Recently Lexus announced that they had broken the production car lap record around the daunting Nordschleife circuit and today they've released a video backing up their claim. The LFA Nurburgring Edition – of which only 50 will be made – lapped the Green Hell is an astounding 7:14.64.




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Toyota is the Porsche of Japan. Engineering genius who will spend the money and time required to win at a certain field of motorsports just to prove they have the ability too.


Would love to see the tires post run. Methinks they used a one and done set. Everyone does it for record laps, but it's pretty obvious that the car is exceeding the limits of its cornering ability by quite a lot and making up for it by sacrificing tires. Good show all the same.


@Okesoke: Too bad that didn't work out so well for them in F1.


Isn't the start and finish supposed to be at the same point to be considered a full lap? The timer stops 200ft before the point at which it started. Is this just how the 'Ring works?


Congrats to Lexus! My favorite car of all time is now the fastest of the Green Hell.


I'm glad the car did well, Hiromu Naruse would be proud.


all i can say is wow lol


Go Toyota!!!!


Great result, but someone forgot to take their water bottle out of the passenger footwell!

It's bouncing around in the top right every time he turns lol


i believe the guys of Nissan GTR wont be happy until they beat that number and i think they can do after short period


2-9-8-! MPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Isn't the radical The fastest followed by the Gumpert?

They both lapped faster times then this.


@ Noch:

it is. The official times are normally measured what they call "Bridge to Gantry", because thats the track you can go all out in the Tourist version, the long straight is left out. I think its is good that way because say a 300km/h+ car could make up a lot of time on the Döttinger Höhe compared to a nimble cornering machine that has a hard time hitting 250km/h.


It says production car...


Lol you mad Nissan?


hmm what is the definition of a production car? I thought the Pagani Zonda R lap of 6:47.5 killed everyone one. Link:


sorry toyota, it isnt a production car if only 50 are being made.

also, to the retard who thinks this is a 300mph car; speed is read in KILOMETERS an hour everywhere in the world except in your backwoods redneck part of the planet.


@Davo...I thought so too, but I know the radical is sometimes considered the edge of "Production"...I love the LFA! It's so sexy, but I can see the Agera R and other setting similar times. WHEN will we see all these cars (or a majority of the top cars) running on the same the same drives and on similar tires of some sort. 1 person said the GTR will eventually beat this...maybe yes, maybe no,but I'm sure Nissan will REPORT a faster time just as they did before and every media outlet will just eat it up. "Ring Records"


Well, I stopped caring for Nürburgring lap times after the Nissan GT-R came into existence... Now it's all about who can put more and faster computers in the car.


I think its funny that they claim this considering they arent using the tires that they sell on the car.


Why does it sound like a honda. lol


damn haters gunna hate no matter what...


Gumpert Apollo is a production street car and on street tires is 3 seconds quicker than the LFA.

LFA's time is great but it is no production record!

The Radical SR8 even quicker sub 7 minute time was on street tires too.

AFAIK the Zonda R was on race tires ...


@airforce1 and Davo: When we say "production car", its normally interpreted as "road car". The Zonda R is in "production", but isn't at all street legal. If we mean "production car" to be "street-legal", however, we'd still acknowledge Radical cars, they being street-legal, but obviously, they're kit cars meant for weekend track days and are the absolute "bare-minimum" for a street-able car; a bit unfair IMO compared to manufacturers that make the effort to make cars at least live-able to an extent (like having a roof over your head). The Gumpert is probably the most legitimate counter-argument to the LFA's record, both being "production" cars, both being "street-legal" and are more than just kit cars. Both are also low-volume.

Personally, I'd say we should add "regular production", ie. not planned to be extremely limited in production numbers, as a criterion for the definition of "production car" along with the above criteria.

Thus: a production car must be or have been in production, must be street-legal, street-able (not just a kit car), and aren't particularly limited in production (although the exact minimum number that should be made is debatable, we can say, for now, that the car shouldn't have any set limit for production: make as much as can be made, sell as much as can be sold).

This way, we can avoid the rather unsatisfactory equation of production car = car made by a big and "legit" company, which is, itself, a rather vague claim.


Doesn't really surprise me since LFA prototypes have been running the ring since 2003 and have run the Nurburgring 24 as prototypes as well since the mid 2000s (The car was designed around the Ring). Though I am a bit skeptical of how "production" these tires really are, you still have to respect the time. I can't wait until Car and Driver puts out the 2012 Lightning Lap around VIR with the updated 2012 GTR, Porsche GT2 RS, ZR1+ZO6 with Michelin Sport Cups and the "Real" Production version of the LFA Nurburgring Edition. Only time will tell.


Congrats to Toyota for the outcome... of six months straight of tuning and testing to produce such a miraculous time around the Ring. Just to those who are able to spend a half a million dollars on a Lexus (which, likely... is none of you).. the vehicle you get will, chances are, not be able to run around the Ring with in that time because this vehicle went through tons of changes from the production cars to pull that time (much like they did with the GT-R).


Lap record? But the Gumpert is 4 seconds quicker. And (I know it's a contentious issue) the Radical SR8LM has done a 6:48.


@Acc, @Noch isnt talking about bridge to gantry times. He's refering to the fact that the timing began at the end of the armco on the final straight, but finished at the beginning of the armco. It would probably only make 2-3 sec difference but its still annoying


all that computers and still cant break 7's while cars that are less expensive are a few seconds behind

tanner's focus might be even faster than a LFA and its about in the same price range


plow understeer everywhere?