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Speedweek at Bonneville has been one of the two events (the other being the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb) on my personal calendar that I look forward to attending without the slightest bit of hesitation. 

Rod put it best when he said that attending the Bonneville Speedweek can be a day spa for the mind. The moment you step foot onto the salt, a wave of calm wafts over you.

This year, I was honored to have fellow Speedhunter, and Bonneville virgin, Larry Chen, join me in these salty adventures. 

During our week's stay we will be following the Spectre Performance team, with their streamliner, "The Infidel," as they set out to tackle more records.

At least year's World Finals on the infamous salty expanse, they broke the 400mph barrier. This year, they brought five different engines to try to break records in each engine's class.

Larry Chen and I landed in Salt Lake City, Utah and hit the ground running. We drove straight from the airport to the salt.

The Bonneville newbie, Larry Chen, was in awe of the eclecticness of the Speedweek paddock.

There aren't much motorsports in the world where you can find full on streamliners, lakesters, a land speed prepped Karmann Ghia…

…or a land speed prepped Renault 4.

Larry and I took our time to explore the whole paddock –all 5 miles of it. At the 7th mile marker, we came across this video guy and his van standing alone in the vast whiteness.

Upon closer inspection of the van, we found it had a rather similar desire to that of us Speedhunters.

We also spent a good amount of time exploring the nearby camping area in the outskirts of the salt flats. There we found custom machines of all styles…

…and folks kicking back, having a good time and soaking in the true Speedweek experience.

The next five days should prove to be more than just interesting….


Speedhunters 2011 Bonneville Speedweek Coverage



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Very, very jealous.


you havveeee to do a wallpaper of that first picture....SO cool! :D


Make sure you go to Wendover for the night parties!


I love that orange Karmann Ghia, so if there would be any way to get a few more pictures of that one, I would super appreciate it!


Please tell me we're lucky enough to get some Desktops of the ratrod in a couple days??


DESKTOP of first image pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase !!!!!


DESKTOP of first image pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase !!!!!


Hope to witness this someday......


R4 WIN! xD


More info on the Renault van please !


Please put up some pics of any vintage motor bikes racing please.


Awesome! Have a great time!


I agree with Andy. But honestly thats something best experianced in person.


3rd last = wallpaper material too!


Wow !! Going to Bonneville is like a dream for me ... I'll be following the coverage at every minutes of your trip !!

Thanks Speedhunters!!


more on that Audi please!


dad took me to the 2 TIMES


Flew out of Salt Lake City last week and you can bet I was glued to the window when we flew over the Flats. Looking forward to some Linhbergh desktops ;)


Plan to head out there tomorrow sometime in the morning. Should be fun.


I'll be visiting Speedhunters in the next days, it seems. Please get back with many car sportlights and features. And not just of the fastest cars, please. The Renault 4 would be a good start. And lots of desktops. And video. You know how that is.


hmmm love the Karmann Ghia! there is always a need for speed..


very jealous, have been checking the scta web site for updates. please put up hundreds of photo's because once the salt gets you you never really leave! wanted to go again this year but the wife wanted to go to yosemite in june, only 1 holiday from the uk, hope to be back next year


Karmann Ghia is our car. We exploded the through out bearing going to second gear on the first pass saturday. Pulled the motor and put a new clutch and bearing in it. clutch wasnt adjusted correct with the old clutch in it so we waited until sunday to make a run. Went 143.3mph at the three mile mark and found out we were running really lean. Swapped the air bleed jets and ran 144.75mph at the 2-1/4 and the engine let go. Broken valve pressed deep into the head, broke pushrod and tube and stretched spring. 8300rpm is to much for stainless valves. Our week was over. Back in Tennessee and pulling the motor.


I know the brother sister team who owns the Karmann Ghia. Taylor and Zach Burns. Awesome people!!!!!