New Cars>>the 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport

Suzuki has released an image of the new 2012 Swift Sport ahead of the car’s debut at next month’s Frankfurt Auto Show.

The current model is a popular platform among compact car enthusiasts and the new one looks to improve on that, offering a 134 horsepower 1.6 liter four cylinder and 6-speed manual transmission. There’s no word on whether Suzuki is planning to finally bring the Swift the United States, but I can’t help but think this car would stand up well here against subcompacts like the Honda Fit and Ford Fiesta.

Anyone have experience with the Swift Sport? Looks like it would be great candidate for a daily commuter.

-Mike Garrett



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current sx4 looks better then this


Hopefully they've got rid of the huge sport bucket seats!

Sadly NZ probably wont get the 2-door, cause with the Greddy super-charger kit this would be a fun little car.


Nothing like the old swift gti


I owned one for three years here in Southeast Asia. It's the 5-door version and its probably the best car I've ever owned. Never had any major problems.


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That headlamp is ugly.


SSS ! nice



but I think suzuki is trying to leave the US game for good, otherwise they would've brought the EU approved, south (or central?) american built previous generation to both the US and Canada, where it could've THRIVED esp. in the gas price crunches of the last few years.


I don't like the new front, but the powertrain looks great!


A popular opinion of the current model is "under powered". Let's hope those extra horses fill that gap and make this a swift to remember


Looks exactly the same as the old one to me


SX4 isn't even in the same ballpark as a Swift. The old Sport was utterly brilliant, this will be even better. Love these cars


i disagree, this car is much better-looking than the SX4. I would drive this over a Fit, Fiesta or Yaris any day of the week. I drove a Suzuki Aerio back in 2005 for a week, and it was one the best daily drivers I had ever driven. It was lively and fun in all aspects.


Looking for a small commuter car with some pep. Would LOVE this thing! It looks awesome.


The SX4 looks like crap compared to this. It's a wannabe Civic. I sat in one, and felt no different than being in a Civic hybrid. Seriously. But anyway, yeah Suzuki needs to bring this to the U.S. I suspect they will, seeing as how they have 2 models here now, the Kizashi and the Equator, taking on the Mid-size sedan and Mid-size truck markets, respectively. So they will need something new and fresh for the subcompact market, seeing as how "great" the SX4's sales are going. I think bringing the Swift in as alternative to the already boring and played-out SX4 will peak more interest in the company. The Kizashi did that for me. Can't wait to see one of these things slammed btw xD


Nice to see they're doing a 3-dr hatch. There are tons of the 4drs Sports here in Jamaica. They drive well but need more power and a more modern drivetrain. The old 125 5speed wasn't cutting it.


looks like turd in real life. whats the point of this post anyways ill go on autoblog if i want new on new cars :/


looks ok! nothing massively drastic happening design-wise then. but hey if the formula has been working why change a thing.


I've driven the 2011 1.5 swift and while it may not be an acceleration giant, they are incredibly chuckable


Why does it look like an Audi Q5 with small tires?

Who decided that all small cars should look like SUVs?

It might look decent if you took the picture and decreased the vertical by 30%. What the hell, they put bar stools in for seat mounts. Who wants to sit that damn high when they drive?


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The old one was a nice little car and a surprisingly good drive.

I think maybe the headlights look like they were cannibalized from a bigger model? 'Cause they look a bit out of proportion to me...but it might be the photo angle.


Its a lot of fun to drive, honestly

BUT........its a suzuki....after 40 miles it starts undressing itself (parts become loose) and engine parts just "Give up" to thrashing....

Not a reliable car at all...


Looks like a 2 door Nissan Versa.


I have a 3door version of the Swift Sport here in Hungary. It's a fun little car with a few things I dont lilke. One of them is the very short fifth gear. I hope I can get the six speed gearbox from the newer model, so i can fit it to mine :)

The other thing is the seat position. Its just too high. I wonder if this will be better on the new SSS...

Other than that I cant complain. Good fuel comsumption, very reliable, quite fast :)


What the?!?!

Looks like a photoshopped R35 on the current Swift!!! look at the headlights and the plunging roofline with black pillars! hahaha


The new Swift Sport offers superior cornering stability and brisker, more responsive handling thanks to struts with internal rebound springs and an exclusive rear-suspension design. It is a refined sport compact resulting from the first full model change since the launch of the original Swift Sport in 2006.">man and van hire london


I've driven the older model and I have to say it's quite an enjoyable ride. The car doesn't seem to react like your every day boring Point A to Point B rides. It has that certain Fun Factor in it. Horsepower levels might be low, but the engine revs up decently high and it always seems to be ready to go, sort of like a pitbull. Don't expect it to win dragracing competitions, just take it straight to some tight turns. I drove it on a 20kms long mountain road, uphill and downhill and I must say I was impressed. I did not expect so much coming from a under 15K Euro Price Tag sports car. When approaching a corner at decent speed and turning in aggresivelly it tends to oversteer, but it's a controlable sorts of oversteer. Anyway, anyone that really loves cars and driving fast will appreciate it. Exterior wise, it's not that ugly as some people say it is. Either way, I think it's a great car-enthusiast choice if you're going to buy yourself a brand new car, and you're looking for something sporty and practical, but you haven't got such a big budget.


is awesome car suzuki swift sport i like it


I think this car is very good, because Suzuki is very famous,


Sweet a scion xa with a suzuki badge


This is way more helpful than anything else I've lokeod at.


Got this baby over a year ago, it was love at first engine start. You can have your relaxed drive at one moment, and get off spinning the wheels at the next. Have been driving it on an everyday basis, and it still brings a smile onto my face every single time I get behind the wheel.