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It has been a long few days for the Team Need for Speed crew as we have begun the journey on the first leg of our UK and Ireland tour. However, all the early effort has been rewarded with the best possible outcome; Frederic took the win today at Silverstone! In case you didn't know, today was a round of the BDC Super Pro series. For Frederic to arrive at his first UK event and win it outright in the face of stiff competition was no mean feat. Even better, D-Mac's '86 made its competitive debut and reached the top four before being eliminated by Frederic. All in all, the first event on our tour has been a huge success. We hope our Irish readers can join us in Mondello next weekend where we will do battle once more.


Paddy McGrath



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See, proof that FD is on or above the competitive level of other countries. AAsbo's been competing in FD for a few years now and I think it really helped him hone on his already massive skills lol. Anyways Im still hoping for an olympics of drifting, every country battling it out every year. ::thumbs up:: Aasbo, congrats.


The Scion will Never be like Supra.............


Was there today. It was an awesome event. Track dried up for the finals meaning the team need for speed could do there thing with full effect.


Gotta find the video for this quick


Congrats:) I dont know how i feel about the aero not flexing anymore...its what made the supra unique :)


Wow amazing for the As!

But I need to know how difficult was.


Frederic needs to bring the Supra to FD. Unless something about it makes it disqualified or something. It seems like he wins everything he takes part in with that car. It's cooler than the scion too. My only hope for the scion if he has to stay with it is that they give him an FRS next year.


The supra looks so much better without the flexing front bumper.


I'll upload the video of the final of this soon guys :D

I got to play NFS the run sat opposite to aasbo aswell :D


Did someone forget he scored first place against top FD drivers at Yas Marina? Aasbo in Supra + Formula 1 track = Win.


Aasbo wins every time when he isn't driving a Scion. Shows that a fwd coupe Corolla converted to rwd isn't such a good idea.


aasbo should just stay with the supra in the us because he's proving that he's pretty damn unbeatable with the supra