In The Moment>> The On-track Action

The Speedhunters team is busy shooting on track, but here's a selection of photos from our latest card dump. The Garage Revolution / Hankook RX-7 is proving extremely competitive and is just three hundredths of a second behind Tarzan's record breaking run from last year.

Last years winner, Tarzan Yamada piloting the Cyber EVO has not been out as much as the other Pro Class teams, but without a doubt will make up for their lost time.

Since yesterday's practice Sasaki-san has looked very consistent and I'm sure driving the track back in 2010 will pay off with some faster times this year.

Here is the Hi Octane R34 GT-R strapping down the back straight into turn 1…

…Closely followed by Mick Sigworth's fire spitting EVO.


2011 World Time Attack Challenge



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got to admit the Garage Revolution / Hankook RX-7 does look very fast, glad to know its giving other competitors problems. the Evo is no slug tho' - keep us posted.. excellent photos by the way. Thanks.


Some good stuff! Can't wait for the contest to start! I'm digging those panning shots. Keep the good stuff commin'!


Im in South Africa and im following the WTAC from my desk at work, any updates on Scorch?


Scorh is in the 1.32s. Pretty goos considering it is not meant to have the pace of the big boys. Times are here everyone. and will be posted here live throughout the day Saturday I believe


Don't worry about the Evos... They're the ones to beat. The Sierra Sierra is just getting warmed up, and the Cyber just improved by a half second


Man, that PanSpeed FD is so photogenic!!! Best looking TA car, period.


that evo aint got sh*t on mad mikes weapon of a flame thrower ;)


129.02 SSE Evo!!! More to come?


where's the scorch racing s15? i wanna see that bad boy ripping it up