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All of a sudden it's that time of the year again. The sounds of cars launching on 50+ pounds of boost, the smell of methanol in the air and the feeling of the ground shaking with each pass that's laid down. Jamboree is back in town. This leading Australian drag racing event was originally scheduled to run at the end of August, but due to a rainy forecast it was postponed until this coming weekend. 

Prior to this weekend's Jamboree, the world's fastest GT-R – the Heat Treatments R32 from New Zealand – took to Willowbank Raceway for a private test session. After this short post I did last year, I was invited back to document their shakedown.

When I arrived in the morning it was great to see the team already at work in preparation for a solid day of testing and fine tuning. It's always such an eye opener to see how much work and tweaking goes into a car that runs for a few brief moments. The pilot of the world's fastest GT-R – which snatched the record from the HKS R33 GT-R – is New Zealander Reece McGregor.

Just before going out the rear tyres were swapped over by Reece's father, Keith. 

Each and every year cars become lighter, grippier and of course faster. This year the GT-R has had a few minor changes to the engine and is pumping out a similar power figure to last year. Whilst having a chat with Reece he mentioned the main thing they are focusing on this year is grip down the quarter mile, as last year was quite slippery. 

I took this moment to get some photos of the engine bay. I can't even imagine how many hours of hard work have gone into developing this setup.

Everything has been put together perfectly, just look at the tight fit between the dump pipe and head. 

It was not only the Heat Treatments team alongside Reece McGregor but some very familiar faces from New Zealand too…

…Such as Terry and Rod Harvey from Rayglass Racing. He was not only there to give them some insight but also a helping hand.

Prior to heading out Reece jumped into the seat to run over his throttle launch to see how well the engine was holding boost in the top end. After 2 or 3 attempts it was almost spot on.

With the remaining body parts bolted on it was time to head out.

All of a sudden the chills crawled down the back of my spine. I have to say, if there was a motorsport I'm most afraid of shooting it would by far be drag racing. I lost count of how many frights I had at last year's Jamboree; seeing 2000+hp cars launch off the line, lose traction and head straight towards the wall you're standing behind is something I won't forget. 

The final preparations were made, here the crew put iced water into the intercooler system.

Practice days like this are great to shoot at. With only the team and car on track, it allows for clear and uncluttered photos. It also allows me to get behind the cars for the burnout and launch. 

Before I knew it the GT-R was gone.

The first couple of runs were dedicated to launch practice. Here the GT-R is being directed back in line.

First impressions were great, the car looked to be well balanced and was launching square off the line. The car ran 12psi at the front and 9psi at the year. I just love seeing the rear tyres churning at launch. 

The team were very impressed at how the car performed off the line, however there was still some fine tuning to be done.

With no other cars testing that day, Reece and the team were able to review their tyre marks.

After each pass the team would immediately download the car's data to see where and what they could improve. 

The aftermath of a burnout.

Hundreds of cars will run down this 1/4 mile this weekend. This particular year marks the 21st anniversary of Jamboree so we're hoping to see some record breaking runs.

After another practice launch the team reviewed the clutch and transmission where a few minor changes were required…

…While more telemetry was analysed. 

Here is one of the team members making a few adjustments to the gearbox.

It was then time to top up the fluids and prepare the car for a full pass. Terry advised Reece to drive the car to his ability and see how the clutch felt. 

Here is Reece getting fitted up.

For this run Reece's father Keith asked if I could shoot the car from the front end to show them how the car looked off the line…

…And I was more than happy to oblige.

From a photographer's point of view the car looked very stable off the line in comparison to last year and most definitely got my blood pumping.

From start to finish the car ran quite well down the 1/4 mile. At this was a shakedown, the team didn't attempt to break their 7.57sec record. 

They say practice makes perfect and it's apparent that Reece and the Heat Treatments team are on the right path. I wish the team all the best for this year's Jamboree. 



Heat Treatments Limited



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how does a awd car do a burnout. is it fronts first than rears ore just the rears ore i dont know?


Last year the car was making 1600whp+. Have they detuned it a heap, or are you pulling numbers out of your ass?


daaaaaaaayyyyym! that one rather nippy motor!


Sorry I am totally ignorant when it comes to drag racing, but 1087hp for a GT-R in not much. I've seen GT-R's with 1500-1600hp (or more). So, how can a GT-R with "only" 1087hp claim to be the fastest GT-R? Nobody else tried to beat their record?

If the Team clocked 7.57 last year with 1600hp, I'm hoping they're doing a bunch of testing (and eventually increase the boost where the engine sees 1600hp), otherwise breaking that 7.57 record is going to be impossible with only 1087hp.

Anyone wants to chime in?


