Car Spotlight>> Beauman Jones’ Fat57 Truck

We hope you enjoyed the tour of FAT57 Customs but it doesn't end there as we have a spotlight on Beauman Jones' 1956 Chevrolet pickup. 

When Dino and I arrived at Fat57, we both agreed that a spotlight on this bagged machine was a must. Particularly as it was virtually sitting on the ground!

Beauman assembled this truck with spare parts that the Jones family had lying around in the backyard.

The dash has received a coat of bronze paint…

…While the steering wheel spokes and column add some polish to the mix. 

The seats have been covered with a 'Mexican Blanket'.

The wheels were repainted to match the dash colour and work well with the white-wall tyres. 

The pickup has been equipped with air bag suspension and a custom four link made specifically for this car by Beauman's father and brother: Mark and Harley Jones. 

The airbags allow the truck to be dropped onto the ground. You can only see half of the rear wheels! 

At its lowest ride height setting, the exhaust is just millimetres off the ground.

Powering the pickup is a small block 350ci motor and transmission. The engine, believe it or not, was purchased from a speed boat racer. 

Usually I shoot late-model Japanese cars, so it was great to photograph an older car. It opened my eyes and I can't wait to shoot the next one! 


Photos: Dino Dalle Carbonare and Casey Dhnaram

FAT57 Customs

Hit & Run Crew



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Great find, I like a little diversity every once in a while and this truck is definitely it!


Wicked truck. Would've been cool to see a spotlight on their transporter too, that thing is badass!


pics of the old school big rig in the last pic


Nice, a spotlight on the truck in the background would be great too, would love both these in the drivway.


brake booster on passenger side?



Its RIGHT hand drive bromosexual


Would you please do a spotlight on the slammed boxtruck in the background??


F****N awesome truck!


More importantly, what is up with that insane truck in the background of the last photo


@kustomrust: that's the driver's side. which makes this ole hauler that much cooler


Damn! That '56 is a badass.. so is the COE in the back.


Can we get a spotlight on the COE in the back too pleeeaase?


Is it X80 Cressida background of the first photo! could not be noticed.


I can deal with vintage, distressed, retro, all that nonsense.

But that level of corrosion from a 'custom shop' just isn't cool...


I wonder if that truck is "factory" right hand drive or is it converted?


@oscu that looks like his s13 skidder



That's Harley's S13, they snapped a pic of it in the other Fat57 article


Desktop please


It's in Australia.

It's an S13 in the first shot. You'll find more of the S13 in Speedhunter's feature Fat57 as a car builder


Yep factory RHD, in the 50's the chassis were shipped by GM from Canada as a CKD (Complete Knockdown Kit). The cabs and panels (& manufacturer tag) were built in Australia by 'Holdens' (later General Motors Holden). There were Australian Government tax breaks for doing that. The COE bare cab though was brought in from the US.