Random Snap>> Efficient Tofu Delivery

Everyone has a top 10 list of favorite AE86s in their mind. And I can guarantee that Takumi Fujiwara's infamous, yet unassuming, tofu delivery machine is somewhere in everyone's top 10. No other Corolla embodies the spirit of the underpowered car better than this fictional one from the hyper popular manga/anime, Initial D. It's that can-do-can-conquer mentality that the car and its owner, Takumi, has as it goes into each situation. Even as it goes up against the automotive titans (S13s, SW20s, GTRs, EGs, EKs, FCs, FDs) of Japan up and down the country's mountain roads, the duo doesn't flinch.

Add to the fact that its classic styling is copied around the world to this day and you have my pick of favorite 86 of all time.


86 Day 2011



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Don't miss it!


You'd be a hero if you had that picture in desktop sizes ;)


i heard that there will be the 5th stage so if anyone know the date of release please answer me :)


there deff will be by next year; its about time too, the manga goes on for a while after the 4th stage


Initial D Legend!!


The single most iconic 86 of all time and my personal favourite for what it is and what it represents!


amazing! ae86 ftw


the car that started it all for me!!!


Firstly - Takumi isn't owner of this AE86, it's his father car, lately this is changing but in fact, on begining Takumi only drivers this car.

Even that, 3 episodes is one car battle, this anime is still awsome.

@Marouen Tunisia

Manga is released but nobody know when anime will be released.


Lets not forget Takumi's pop's. Master Jedi Bunta! That guy drives 10 times better than Takumi, not to mention I think he's blind cause he never opens his eyes. He's like the Zatoichi of downhill torgue.


only just getting into this, half way through 2nd stage...just as he's popped the engine!!

n how sick is Bunta?! lol he can drift with his eyes closed and spark up a ciggy!!! :O


FORTH STAGE Last Race S2k owns AE86 <---- :-(


true, i got into cars cuase of this manga


Its a great story. I love it. My mate got me a sticker set that Fujiwara has on the doors of the 86 "?????? (???)” that translates as "Fujiwara tofu shop (staff member)" which I've put on my Skyline R34 family car. I'm tryng to get through the Japanese language in the comic at the moment.


how can you forget GC's when there's one in the picture?? ;)


And this is, ladies and gentlemen, one of the biggest reasons as to why the AE86 is so popular. :P

And I still want one... an exact replica of Initial D's Sprinter Trueno.


still waiting for that there 5th stage, mhmm


legendary.. i do like these cars so much - even the fictional ones! - Thanks