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Yesterday we showed you the MCA Suspension time attack Silvia, and today we have a feature on its twin sister, a 180SX built for drifting. We’ve been wanting to feature Josh Coote’s gorgeous drift car for a while now, and being able to shoot it alongside its TA brother was the perfect opportunity.

I’ve been documenting not only the car, but the owner/driver, for a while now. I still remember the first day Josh Coote arrived at Queensland Raceway and drove a completely standard 180SX with steel rims. Although it still had a stock 2.0l engine, it was immediately apparent that this guy had talent. And ever since day one, his parents have been by his side, supporting him through every move. Whether it was changing his tyres, doing setup tweaks, or just bringing lunch, the Cootes were always there to support Josh through his drifting career.

Having started off in a standard S-chassis, Josh has slowly transformed his 180SX into a car capable of competing internationally. Last year, the Cootes shipped the 180SX over to New Zealand to compete in the D1NZ series.

Straight away you’ll notice the wide aero which is a BN Blister wide body-kit. The front hood has been replaced by a vented D-MAX carbon item, with the mirrors and roof scoop courtesy of LSM.

Josh’s wheel selection was spot on for his 180SX. Filling the huge guards are a complete set of Work Meister rims, measuring 18×11-inches with a -7 offset.

Grip is an important aspect of drifting, and the huge Origin GT-wing benefits from additional reinforcements.

The wing’s end plates have a touch of Aussie spirit!

Like their time attack Silvia, the interior of the drift 180SX is no fuss. A  roll cage, custom dash, Sparco Pro 2000 seat and MOMO wheel pretty much sum it up. The 180SX features the obligatory hydraulic handbrake, while the oversized shift knob is connected to a Holinger six-speed sequential transmission.

Just like the Time Attack S13 the 180SX is fitted with air jacks to make things a little easier in the pits.

The heart of this monster is powered by a SR20DET which generates 488rwhp. It’s now a 2.2 litre thanks to a JUN 92mm stroker crank, and also features a Pulsar GTi-R head, 6 boost manifold…

…PWR radiator, ARE intercooler and, once again, runs on E85.

Helping get the power to the rear wheels is the Garrett 3582 turbo tuned to a safe 25 psi.

Suspension-wise the car is sitting on MCA Suspension coilovers that Josh and his father built, along with a catalogue of Ikeya Formula arms. The 180SX also runs ETS knuckles, which were made by Nigel Petrie, the man behind that amazing Hilux build.

I’ll leave you with this one final image of Josh doing some suspension setup testing on local turf at Queensland Raceway. And like its time attack twin, the Cootes will be putting the 180SX drifter under the knife. They’ve already begun work on widening the car even more and will be moving to a 2.4litre setup.

We’d sincerely like to thank Josh and the Coote family for allowing us to shoot their cars at WTAC. We can’t wait to see what you guys bring out next year!


Photos: Matt Malcolm and Casey Dhnaram



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I like this so much, sexy car!!


a much better drift car feature than those busted ass drift union features


488 whp and stock front brake calipers and OE sized rorotrs? that sure is unsafe as f*ck


Growing up I wish I had the support of my parents so I could grow and pursue my dreams in the motorsport world. It never happened and I let life get in the way. Now it just feels like I am getting too old even though I am 25. I just feel like I can't continue to pursue such a thing with a wife and kid now and of course paying for everything. All that to say, completely awesome car and the Cootes are an awesome family.


That is a slick looking drift car, I wouldn't mind turning a few laps in that. Those S13 chassis looks so sweet with wide rear wheels and rolled fenders.


agree with Adrian! wish i have such supportive family as well...


I think it looks absolutely gorgous....... you just can't miss with a black/white two tone on a sx!


He actually started in a datsun 1200, get it right you little shit


It was actually a 1600! Lol


hey josh, nice car.. So clean


I also remember meeting josh and his dad at the skid pan in the datto. And competing at his fist club drift comp. We both finished in the top 16, and were the only stock cars there. Its awesome to see Josh and his car evolve onto such a professional level. Living the dream I think.

Keep going !!!


This drifter 180SX looks great. They are usually beat up or have lots of sponsors all over them.


Classic drift style right there.


Drifting isn't as hard on the brakes compared to time attack which has a completely different driving style.