Event>> Bdc Knockhill Pt.ii

We pick up part two early on Sunday morning. 7am and the paddock is just starting to get busy as the teams start to arrive back at the track.

Breakfast is first on the priority list, the barbeques get fired up the predominant smell is bacon rather than the more familiar odours of race fuel and tires.

With qualifying fast approaching it's the last chance to check everything over before the judging begins.

All the cars are showing signs of the previous day's activity..

..Some more than others.

Steve Moore's S14a looked as immaculate as it always does.

As did Paul Cheshire's Falken G35.

8am and it's back into the briefing room..

..Before heading out onto the hill for the pro and super-pro qualifying sessions.

Paul Cheshire finally got to grips with the G35 and qualified for the top 16 finals.

Qualifying didn't go well for everybody.

The 'anti cut' curbs were still making their presence felt, with the nasty sting in the tail of zero points if anybody ventured onto them.

Simon Perry had been trying backwards entries throughout the practice sessions without great success. During his final qualifying run he threw caution to the wind and pitched the car in fully backwards and held it completing the course.. The result – number one super-pro qualifier.

Dan O'Brien gelled with the track and got a top 16 place.

Wayne Keeber put it some fantastic runs to get second highest qualifier.

Even the judges came out of their box to help push the odd stranded car back on track.

To keep the gravel off the racing line, the FOD*BOSS was dragged around. A much quicker solution to a few guys with brushes.

Paintball dodger extraordinaire Jord from Drifted and Steve Brooks took up positions for the main event (Jord – on the right – still has that look of fear in his eyes, bless him – PMcG)

Sam Holt took top honors in the Semi-Pro class.

While Micheal Marshal won in the Pro category.

The Super-Pro event was the hardest fought of the season so far.

Mark Luney knows knockhill very well and it showed as he romped through the top 16 into the finals.

A few drivers fell foul of the new 'one wheel off the track' rule.

Championship leader Matt carter was looking unstoppable as he made his way towards the finals and the inevitable battle with his championship rival Mark Luney.

The battle between Luney and Carter was shaping up to be the battle of the day, until power-steering failure in the SATS Supra put an end to Luney's day, leaving Matt to take the round win and extend his over all lead in the championship.

Round 5 of the championship will be held at the historic Silverstone circuit and promises to be unmissable. Mark Luney will be out to try and close the championship gap on Matt Carter and of course Darren McNamara and Fredric Aasbo will be competing for Team Need For Speed. We will have a whole team of Speedhunters on-site to bring you the action.




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Wow I like the Falken V35(G35) so much!!!


Mark Luney is the man!!


one wheel off the track rule?! they're not allowed to push it to the limit anymore? those near disasterous off track ventures are what keep drifting fun..... jeez