Car Spotlight>> More-than-low Datsun 260z On Ccws

This years' Japanese Classic Car show was without a doubt, the biggest it has ever been. All kinds of nostalgic Japanese cars filled the lawn of the Queen Mary to the brim. But one of those that suck out from the crowd was this rather slammed example of a 1974 Datsun 260Z.

This very 260Z sports 240ZG flares, an MSA front bumper, and a pair of headlight covers –an item no classic Z would be complete without these days.

The owner was able to get a set of coil overs for the DC2 Integra to fit on to the 260Z which resulted in the more-than-just-low ride height.

The interior has been kept relatively stock.

Wheel choice is always make-or-break factor of a modified car. And the CCW Classics, which are 16×10.5 32 all around, makes this car.

Even though the car is sporting a set of fender flares, the owner still went for a stretch (205/40/16 tire on a 10.5") to fit the wheel under the fender and wheel well.

This car may not have been the most functional car at JCCS, but how it sits, how impressively clean it is and the huge chromed out CCWs definitely helped make it a crowed favorite.

One thing is for certain, it sure impressed us.


Speedhunters 2011 JCCS Coverage

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Flows perfectly. yum.


It only needs fender mirors to be complete.


Can't say I like this car, I would rather see it in stock form.


205 tire on a 10.5" wheel?

would have been one hundred times cooler if they had built that car to handle a 275 or 295 tire........"hey mah, I got lip, but the entire bead of the wheel is exposed, derp"


Hella Flush yo !


This is Miguel Soria's car. Hey had a feature I shot on Stance Nation (Classic Allure) and the offset is -32.


crowd... crowed?


To each their own but the not a fan of the wheel fitment. Offset is spot on but would suit some more period suited style/size. Chrome is too much too IMO...


yuta A. is slackkkinnn this car #rocksmysocks


reckon the old Z's look better without light covers n not too into CCW's...great car nonetheless! =)


Talk about biting off of Yuta. Thumbs down.


what do you guys think the next trend will be? the last year or two the Hella flush - illest trend was big. Now the Rusty rad-rod thing is catching on. .. Id like to see a grass roots circa 1970-1973 road racing thing. No stickers ,steel rims, i return to SU carbs

? .. anyone.? ill feelin a "summer breeze" by Seals and crofts.. ?


ALL style, just the way I like it.


it will look better if it dndt hade the big muffler


looks great.

yuta wasn't the first to slam and flare a s30. get over it.


dont like the wheels tbh modern wheels dont suit such a beautiful car.. rust on drivers door too


Perfect except for those stickers.

Also, didn't that other infamous ratted out 240z use Teggy coils as well? Looks like Ts catching on.


This car is hella gay get over it and he did bite yuta down to the hella gay suspension setup with the DC 2 coilovers


im not really a big fan of chrome but i have to say that, this car is stunning!


Is every slammed S30 with flares being compared to Yuta's Z now? Let people do their own thing. If a particular setup works, then rock it like a champ.


Cant say i like stock Z cars. This one is sex on wheels


I think it should be stuck out not suck out xD someone shoul edit this becaust this sucks definitly not.


though i agree that those arches have MORE than enough room for massively wide tires, and that it would be sick with big meat all around... it looks amazing in these shots.


total biter except this one is least take off side trim...did he cut flares to clear trim?out of all those cars you couldnt find any z with more crafmanship in them..stock motor slammned disgusting...


desktop is a must here.


summer breeeeeeeeze makes me feel fine....... ? no one's feelin my predictions in trends ?


Rad. I'm feelin this


haters gonna hate but this car is spot on with what it is doing.


mmm... I thinkg is great because have simple things and it's very Old School but the size of the wheels don't flow very well in JCC cars.

But is cool anyways.


Triangle Tyres for the win

Triangles are cheap as shit and leave a lot to be desired.


give the guy a break. it looks good. theres not a lot of wide low pro for 16"x10.5. theres a reason why your car isnt featured in speedhunters. and this car is. The fitment of 14x6 aluminum slot mags with 225/60/14 is gone. at least he isnt running 17" or even worse 18" rims.


