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We will be covering the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in more detail soon, but we thought the stunning new Jaguar C-X16 Concept deserved its own post.

The Jaguar C-X16 Concept is the latest design in the reinvention of Jaguar and their design language and follows the XF, XJ and the C-X75 Concept last year.

The new car is a compact rear wheel drive and is the smallest Jaguar coupe produced. With an all aluminum construction and a new 380hp 3.0l V8, it’s capable of of 0-100km/h in 4.4sec and a top speed of 300km/h.

Some of this is down to a ‘push the pass’ style KERS boost system that is fed by a battery pack. This produces an extra 70kW of power which is impressive.

But for me, it is the styling of this near production concept which is most exciting. The C-X16’s styling is described by design chief Ian Callum as being “designed from first principles… an evolution of the design ethos of past Jaguars”. He said: “It defines an agenda for a future of dramatic, innovative sports cars.” Can’t argue with that.

The new ‘trapezoid’ Jaguar grille, as seen on the XK and latest XJ fits the coupe proportions of the C-X16 well, which results in one of the few corporate faces which work in both sedan and coupe form.

These renders from Jaguar designer Matt Beaven show the fluid lines and stance of the car really well. Although soft in form, some subtle creases on the tops of the fenders, along with the deep outer air intakes result in a muscular, aggressive look, which somehow retains the elegant Jaguar look. Those outer air-intakes are the only things I’m not completely sold on.

Beaven was also involved in the exterior styling  of the C-X75 and was a colleague of mine in Vehicle Design at Coventry University many, many years ago. Matt started his career as a clay modeller, working on the Jaguar XJ220!  In fact, over 10% of the ‘Class of 94’ now work in the Jaguar Design studio. Stunning job guys.

The flowing muscular lines over the car are very typical of Jaguar coupes, taking influence from the current XK-R but to my mind, also the iconic E-Type with the rear haunches which blend out into the roof line, just like the classic.

The E-Type theme continues at the rear with the hatch opening and thin narrow rear lights, similar to those on the C-X75 concept and early E-Types.

Along with the push to pass button on the steering wheel, the interior is a break from the traditional look and has a 2+2 seating arrangement.  As with the exterior, this is near production ready.

While the press release doesn’t mention this, many media outlets are reporting the C-X16 will go into production next year, priced around the £50,000 mark.

-Andy Blackmore

Images: Jaguar


Jaguar C-X16 Website



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It isn't stunning, it looks generic, especially coming from jaguar.


Wow.... stunning and for the most part, it looks production feasible. PLEASE build it to look just like that!


I absolutely love this car ... except for the interior! What were they thinking? That's the most un-Jaguar interior I've ever seen. A break from tradition is all well and good, but all that red does not suit the car at all.

That said, I'd still park one in my garage ....


WOW! WTF! please put this into Production Jaguar, this looks amazing.

I'm with you Andy, I'm not sure on those air intakes outboard of the main grille, but the rest is pure Automotive Porn. I can't believe its taken so long for a baby Jag coupe.

Nice job Callum and Beaven


Its very rare to see a new car I want. Build it Tata.


Pretty good looking car! The love child of a maserati and aston martin? The headlights are very S2000 in pic4? Have to agree on the interior, dosnt seem to match the overall feel of the rest of the car.


this is quite possibly the most stunning car i have ever seen.....i just hope this is what the production model looks like


Jag and Aston seriously need to separate themselves. Can't tell if this is the new Aston or the Jag.


Its at least not completely a baby Aston this time, as far as looks go.

Seems nice.


That looks awegasmic.


That is one great looking and performing (based on the specs for now) Jaguar! I would love to see them make a comeback and this is definitely a step in the extremely right direction.


Kinda has hints of Alfa 8C, but when u reach the rear...O-M-G/ Stunning, nothing but awesome Jag there.

Awesome looking concept. Good move Jag.


That is absolutely stunning!


If this goes on sale as is right now i will trade in my 3 unborn children, the peanutbutter sandwich i just made along with my Hyundai Genesis Coupe!

This is Sexy

Jessica Alba who?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Gorgeous! I'm loving the styling, and the fact it looks so close to be production ready. 50k GBP is also reasonable, though I'm sure we'll not be seeing anywhere near that Down Under which is a shame.


it looks very futuristic, but i wonder if it will suffer from looking dated very quickly, like some of these modern Jags? love the rear view and the interior..


Looks like the child of a an R35 GTR and a Maserati Coupe, which is definately no bad thing,


i agree about the outer intakes. other than that, this has got to be one of the most flowing and well proportioned designs of late... can't wait till we hear that 3.0l v8. i want it in my garage now!


i agree about the outer intakes. other than that, this has got to be one of the most flowing and well proportioned designs of late... can't wait till we hear that 3.0l v8. i want it in my garage now!

oh one other thing: maybe they could have refrained from the red calipers... they draw too much attention and it would have been better in a more subtle black, for example. one of a few VERY minor gripes with the design!


such a lovely concept.

looks stunning


Build it and they will come..


dubai motors.


This is honestly one of the sickest cars iv ever seen


sexy sexy sexy i love it


Wheels are too big...


[View:] I'm sure a lot of you have seen Andy's recent post about


so dope... hope they set it up for some LeMans racing


Kinda looks like some of the Rx8 engineers had there hand in this design


It is stunning, but oh-so-derivative. I'm not sure if I like the sensuous curves melding with sharp creases and openings, though. Sexy robot time?

It seems like all the manufacturers are having a hard time coming out with original designs. There are only so many ways you can tweak a shape while having it conform to safety regs, I guess. The days of unique, organic cars are long gone.

Also, high belt line means excessively large wheels are required. Ugh.


Cant beat Astonmartin? just copy them. haha. :)


I like it, genuinely nice looking car - pretty and masculine at the same time. Looks heavily influenced by modern Astons but is that a bad thing? Front end has elements of both the GTR and the 350z/250z but the rear end is spot on - when you compare it directly to an E Type it's quickly obvious where the influence came from there; sweeping pillar, gentle curve into the tail, tail light with the horizontal lines and the circular addition, even the haunches of the rear quarter panel. So it's got some styling cues from other makes and models but they do look well all put together.


Sorry, folks. There will NOT be a V8 in this vehicle. Yes, it is dissapointing news to find out that Jaguars going with a "screw being part of Europe... lets go be Japanese" point of view and using a V6 with forced induction. Yes, its another overpriced "Mehh!! Who cares?" kind of car by (BIG SURPRISE!!) Jaguar. Sorry if Andy got your hopes up with those 3.0l V8 claims... Yes, I was hoping that Jaguar was going to build something interesting and proper cool too.


looks like a cross between a Spyker C8, and an Aston Martin, also rear end has a hint of RSX in it


it looks like Bugatti Veyron, it is a lovely concept


very nice but i would of made it look more like the etype why not porche never changed