JDMized - It's not about how much power you make, it's how you put it down. Like it says in the article, they are trying to put more power to the ground this year....


Power output is not the only thing that dictates speed...


Car Feature Please!!!


Even in drag racing there is such a thing as too much power, excessive wheelspin actually makes the car slower, and harder to drive. It's not just about power, it's about using the power you have (which is why a street GTR can be quicker than cars with 100kw more power).

Jamboree has been on my bucket list for some time. Not easy to get to from Victoria, but I want to get there one day!


wow that is fast! and only 9psi at the year!!! :)


Go Kiwi! wow Reece is looking older these days :p


nice, would love to see that for myself going down the track


@ JDMized - You can't just pull a 7.57 out of your arse in a GTR. Reese and his father have building and racing this car since I was a teenager. They know what they are doing, they just need everything to go right for them on that run.


Masjic: R32-34 GT-R's use a rear-biased AWD system. You can either run a torque split controller, or a simple method is to replace the 4WD relay with a switch that allows you to turn off the AWD at will.

On another note... Although I admire the hard work and engineering that have gone in to making this GT-R a quick beast, I prefer seeing them used for what they were made to do - Go around a track fast. Still, kudos to Heat Treatments for their hard work and determination.


This such an animal. It's a shame that drag racing has lost such momentum from the in the US. Because unlike.what some others say....there's more it that just running a straight line.


That is one rediculous car. Are they trying to get grip through aero or suspension this year... just curious


Its on a switch you douche, It can be 4wd or rwd..


why would he be pulling numbers out of his ass? sounds disgusting, and if you read it mentions they are only running 9psi... another thing I want to add is horsepower numbers don't necessarily equate to faster times... power band and linear grip are more important at this level


@JDMized you must be a young kid or new to drag racing. High HP counts me incredibly little if you can't get a proper launch or the traction required to get into the 7 second mark. The simple fact its a AWD drag car with over 1000hp and not a Top Fuel chassis like R.I.P.S RB30 7 second car is truly amazing. Good post.


Last time i heard the car was making over 1600bhp, so if they've gone up in power surely you've just made a typo? great car none the less though


Casey said it was 1087hp at the wheels, so it would certainly be putting down more at the flywheel.


The car is on a switch, You can make it 4wd or rwd, Such an amazing looking engine.


HTR GTR only does RWD burnouts. They do not claim to have the fastest GTR in the world, the HAVE the faster GTR in the world. Admittedly it take a few years before they knocked the HKS R33 off the post.


Writer's mistake:

Fastest does not equal Quickest.

Fastest is measured in MPH.

Quickest is measured in Seconds down the quarter mile.

Fastest would be from the Salt Flats coverage.

Once again, writer's mistake.


Really? 1500-1600HP Skylines? Where?

Smoky Nagata's was only 1k HP. 1087HP, with AWD, I could see it running 7.57


Its a power at ALL 4 Wheels figure - not the engine - although they shouldn't be losing 400hp through the driveline..


Wallpaper of the first image please


JDMized-sometimes less HP is better -less wheel spin etc so a lower HP'd car can sometimes pull better times-it's all about traction-i used to think more HP quicker times but after been into cars etc that deemed not to be the case-less can mean nore if you get what i mean


"its not about the cats is black or white..what matters, is it catches mice....."

by the way..its one of nasty GT-R here on earth..keep your good job guys.. ;)


Brilliant car, I hope it has a trouble-free Jamboree. To those wondering about power numbers, to put it into scale...According to Heat Treatments this car has briefly seen 1800-ish hp on the dyno, and I've seen a picture of a 1600+ hp dyno pull on their website. So the current 1200-1300 flywheel horses is quite a bit down from that. I assume they'll wind it up a bit if they get their launches sorted out.


where's the video???



JDMized is both. He is a moron.

1000+hp on this car plus AWD in a lightweight R32 chassis is no small feat trying to keep this thing stable.

This is one viscous setup.


I'll chime in, " 1087hp for a GT-R is not much "... You must be ignorant. Did you even read the story JDMized? Honestly, it's explained right infront of you, they've detuned the car is search of grip. When they find grip, they can wind up the boost to make more power and run faster times, how hard is that to work out? Last I read the car was making above 1800hp. Think > Type.


brilliant article showing the background of drag racing.


Is this thing still AWD, or did they convert it to RWD to save weight and make the drivetrain more efficient?


you guys should take the out here in Atco Raceway in New Jersey to run with Puerto Rico


Kudos to them for going for the HKS record but if you think about it, the guys at HKS are done with the R32 and R33 and have moved on years ago...


Putting the "Speed" in Speedhunters : )

There is an engine attached to that turbo, or is it the other way around ; )


this is a real monster!!!! this r32 GTR is awsome!!!!!!!