That would be awesome if it wasn't "hellaflush". That's ruined it. It looks like it doesn't have any tyres.


every now and then you see a car which you say this is that car. I would be set with this car. And this is that car for me. I have a GENCOUPE and i would get rid of it for the simplicity and stance of this car.


nice car, cant please everyone. some like the fat tire look some like stretch. lots of people want to see an old style with stock shit ( boring) and has been done thousands of times. yeah. hellaflush and illest is a trend. but good stance will always be in like it has been in japan and europe for a long time.


The car looks great BUT the stretch look SUCKS...............just not as bad a the VIP look that REALLY sucks.


u guys act like this car is so ugly. this car is awesome to me but at the worst its still alright.


nice datsun. yuta has some competition now


It would look better with 17's in black/polish and wider tires.


unreal car. please don't ever stop posting stuff like this.


Form over function.

Although the car looks clean, is it really?. Before I’d start spanking my hard earning cash wouldn't you want to make sure that you're putting the money into the right parts of the car before anything else? It's a classic car and the metal work on the S30's isn't the most robust.

I mean, WTF is the door rust bubbles are about man? Rat-look, I understand, but having rust bubbles? It's either that he's run out of dollar or is deluded. It's like having the gear but no idea, right?

I've got a 240Z and it's in storage until I’ve saved enough money to work on it properly. I made sure that I've bought a good rust-free machine, no cracks in the dash with a very healthy engine all the way from California in the UK.

Also, what the hell are the rims about, although they are nice I can see more lip that Bubba in Forest Gump.

Personally, I believe that the handling of car will now be severely compromised and beats the whole idea of having a Z.

To be driven.


I love $$$$ spent on the wheels and the RUST bubbling but quarter panel with stickers everywhere on the glass. It just looks dumpy.


how is it biting off anyone's style when people have been doing S30's and 130's in this general style since the mid 70's? chicken or egg?

personally? I'd ditch the side trim, and the carpet on the dash (maybe its covering the cracks these dashes are so prone to). The blue lugs dont match either

props for having the 'nice' headlight covers (4 bolt type)


nice and clean looking Z!

love it

and nice photo from Linbergh.


I love where the owner is going with it! Personally, I would have used the *CCW* money on rust removal and re-spray. His money, his car...


What a Z!!!!! Mouthwateringly good


I love this car, its just one more way to have fun with a car on a budget. I think those wheels are fully polished, not chrome plated... its common for CCWs to be bling bling polish fresh from the CNC machine. Lots of fun in a small car with a ton of potential to snap necks as people wonder how it can be driven around so low. Great feature, sad to see so many people hate on it.


Love this. Tastefully modified IMO. More Z's plz! :D


It's clean but it;s not my style, also it looks NOTHING like Yuta's car, just because more than one person builds a flush S30 the other is automatically biting? Get over it.


shits ugly..modern chromed out wheels do not fit this chasis, ESPICIALLY in this ugly ass color


Love it. high res?


this example is wicked.. those rims although quite 'bright/blingy' in finish.. i think just about suits the car, yes, we can split hairs all day long as regards to 'period correct'-ness, but i think it looks cool as can be. the ride height makes me smile - very well kept and turned out! - Thanks.


I hink this car rocks.

Rust bubbles? so what? its not like its rusted to shit.

It sems to me that he keeps it clean, so its only natural that it will be fixed, and if not, who cars its his car.

As long as its not a pile of parts thrown togheter w/ jb weld is all good, you only have to please yourself.



Exactly how I would have it but with thick spoke wheels.


one of the most beutifuls JDM clasic cars... have the perfect stance ... and amazing wheels .. everything togeter give this perfect result!!!! brilliant!!!!


cant say i like this one.

car cant make up its mind..

But to each his own.


Hey all, 
Does anyone know if this car is running the same 205/40/16 tires & 10.5" rims on the front? Or if you need coilovers to allow the wide tire to fit under the fenderwell?
Or does anyone know where I would be able to contact the owner of the car, I'd like to get some more info on tire sizes and fitment.