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I think this happens to every car lover out there. As you make your way through daily life, walk down the street to the shops or drive to your work there are moments where our eyes meet, for a split second, with familiar shapes in traffic. It might be a brand new sports car or some rare car you have only seen up close a few times, it's like our breath is momentarily taken away and our hearts touched. This happens to me all the time in Tokyo, there are so many rare and incredible cars roaming the streets that virtually every five minutes I do a double take and rubberneck some kind of exotic or slammed beaten up drift car. It makes no sense that I still have this same exact reaction whenever I see an R34 GT-R. The car is been around for over 12 years now and I've had one for pretty much the same time, but no matter how many times I see one I just can help but stare, that love that initially drew me to it still very much there and as strong as ever. I think Ito-san of Do-Luck must feel the same way, as his R34 is one of the most special "R's" that have ever come out of Japan.

He picked up his car in 1999 and for years it served as the demo car for his company, building it up and perfecting it as the years went by, turning it into the car you see here. On a recent visit to the Do-Luck HQ in Yokohama I was lucky enough to finally get to shoot this san-yon…

…one that for some reason or other I never had the chance of immortalizing before. I had seen this GT-R before then at shows and events but never admired it in all its detail, and believe me there are a lot of details, starting with the condition the car is in. With Ito-san so busy over the last decade building up Do-Luck into the company it is today, not to mention spending most of his time setting up ECU's for an impressive list of clients (he is one of Japan's most respected mappers), he has had very little time to drive and enjoy his GT-R. The car is now de-registered and kept like a collectable with only 16,000 km on the odometer (9,941 miles), used primarily for display.

On top of the full Do-Luck aero treatment and a custom color, under the carbon hood lies an impressively built 650+ HP engine. The RB26 has been bumped up to 2.8L thanks to an HKS stroker kit and mated to a fully ported and polished head with uprated cams and pulleys, again from HKS. 

The twin-turbo set up has been ditched in favor of a full T04Z single turbo kit from HKS. All installation and work was done in house at Do-Luck…

…which includes upgrading the whole fuel system and mapping the HKS F-Con V Pro on their rolling road dyno. Ito-san got the GT-R logo fuse-box cover via the UK GT-R Owners Club, quite the rarity to see in Japan.

A Do-Luck titanium exhaust system completes the engine work. Ito-san spent some time detailing the R34 with the Kleers products he has recently started to import from the UK, so the car was spotless when the time came to take the pictures.

Behind the 18-inch Do-Luck Double Six wheels hides a full Alcon braking system with massive 6-pot calipers mated to 355 mm 2-piece slotted discs up front and smaller 4-pots at the rear.

A little detail of the LED side indicator on the vented carbon-Kevlar fenders. Reminds me of KITT!

The interior has been kept very simple with the bulky air bag equipped stock steering wheel being replaced with a Nardi item.

The A/C unit has been removed since the car is, and never really was used as a daily driver. Miscellaneous modules like the HKS ECU, boost controller and Knock Amp Meter have all been neatly arranged on the custom carbon fiber center console. The Field ETS controller is positioned to the left of the main instrument panel for easy access. 

Ito-san has preferred not to fit a full roll cage but has significantly stiffened up the chassis by fitting a Do-Luck Rear Tension Cage, which is a non-intrusive type of half-roll cage. Under the floor, along the side skirts Do-Luck Floor Support Bars add more longitudinal rigidity while the Do-Luck Rear Cross Bar behind the bucket seats adds additional bracing to the lower section of the shell.

The signature Do-Luck drag-type carbon wing gives a unique touch to the rear of the R34. The carbon fiber trunk lid helps shave off 7.5 kg and sports an integrated lip spoiler.

Ito-san collaborates with Sumo Power in the UK so it's no surprise I spotted the familiar logo on the R34's rear window.

And what better way to complete such a special GT-R with a custom Do-Luck LED third brake light! Hats off to Ito-san for not only building such a special car but for having true passion and not selling it on after he was done with it! Long live the BNR34!


Kleers Japan

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Even now it is still the best kit for the R34.


Rims are not really my cup of tea, it's just that I don't really like these thin spokes and the chrome on them. Other than that, the car is beautiful!


Damn this thing just looks so mean... Wish they were legal here in the states :,(


I love how everything comes together, and the personal touches really separate it from the rest. Nice and tasteful details, yet it screams at you!


great shots of an all time classic!


Even now it is still the best kit for the R34.


awesome, the best car ever:)


I will own a r34 and this kit in less than 5years...... I have to!


Impressive R34. I really like that the cosmetic parts are mainly imports yet the performance components are JDM.


I saw this puppy at the Sumo Power booth at GTR Magazine R' Meeting at Fuji on the 18th…color is amazing in person.


different wheels and no wing, this thing would loook even more sick!


agree with AUTOLEGEND. definitely the hardest R34 kit out there.


not a big fan of the really dont suit this car very well and also the rear wing isnt to my liking.....other than that its quite a stunner!


@Amemiya jammerjoh ;)


*eyes watering* its beautiful....i am in love with R34s and this is the most beautiful one ive seen.


I'd have to say, kudos for the intricate details... I'm totally blown away with every single piece of customized parts, especially the LED as side markers.


Congrats to Ito-san on a beautifully built R34!


GTR--- a legend on wheels!!!! nice car!!!


Sorry, but help me on the pronunciation.. It's Do-Luck, pronounced 'Dough'-Luck.. Or it is Do, as in 'do something'...?


I have to agree with the other 2 about that kit being sick. Though I don't really care about the chrome wheels. Also the spoiler too, it would go.

No hellafailflush wheels would ever go on, a nice set of BBS's would be perfect.

I thought the shift boot and e brake boot were Crown Royal bags for a minute.

I dont see why they didn't replace the dash piece where it's showing wear.


Is the bonnet real carbon or a film (has a blue painted border)? What's the vent for? Throw rocks directly into the cam belt?


GT-R owners and worshippers throughout Japan take a special yearly pilgrimage to Fuji Speedway for the


Someone please tell me what strut brace that is ? x


It's a shame this car isn't driven anymore. Put the A/C back in and I'd daily-drive it in a heartbeat!


Its Do-Luck demo car, with Do-Luck parts from head to toe. Awesome.


One of the best looking kits for the R34 imo.


such an epic car. too bad that wing kills it


Love this car so much, Mr Tanaka let us rev the crap out of it back in 06 when we went there, easily my favorite street R34


Very special GT-R. It looks unique!


Ito San sponsored my R33GTR build, great guy and great product.