels - An optional wheel on the old Volvo 740 Turbos here in Australia. Very rare wheel but an awesome looking wheel - great deepdish offset


Sorry Bromat, but this volvo was designed in sweden by Peter Horbury in 1996, talking about pininfarina, they took they'r hands one the newest models of volvo c70 since 2005.


Mum and give you a volvo for a 1st car.

Blow the motor up and then boom drop a 2j in it.

Stay Classy!


Looks like a very well put together car. I love seeing different car builds like this one.


ugly wheels needs the ones from the second photo


Just: WOW!!!!


The wheels on the second picture are Eiker e1 i think :)


I have a soft spot for C70's and this one is rather delish! Epic wheel fail though... are they 20's?


Awesome, but those wheels are uuuuugly!


the wheels in the second pic are either original volvo polaris wheels or the eiker e1 replicas.

very nice wheels and highly sought after in the volvo community.


If I didn't know better I'd say it came with the motor : )

Car is Tuff!


Cant go wrong with brembo 8 pistons.