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Honda always knew that the CR-Z would be well received among enthusiasts. With the current trend to go green, the little hybrid sports car offers something that no eco car out there has so far, like its sporty dynamics and the option of a 6-speed manual gearbox. Being reasonably lightweight the CR-Z has a lot of potential if any owner was thinking of upgrading a few things here and there, something a lot of Japanese shops and parts manufacturers have set out to prove. While down in Suzuka recently I stopped by one of Japans better known tuning garages, Esprit, where I took a look at their own take on Honda's throwback to the legendary CR-X.

As with all of their past demo cars you can expect this CR-Z to get pretty extreme as development progresses but to start things off they have first concentrated on the exterior…

…fitting the new Route KS full "Cyber" aero kit, which completely replaces the front and rear bumpers…

…along with the side skirts. The rear spoiler, hood and black side mirrors covers are additional little touches.

Under the hood things are still stock, but with HKS and other manufacturers having already released turbo and supercharger kits you can expect Esprit to follow suit with something of their own making.

The simplistic interior gets Bride bucket seats…

…a necessity for when the car hits the track. With the Suzuka gates a mere five minute drive from the shop the Esprit guys will definitely be spending a lot of time there fine tuning its suspension.

And on the subject of suspension the Esprit CR-Z runs adjustable HKS dampers, set nice and low for an aggressive stance. Black 17-inch Prodrive GC-05K add a nice contrast to the body and are fitted with Bridgestone Potenza RE-11s in 235/40ZR17 sizes all round. Braking has been upgraded with 4-pot racing calipers and 2-piece slotted rotors.

The rear bumper is just as aggressive as the front thanks to the integrated diffuser on the lower section as well as flush fitting exhaust finishers. If their crazy twin-turbo NSX is anything to go by this is one CR-Z we will have to keep an eye on! Would be cool seeing this in December for the Lap Battle event in Tsukuba Circuit.


-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Car for Ken Block


@ ???????- LMAO!!!

I want a CR-Z! The design is amazing but I was a little upset that there was no K series option. Booo :( W/E I'm sure there will be mounts for a K series coming out soon. ::fingers crossed::


"Being reasonably lightweight..."

By whose standards?

It is almost 1000 Pounds heavier than the original CRX.

It will need 151 HP to match the power to weight ratio of the original US spec SOHC Si model. And that is the engine that everyone rips out to replace with the more desirable DOHC engines. To match the JDM spec engine in the original chassis, it will need something like 224 HP!

The CRZ stock power to weight ratio would be anemic for a four seat FWD car in the late 80's and early 90's. It's heavier and weaker than the Sentra, Protege, and even the Neon!

Where exactly is the improvement with a 2637 pound two seat car with a 122 HP engine?


I thought IMA didn't count as a true hybrid, I need to do more research about the crz but it's a very mean looking car


I think Spoon CR-Z looks much better because it's cleaner and much more simple.


car for ken block


Car for Ken Block


''Honda always knew that the CR-Z would be well received among enthusiasts.'', its too heavy, the engine is too weak, and have a poor balance.

Only greenpeace enthusiasts are happy with it,a and people seems dont remember that plastic is made ou ot oil.

Speedhunter i love you, dont do this again.


Nice car, but one big minus - engine;/


That thing looks NASTY. Hope it gets some added HP soon!




The original crx was a little Japanese karate kid. This is more like an average american from McDonalds.


It's still slow as fuck.


*edit - "Honda always [hoped] that the [committee-built, compromise-mobile] would be well received among enthusiasts."


Speedhunters, I know we are only being offered complete crap for cars nowadays, but please don't jock it if it's really a piece of crap. Not everything outta japan is great. How is this car going to make anyone enthusiastic about a Honda when its heavy, weak and slow?

Demand more from auto makers. Period.


Needs more power : D


Nice looking car, but I would expect more objective journalism from Speedhunters -- just like I would expect a more exciting car from Honda. This reads like it was written by the OEM. Enthusiasts have rebuffed this car since the introduction of it's specs, and body kit is hardly worth a feature (nice looking as it is).


best kit ive seen for the CR-Z....


Needs a V10 swap.


The engine power rating and curb weight of the CR-Z are nearly identical to the Dacia Sandero.

And the CR-Z is also destined to be most remembered as the punch line to a Top Gear joke.


@Honto Ni, @duce, @depth you are spot on, you are spot on...